Living A Compassionate Life
Earth Heals as Her Humans’ Heal Anger, Rigidity, and Tension.
The Masters of Love and the Dolphins and Whales Invite You to Help by Expressing Your Truth With Grace and Compassion.
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* A Message from Buddha and a Helpful Activation on Telling the Truth
*A Message from Blega, A Humpback Whale
*A Relevant Uplifting Ted Talk
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Read Buddha's intro Message and Gaia's transmission 

Earth Heals as Her Humans’ Heal Anger, Rigidity and Tension.
The Masters of Love and the Dolphins and Whales Invite You to Help by Expressing Your Truth With Grace and Compassion.

Buddha Speaks…
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Let me tell you what I want you to know about your Earth Mother. Deeply she is purging. She doesn't just co-create with humanity. She purges with humanity. Right now she's purging the covid 19 virus from her crust. She's purging tension through extraordinarily destructive hurricanes. She's purging her crushing burdens of far too much rigidity. The rigidity is there because of the rigidity of so many spiritual traditions embraced by humanity. Earthquakes are now very likely to envelop the Pacific Rim. That's an expression of anger that's directly being expressed by terrorists, by religious groups, by protectors of the earth, by Black Lives Matter, by White Supremacists, by Trump-Qanon devotees, by anti vaxxers and anti maskers. When humans purge their anger and replace the anger with compassion, the earth mother will calm her forces and let go of her tension.

 Loving your Earth Mother requires more than concrete action taking. Gaia encourages people to lift the vibration of their forcefields. That means that the people like you are asked to catalyze others to pursue life force activations, that help them let go of their tensions, their rigidity and their anger.

 The deeply felt struggles you’ve all been experiencing with the covid 19 virus for example, influenced certain people, participating in Earth’s light worker community to form an incoherent group, led by influential people who once made massive contributions to the evolution of alternative health practices. Their anti-mask, anti-vaccine guidance has been embraced by people who follow the teachings of these influencers.

 As was stated in the introduction to this phase of this blog – Introduction – the Golden Ground is experiencing the cause and effect of putrefied waste removal, that has catalyzed the spread of the virus vs. a deliberate crime committed by eugenicists, who are elite multibillionaires with control agendas. The paranoia, felt by some who fear that corrupt elites are responsible for the destruction on your beautiful planet, permeates Earth’s grid. The paranoia dulls the fields of these people and this depletes the very ground they stand on.

 So my dear friends, if you fear vaccines and mask wearing, let go of the fear and matter-of-factly live your lives with caution, recognizing that contracting the virus can have serious consequences. I of course approve of vaccines and wearing of masks but if it’s your choice to not vaccinate or wear a mask do so without fear and paranoia and lead your life in a manner that insulates you from potential infection. I use this example the virus and all the pros and cons because it’s right there in front of you all day every day as the crisis seems to escalate.

 And so my friends, there’s climate change. Again I refer you to the Intro messages especially Gaia’s transmissions - Introduction. Your Earth has a built in force that stabilizes her but the more refined frequencies permeating her crust are challenging her capacity to remain stable. The fear, anger, paranoia and other dark emotions being expressed by human beings are, as expressed previously, dulling her capacity to retrofit the grid with the vitality needed to merge with these more refined frequencies.

 I don’t say this to burden you with the feeling that the trajectory of Earth is doomed because humans are failing to purge their fears. However, there’s got to be, at the very least, about 15% of the human population expelling fear and embracing compassion, as they cultivate mitigating processes that help Earth stabilize her grid.

 Even construction practices, that embrace sustainability can influence the grid’s stability. But the people making the construction happen must be free of fear, anger and paranoia and pursue their professional missions with grace and positivity.

 So beloved friends here’s what I ask you to do right here, right now. Evolve your skills for telling the truth to difficult people with opposing views. Many of you, including my scribe Kathryn Jensen, are fearful of reprisal for telling the truth. 

If more people find their way to discovering the absolute truth Earth's life force will improve and her evolution will proceed with more eqanimity. 


I invite you to enhance your truth telling skills by experiencing the following activation. 

The Symbol for the Blessing

·        Purify your own fields with the forest green ray of Christ Consciousness called the Blessing.  

·        Pause. Take a deep breath. Take 15 deep breaths. Breathe in to the count of four. Breathe out to the count of fifteen.

·        Now elevate yourself into the Buddhic field of consciousness by steeping yourself in the forest green ray of the Blessing.

·        Place one hand on your 5th chakra ( your throat.)

·        Imagine and intend that a stream of forest green energy is flowing from the 9th chakra or Soul Star that’s way above your crown. (The chakra can be 14 inches to 15 feet above your crown. The closer the 9th chakra is to your crown the more spiritual experiences you’ve accrued.)

·        Invite this forest green field of energy to flow from the 9th chakra, through your hand, into your 5th chakra.

·        Also intend that this forest green field of energy is flowing from the 9th chakra, through the 8th chakra (which is typically 5 inches above the crown) through your 7th chakra - your crown, through your 6th chakra - your brow into your 5th chakra.

·        Notice how this frequency affects your physical body. Intend that every cell is saturated with the Blessing.

Beloveds, the Blessing helps you speak your truth.

·        Next imagine speaking your truth to someone who doesn’t respond to the truth with grace. Imagine you are speaking your truth about a controversial topic, such as covid vaccines and mask wearing. Imagine you are speaking your truth with grace, without a trace of antagonism, anger or a desire to control.

·        Place that person you are conversing with into the form of a symbolic picture that you create with your imagination.

·        Place that image 2 feet in front of your 5th chakra.

·        From your 5th chakra, send the image the flow of the forest green ray of the Blessing.

·        Notice what you see, hear and feel.

·        Next do something you have probably never done before. Speak to that image out loud. Perhaps record your vocalization and notice how you come across. Practice this until you sound and feel totally loving, kind and full of Grace.

·        The final step is to have this conversation.

Please share your results in the comment box of this blog.



The painting below is excerpted from the children's book Splash. These precocious children were in the presence of a jaguar in the Peruvian jungle. Mono bathed his sister in the Blessing so she could better express her feelings for the jaguar. 

Splash is for children of all ages. As adults have you mastered the art form of healing yourself and others with the skills demonstrated by these children? 

Now Beloveds steep yourself in the life force of my friend, the humpback whale Blega.  He speaks his truth.


Blega Speaks…

The harmonic of the Blessing is deeply infused with the Indigo Ray of Courage which is the signature ray of my humpback family.

Learn More About Courage and My Humpback Whale Family in this

August 22, 2021 Blog Post

 It takes Courage to speak your truth especially when the person or people you are speaking to disagrees with your truth. So, as you proceed with Buddha’s activation, I will send you my indigo frequency of Courage. Imagine me sending you this ray from my home in the waters near Juneau Alaska, where I reside from May through October. If you are reading this in the other months of the year, image me sending you this ray from my home, off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

 My humpback family serves humanity with the frequency of Courage with immense intensity right now.  I’m sure you could use an infusion of Courage.

 So dear ones, help me help you by speaking your truth without rancor. Invoke my presence and the Buddha’s presence as you proceed with your “communication of the truth” dress rehearsals. And of course, do so when the play becomes reality and you converse with the challenging one.


Immerse yourself in the another image from Splash. Lulu is bathing a terrified monk in the ray of Courage


A Reinforcing Ted Talk

Enjoy this Ted Talk on climate change. The speaker reinforces the lessons from the Masters of Love and the cetaceans on the fact that we must play a part in consciously healing the Earth.


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Earth Heals as Her Humans’ Heal Anger, Rigidity, and Tension.
The Masters of Love and the Dolphins and Whales Invite You to Help by Expressing Your Truth With Grace and Compassion.

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