Ashram of the Sea
A Blue Dolphin Handbook for Peace TM

Received and Translated by
Kathryn B Jensen

Ashram of the Sea

Kathryn Jensen’s purpose is to serve as a bridge between humanity and the dolphins and whales of our planet, who are here to assist us in our evolution.

Photographer of Kathryn and the dolphin:

Kathleen T. Carr

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Ashram of the Sea shares the cetacean mission to assist us in becoming the most compassionate beings in the universe. The story is told by the Heart-mind of God and sixteen, sparkling, deeply loving, spiritual leaders of Earth’s community of dolphins and whales. Each cetacean shares sacred wisdom that explains the special roles specific species play in human evolution. The book will light up your heart and re-kindle your desire to fulfill your divine mission for being alive.

Included are activations and links to MP3s that guide readers into the  divine, healing presence of the cetaceans.

Readers who’ve met the cetaceans in their ocean home are led into a more profound spiritual partnership with their cetacean friends and mentors:


 I love "Ashram of the Sea"! I found it very inspirational and found it corroborating with another book I was reading at the same time about forming the Earth grid and sacred spaces! I have a deep connection to dolphins and whales including amazing interactions with them in the ocean! I can attest that Kathy's channeling is
right on!

Andy Norlander-Hawaii


 "Ashram of the Sea is a powerful book, it includes activations guided by dolphins and whales, which have served me well. Take  time to let these energies integratee while reading. It is beautiful to hear the dolphins speak through Kathy's words, their happiness, wisdom and unconditional love !!



Ashram of the Sea is a treasure trove of esoteric insights made possible by Kathryn’s connection with the creatures of the sea.

The book sheds light on the mission of cetaceans on planet earth.

Kathryn’s presentation invites you to delve deeper into the topics. Like a fine multi course meal I found each segment invites you to assimilate then digest the information augmented by personal interactions through the meditations.

A feast for those fascinated by the roles of dolphins and whales in our system of planetary energetics. 

P.M.- Hawaii


The book is a gift to landlocked readers who feel the cetaceans enter their hearts and assist them in their healing journeys:


I live in Hungary, more than 7000 miles from Hawaii. I never met the dolphins and whales appearing in this book physically. I contacted their healing frequencies through Kathryn's writings, transmissions and essences. They played a vital role in my awakening process, and helped a lot in healing my heart. Getting rid of our mental and emotional packages is quite challenging, and the cetaceans offer us an invaluable help on this journey. And the miracle is, that this assistance of dolphins and whales - thanks to Kathryn's work - is available in your living room, wherever you live on Earth. I highly recommend Ashram of the Sea, a book which reveals in detail the complex energy-healing system of the cetaceans, and helps you live a wholehearted life full of joy and gratitude.

Peter Bognar - Hungary


I find that Ashram of the Sea resonates with me on a very deep level. I cry each time I read it, and only read small amounts at a time, as to be able to integrate the message, or energy of love that is being offered. 

Much gratitude to you for offering this message to humanity!

Peggy L - Lives in the Rocky Mountains


This is not a book that people will just read and forget

You could say that it causes an immediate and effortless change in habits !

The overall feel of the book is wonderful, and can give the sense of being near the sea for those of us who don't have that opportunity in the physical realm.  I love the information about the Earth Grid, the colors of the rays and how to use them, and the communications from the Cetaceans.

KG - Lives in the Rocky Mountains


One day,in February of 2013, my husband and I entered the Ashram of the Sea for a swim. A mother humpback whale swam by and introduced us to her beautiful baby. A male humpback-their escort- accompanied them.   

Magical encounters of this kind have deepened my ability to receive and translate the wisdom the cetaceans share in the book.

Enjoy the video of our experience.


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Ashram of the Sea


  • Ashram of the Sea is a manual for spiritual growth that’s unparalleled in its intention to create awareness of great dolphins and whales of Planet Earth. The cetaceans have lifted the frequency of the human’s hearts since human beings first graced Earth’s surface. Earth’s grid system was pulsed with the frequencies of Christ Consciousness billions of years before the human life became the dominating force on Earth.
  • The dolphins and the whales, who arrived as loving Gods of the Heart, from four star systems, were the spiritually advanced ones who titrated the grid with these frequencies of the Heart-Mind of God.
  • This handbook for spiritual growth introduces you to the paradigm breaking concept of releasing fear and replacing fear with the healing rays of Christ Consciousness. These frequencies are tended to by various species of dolphins and whales.
  • In this New Aquarian Age, as the Gaia Force ascends and accelerates her spiritual growth, humanity has been granted access to the pure frequencies of Christ Consciousness. Previously these rays have needed to be tempered through yogic systems of spiritual growth and other love-based healing methods. 

  • Ashram of the Sea is the first guide, in the art of spiritual growth, to directly introduce you to the heart centered, loving concept of healing fear with the golden frequencies of the heart called the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.
  • Within the pages of this book you will begin to deepen your comprehension of the powerful role the dolphins and whales have always played in human evolution.
  • You’ll be greeted by sixteen avatar dolphins and whales who are major guides to cetaceans all over Planet Earth.  Their voices have been presented by the author with very little editing of their esoteric self-expression.  They will embrace you and help you find your way back to loving yourself and others.
  • You’ll read delightful stories of Kathryn Jensen’s encounters with some of these avatar cetaceans. The story is told by the cetaceans who she met in Hawaii’s and Maine’s coastal waters. Kathryn shares her perspective on those life changing experiences.
  • You are given the opportunity to exchange fear for love as you lead yourself through nine activations that guide you in the use of the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness. You are given the option of reading and listen to MP3’s  of these activations.

Excerpts From Ashram of the Sea….

Savina, A Hawaii Spinner Dolphin, Speaks….

“Ashram of the Sea gives my pod and my entire Cetacean Nation a platform for meeting you. We appreciate this opportunity to share the complex role we play in unifying the Heart-Mind of God with the Heart-Minds of human beings.”

“These great beings (the Sirians) envisioned the progression of human evolution, and very meticulously configured the matrix of Gaia’s Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness. Each ray represents one important aspect of the development of the compassionate, heart awakened, loving, kind human being.” 

“The kindest beings in our universe now live on Earth. This is the planet where people are given the opportunity to deepen into service to those less fortunate. “

Heso, a Pygmy Right Whale, Speaks

“The truth is that each human’s purpose is one that the Great Creator designed just for that person. Great Creator knew that the person would contribute to the library of knowledge about what it takes to be compassionate.

Blega, a Humpback Whale, Speaks…

The cetacean nation’s impact has been silently permeating consciousness forever and ever. There is so much for you to learn about your cetacean co-creators of heart centered living.


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Ashram of the Sea 
3 Options:

1. Paperback $12.95

2. Kindle Edition $8.95

3.Kindle Unlimited  $0.00

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 Feel, See and Listen to the Ashram of the Sea

Enjoy this video of a incredible human-bottlenose dolphin interaction

 View this video before doing the activation on page 59 of Ashram of the Sea.

Experience the joy of this human-humpback whale interaction

 View this video before doing  the activation on page 47 of Ashram of the Sea

View a Wild Spinner Dolphin Blow a Huge Bubble Ring

A Dolphin Blew a Torus Shaped Bubble Ring - Dec. 2013 - under my husband Dave who happened to video the whole event! I was, at the time, several hundred yards away asking the dolphins to blow me a bubble ring. They did!!

View this video before reading page 86 in Ashram of the Sea

Listen to Dolphin Dance as you Enter the Ashram of the Sea  Composed by my Gifted Friend and Supporter Pamela Weng