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Grace 4 oz. Spray Bottle

Home Temple Essences -
4 Kits-Each Essence Box contains 5 one oz. Essence Bottles

Home Temple Essence Kit
Communication With Yourself

Home Temple Essence Kit
Communication With Others

Home Temple Essence Kit
Loving Yourself

Home Temple Essence Kit
Loving Others

The Complete Set of 20 Home Temple Essences:

Communication With Yourself
Communication With Others
Loving Yourself
Loving Others

The Blue Dolphin Essences
A Course in Loving Yourself as You Love Another

Energy Healing Sessions
Custom Essences

Blue Dolphin Hanbooks for Peace TM

by Kathryn B Jensen

Ashram of the Sea

$12.95 Paperback
$8.95 Kindle Edition and Edition for All Other Digital Device

 Lightwork, Dolphins and Your Purpose

$2.99 Kindle eBook

$22.88 Full Color Interior Paperback
$4.99 Kindle eBook

Healing Wisdom From the Dolphins and Whales
$2.99 Kindle eBook

To Purchase Click Below:

Energy Healing Sessions Facilitated by Kathryn Jensen

Sessions Typically take 90-120 minutes and include a message -received after the session and sent via email - to the client.

The messages are received by Kathryn Jensen from an Ascended Master or Archangel. 

Custom Essences

Custom Essences are created by Kathryn Jensen for people as a supplement to Energy Healing Sessions.

If you are the recipient of an Energy Healing Sessions from Kathryn Jensen or plan to receive a session you are invited to order a Custom Essence.

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