Blue Dolphin Handbooks For Peace TM
by Kathryn B Jensen
Inspired Books

 That Powerfully Support You in Your Spiritual Evolution
*Ashram of the sea
*Healing Wisdom From the Dolphins and Whales
* Lightwork, Dolphins and Your Purpose
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Ashram of the Sea shares the cetacean mission to assist us in becoming the most compassionate beings in the universe. The story is told by the Heart-mind of God and sixteen, sparkling, deeply loving, spiritual leaders of Earth’s community of dolphins and whales. Each cetacean shares sacred wisdom that explains the special roles specific species play in human evolution. The book will light up your heart and re-kindle your desire to fulfill your divine mission for being alive.

Included are activations and links to MP3s that guide readers into the  divine, healing presence of the cetaceansYour first paragraph ...

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A Book of Dolphin Inspired, Gentle Wisdom for Spiritually Aware Children of All Ages
Updated Second Edition 
Includes Delightful Watercolor Illustrations and Dolphin Photos

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10 Inspiring Transmissions and 10 Recorded Healing Activations from the Dolphins and Whales Who Are Here to Assist
You in Your Evolution

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A Guide Book for Passionate Spiritual Seekers,Light Workers,Indigo and Crystal Adults

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