Living a Compassionate Life 
December 2015 - January 2016

Archangel Michael Speaks on 

 Life Force
and the New Planetary Consciousness
Through Kathryn Jensen
January 26th 2016

 The Golden Age of Earth’s Ascension has arrived. However, there are consequences. Crumbling structures built over centuries and millennia are pushing people towards absolute knowing that problem solving, community action, learning new skills, making environmental action a priority, and giving their hearts and souls over to consciousness of unification is imperative.

This is the Golden Age of purification. Earth’s cataclysms are symptomatic of purification. Human beings are experiencing purification of their physical and emotional bodies and often this cleansing process brings pathological conditions, that simmer beneath the surface, into expression. The frequencies of Earth’s Golden Age are incompatible with the density of the diseases that spring into peoples’ awareness as illness.

The incidence of cancer is skyrocketing. Cancer involves the merging of unexpressed anger and environmental toxicity. The human being’s system is increasingly incompatible with toxic emotions being trapped within the physical body as well as environmental poisons ingested with food, absorbed through the skin or the act of breathing.

So my friends, how do you deal with Earth’s Ascension as you remain emotionally stable and vitally healthy? The answer is basic dear ones. De-contamination of your emotional and physical bodies has never been more essential.

The definition of loving yourself is as follows: Bequeath yourself with the gifts of healing your heart and loving yourself out of fear. Bequeath yourself with service to your physical body by purifying your body and consuming food that’s just right for your body type. 

Pulse your hearts with Life Force beloveds.  This frequency of love is one of the 20 frequencies of Christ Consciousness pulsed into Earth’s grid by your benevolent friends, the dolphins and whales. The frequency is light lavender in color. It’s held in your heart and can be stimulated by you with your intention.

Practice this activation frequently. You will feel better about making the commitment to loving yourself and taking the action to make the necessary steps to re-calibrate yourselves for your ascension into the Golden Age.

The Activation

·         Place your hand on your heart.

·         See a flow of light lavender love flowing from your soul star many feet above your crown, through your hand into your heart.

·         See and feel this light lavender love permeating every cell of your body.

·         Observe how Life Force lights up your meridians, your chakras and your aura.

·         Pulse every area of your body that’s afflicted by discomfort or disease, with life force, by placing your hand on the afflicted area and leading yourself through the process reviewed above.

Beloveds, there’s a comment area on the right side of this webpage. Let people know how you are doing with this process. If you have insights into making this process more deeply effective, please share your insights.

I will guide you as you experiment with this practice. Your cetacean friends will be right there to assist and some of you will see and feel their presence. As you light up with more Life Force and begin to feel better, you’ll be able to receive love and assistance from your guides in a far more obvious manner, that confirms the value of pursuing personal and spiritual growth.

Your hearts will expand and you’ll be gracing people with healing energy just by being in their presence. As you nourish your body-mind-spirit on all levels you’ll process your emotions with a level of commitment you’ve never been able to retain. You’ll problem solve health issues as the right healing practitioners, substances and processes show up for you.

You are on the cusp, my friends, of self-realization. If you weren’t you couldn’t possibly absorb this message and know this is an expression of the truth. You wouldn’t be on this mailing list nor would you look for answers from alternative, non-mainstream sources. 

You are the Gods and Goddesses, I pour my support through, because you are guiding others towards the truth of who they are.  

I love you as you love yourself.
I am yours in service.

Archangel Michael


Happy New Year!

Take time to absorb the New Years transmission below that I received, from Jesus and an Avatar dolphin named Savina, on healing your heart and loving yourself out of fear.

Those of you who have experienced one-on-one sessions with me know I'm assisted by Masters, Archangels, dolphins, whales and other great friends of humanity in helping you identify, clear and heal core fear based patterns that originated typically between conception and 6 years old. You know that fear based patterns are usually represented by sabotaging beliefs like "I'm not good enough. I'm a failure. I'm unlovable. I'll never succeed. I'm ugly"....and the list goes on...

You also know this work does not represent a form of spiritual bypass. You are guided, in this body centered process,straight to core fear based. patterns experienced between conception and birth. These are the core issues that  often run and sometimes ruin your life and they are often held deep within your subconscious.

In sessions we identify, heal and release these patterns. Sometimes these patterns are all too familiar and you are clearing a deeper layer of an issue you've worked on previously. Sometimes the core issue makes itself known for the first time in a session.  Core issues take time to release -sometimes a lifetime - and you may occasionally require help from a skilled team of mentors and healers to do so. 

Those of you, who have experienced the depth and the thoroughness of this work, know one unique aspect of your healing journey is the frequency of joy the dolphins and whales bathe you in as you release fear. 

Below Jesus states; "When you're joyFULL you experience communion with your soul and the immensely pleasurable feeling of being right where you belong in the here and now."

If you're immersed in joy, your body-mind-spirit is primed for releasing the fear and that helps make in-depth, authentic, very real healing a reality. Your frequency is raised, you become more heart connected and certainly more capable of listening to guidance from divine mentors. 

I observe this phenomenon when people swim with dolphins and experience the magnificence of humpback whales who visit our Hawaiian waters in the winter. However, you can connect to the cetaceans wherever you are on Planet Earth. This website and everything I represent has been created to assist you in doing so.

Enjoy this New Years message from Jesus. I encourage you to accept Avatar dolphin Savina's invitation to infuse yourself with her healing activation every minute of every day. 

Know that ultimately the my mission and the mission of the dolphins, whales, the Ascended Masters, Archangels and your guides it to assist you in healing fear as you embrace the darkness, acknowledge it, feel it, see it, talk to it, bless it, release it and replace fear with love. 


Kathryn Jensen


Heal Your Heart
Love Yourself Out of Fear
by Jesus and Avatar Dolphin Savina
Through Kathryn Jensen

Hello Everyone, 

I trust you were inspired by my Christmas message (below). I'd like to give you some very basic advice as you begin 2016. Love yourselves beloveds. Now is the time to love yourselves. Your hearts are being prompted to expand by God's frequency of loving-kindness that's catapulting the Golden Ground you live on into the frequency of loving-kindness. 

Your fear is surfacing. I see this in most of you. So it's time to very deeply love yourselves out of fear. If you've been following the various posts on this blog, you realize that "love yourself as you love another" is repeated over and over. As I stated in my Christmas message, 95% of Earth's humans have learned how to compassionately serve others.

Yes dear friends, even those identified with religious groups or political groups, who appear to counter the teaching of the Buddha and myself by promoting terrorism, racism and hatred, are making major breakthroughs in consciousness. 

Beloveds I realize I'm countering some public opinion but I do have a very in-depth, broad perspective on what's taking place in peoples' hearts. I do know that those of you who are reading this New Years message know how to give love to others. Some of you are experts in loving yourselves out of fear.

Many of you resist the process at an unconscious level because you fear re-living painful events from not only this incarnation but previous lives.


The publications on this website connect you to the joy the dolphins and whales represent. 

To experience joy is to experience communion with your soul and the immensely pleasurable feeling of being right where you belong in the here and now. So beloveds bathe yourselves in frequency of joy before you undertake any process of fear based pattern removal. 

There are many impressive methods for removing fear based patterns. I will not list them in this transmission. I advise you to research various modalities and use your discernment to find a process that serves you. Consult with your friends. Interview professionals. And of course experiment. 

Do your best to fill your heart with joy and gratitude before you begin any healing session. Everything presented on this website is meant to entrain you to the frequency of joy. Bathe yourselves in the transmissions at: Read Ashram of the Sea and embrace the healing activations gifted to you by the cetaceans. 

Saturate yourselves with the God Presence of the dolphins and the whales. Their desire is to connect with you deeply. Their mission is to hold you in the frequency of joy, loving-kindness and compassion. 

What I recommend does not in any way endorse avoiding or denying painful memories from your past. I do encourage you to seek joyful experiences in life because these experiences lift your vibration so you have the vitality to do deep inner work. Exploring your shadow includes looking at fear, feeling where you store fear in your body, experiencing the emotional pain associated with specific fears. 

I now wish you a Happy New Year as introduce you to an Avatar Hawaii spinner dolphin named Savina. She will light up your heart and lead you into participating in a very short, heart-centered healing process that will assist you in healing your heart and loving yourself out of fear. 

Yours in service,

Savina Speaks

Hau’oli Makakiki Hou (Hawaiian for Happy New Year) Dear Friends,

I am a spinner dolphin who resides in the waters off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. I am anointing you with my heart awakening presence as we begin a new era. This is the era of loving yourself out of fear. Ascended Master Jesus and I have collaborated on creating this healing activation for you to use every moment of every day that remains in this intensely interesting time. Therefore this is a short process that we suggest you post on every mirror in your residence, the dashboard of your car, your computer, your phone etc. Become this affirmation beloveds. Jesus and I will actively participate in holding you in the frequency of joy. As you infuse yourself with this truly heart-awakening energy I see you relinquishing fear with far more ease.  

I advise you that becoming the joy you are will create challenges for many of you. Your fears will surface. You'll feel your fear  as symptoms physically. You may have deeply emotional responses to feeling your fear. You may experience visions of what's frightened you so in your past. Use this life changing activation to assist you in releasing and
healing your fears. 

  • The phrase we ask you to repeat is;
    "I am the essence of pure goodness." 
  • Hold your hand on your heart as you say "I am the essence of pure goodness."
  • Reverberate with my frequency by asking Savina to enter your heart.
  • Reverberate with Jesus or any other divine assistants you love by asking Jesus or the other ones you love to enter your heart.
  • Now ask that the frequency of the Golden Ground (Earth) to enter your heart. Gaia will give you exactly the right frequency of Christ Consciousness (Love) you need to deeply Heal Your Heart and Love Yourself Out of Fear.
  • You may be presented with a color. Bathe yourself in that color. Pulse yourself with the frequency Gaia presents to you by inviting the energy to flow from your soul, through your hand into your heart. 

Begin to experience YOUR JOY dear ones. 
I hold you in my heart. I invite you to hold me in your heart. 

Yours in Service,

Christmas Message from Jesus
Received by Kathryn Jensen
Christmas Eve 2015

Dearly Beloved Friends,

Heightened frequencies have been impacting all of you. Hearts have been expanding which stimulates the release of fear. When you release fear you often feel fear.  This phenomenon is prompting some of you to dissolve old paradigms that prevent you and your beloved ones from experiencing joy.

The fear, Beloveds, is a symptom of what emerges and asks to be released as your Earth Mother matures and evolves into a planet that’s highly charged with the frequency of loving-kindness. The concept of loving-kindness is more than behaving in a loving kind manner. It’s about becoming the loving-kindness you deeply desire to receive from others.

The frequency of loving-kindness is saturating your Gaia Force and it’s flowing from the Great Central Sun (This is not the Great Central Sun at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is a sun at the center of All That IS.) This spiritual center is also known as the God Head. This is the place from which all known universes emerged. This is where the one you call God ministers to all that is.

This is where the Compassion Planet – Earth − was conceived.  Earth was created as THE planet to offer the most advanced curriculum for learning the art form of compassionate loving-kindness. God decided that a planet needed to become a center for training human beings love one another as only compassionate, heart centered people can.

This Garden of Eden was seeded with an amazing variety of plant life, animal life and other life forms that sustain themselves through biological processes that continue to mystify your scientific community. The human population was brought to Earth from many places in the known universe; hence the extraordinary diversity of Gaia’s human population.

Yes evolution has played a part in developing races of human beings that are unique to Earth. These true Earthlings have bred with those who arrived here from other worlds. 

The grid of Earth was very carefully conceived before the physical universe existed.  Highly evolved golden ones spent literally trillions of years planning the where planets would be placed and which planets would provide “service to self” agendas and “service to others” agendas. The grid systems of each and every planet were intricately designed to activate residents with specific aspects of the consciousness of love.

Polarity provides the motivation for heart centered ones to evolve into deeply loving, unusually compassionate people who assist others in healing and releasing fear. I must clarify beloveds that those who create polarity, as they abuse and undermine the happiness and well-being of others, are part of the consciousness of love.

It was decided that Earth would become the astonishingly diverse planet that it is, to give her students the opportunity to experience and appreciate differences.  The greatest challenge for Earth’s humans is to love others unconditionally - especially those who with dissimilar values, ethics and beliefs.

To love another unconditionally does not mean you approve of or like the individual. Unconditional love is merely the act of recognizing that another person embodies the same spark of the divine that you do. From your heart you give that person all of your love even if you are the one who must discipline the person for evil deeds that have hurt and maligned others.

Some of the greatest servants of humanity are the decision makers who bring criminals into your courts for sentencing. Some of the most deeply compassionate heart centered ones are of service to hardened criminals as they defend their right to a fair trial.

My fellow ascended masters, the Archangels and great spiritual guides from other realms  observe your progress and revere how competently you co-mingle with others whose behavior you don’t condone. Your tolerance for another’s differences is not confined to “good Christians” or Buddhist adepts who live the monastic life. The tolerance exists in isolated tribal cultures where there is little exposure to people from other realms of existence.

And yes dear ones there are brutal wars that dominate your media. Yes there are vicious acts of terrorism. Over-all beloveds, about 95% of your human population is capable of loving, kind, compassionate service to others. The few who represent the force of evil are being debilitated by the 95% who have evolved through millennia into light bearers who insist that love is the only answer.

A wonderful example is the world-wide commitment to developing clean energy. This is taking place in-spite of the infiltration of mega corporations have made their trillions through manipulation of Earth’s oil reserves. Yes beloveds the dark ones are being de-railed by light bearing, kind compassionate, heart centered, committed ones like all of you reading my holiday message.

So my dear, dear friends I commend you on this Christmas Eve. You are the guides for others who are struggling for survival. You guide others as you guide yourselves through relinquishing the fear that corrupts your joy. Feeling joy, expressing joy and living a joyful life is the essential right of all humans everywhere.

Yes you become fearful. Yes you suffer from physical afflictions. Yes you fear for your survival. But there’s a core belief within your heart that all that truly matters is honoring the divine within your own beingness and the beingness of others.

You live my teachings. You amaze me. I love you as you love yourself.

I leave you on this Christmas Eve with a passage from the course, that I played a part in creating, called Coat of Many Colors.


I am the soul who is responsible for world peace.
I am the soul who loves others unconditionally.
I am the soul who always brings grace to others’ lives.
I appreciate Mother Earth.
I am the soul who lives with Earth’s bounty and protects her from harm.
I am the soul who says “Peace be with you,” from the bottom of my heart, to those who love no one.

I AM grace.


Yours in service,

Lord Jesus Christ


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