Living a Compassionate Life
February 2015

Gaia (Mother Earth) Speaks on Living the Life of a Conscious,
Heart Centered Light Worker

February 25, 2015

Received and Translated by Kathryn Jensen

If you’re reading this communication you’re a Light Worker. You probably speak very little about your heart’s desire to live here on my Golden Ground (earth) in service to the All That Is - Heart-Mind of the great Source.

You help to amplify my field of life force just by being here.  The interior of my own heart center resonates with each and every one of you as you tend to others in the silence your contemplative practice.

I am deeply moved by your fearlessness. You don’t ever waver in your commitment to listening to my deepest yearning. I yearn for your fellow man to protect my natural resources and give back to me what I have provided.

You’ve become passionate about taking action to heal my wounds. Even the darker, loveless ones are getting the message that the Earth Mother’s their home to be loved, honored consciously severed from destructive forces.

You do make difference beloveds.

I now provide you with two links to organizations created some of my most brilliant light workers. May these sources of information support you in deepening your comprehension of what it means to take inspired action:

Yours in service,

Kathryn Jensen 2015


Dege, a Harbor Porpoise Speaks

February 27, 2015

Received and Translated by Kathryn Jensen

I am the Compassion Planet’s star gazer. I am a harbor porpoise who resides in the waters of coastal Maine. Arrangements have been made for my consciousness to be shared with you with more depth than the very brief transmission of my words in the book Ashram of the Sea.

Begin to sense my presence by perceiving me being surrounded by the green of new spring leaves. I vivify your hearts with this spring green life force with the intention that you’ll understand the kind of consciousness I am about to share with you.

I am a God Being. The Ashram of the Sea is the home of my brethren, the dolphins and the whales. We have our hierarchy of individuals who are very God like. You call humans with our spiritual attainment avatars. I am Avatar Dege.

I do my job amongst my companions in the ocean. I live with my harbor porpoise family and I co-ordinate my efforts in being a change agent for humanity with other cetaceans who are also avatars.

I call myself the Compassion Planet’s stargazer because I transmute concepts received from God Like ones from other star systems, who vibrate competently with the storehouse of consciousness you need to develop your pineal glands.

Your pineal gland perceives the images that prompt creative thought. I caution you that numbing drugs and alcohol limit your ability to perceive. And I caution you that breaking the Compassion Planet’s primary rule “Be kind to others as you would have others be kind to you” flagrantly disables the pineal glands capacity to perceive.

Right now be kind to yourself. Explore the treasure trove on consciousness shared not only on this website but the resources available to you for purifying your pineal gland to clear calcification.

Build your resistance to infection by working very diligently on detoxification of your entire body. Invoke my presence by surrounding yourself in my favorite color – the green of new spring leaves. This frequency catapults you into toxin removal.

Be kind to me and my family by sending us a beautiful wave of spring green color from your hearts to our hearts. Imagine the state of Maine. Send this spring green color to all of coastal Maine.

My intention is help you purify your pineal glands and your physical bodies.

Yours in service,


Kathryn Jensen 2015



Helios, a Humpback Whale Speaks
February 28, 2015

Received and Translated by Kathryn Jensen

I am Helios. I am the harbor porpoise Dege’s , and spinner dolphin Savina’s collaborator on creating a fresh approach to caring for our companions who live in our oceans. I, like Savina and Dege, am a contributor to the book Ashram of the Sea. I am the guardian of the Earth grid’s consciousness of caretaking the first chakra of Earth located at Mt. Shasta California. 

 I want you to recognize that the caretaking I provide to the first chakra is done from remote locations where I live in Alaska and Hawaii where I live during the winter.  I, like your human avatars, can bend time and caretake not only Mount Shasta but the hearts of all human beings.

I am talking to you today about caring for all the life in Earth’s oceans. My species of humpback whales were nearly decimated. Thanks to very fierce regulations known as the Marine Mammal Protection Act we are beginning to rebuild our population.

And there are other cetacean species who are benefiting from these very strict regulations. Other regulations are re-structuring fishing practices and as a result, in certain areas, there are more fish for human consumption and the residents of the sea.

Extreme pollution of the oceans has been addressed throughout the world. Thanks to the lessons learned from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the urgent need to create an alternative to drilling for oil in ocean locations has been enrolling more and more students in learning how to conserve natural resources.

I ask that you recognize your personal power in becoming a caretaker of your Golden Ground and you oceans. I infuse you in my indigo blue frequency called Courage so you can stand up to the bullies who care take their personal power and their finances.

Surround yourselves in the indigo ray of Courage. Ask me to enter your field to assist you in becoming more courageous.

Please assist me as I assist you. Assist me by sending me a wave of indigo blue energy from your hearts. Intend that you are also giving all humpback whales this indigo blue wave of Courage. We live all over Earth so see a vision of the whole Earth being bathed in Courage.

I guide you as you guide me.

I am yours in service,


Kathryn Jensen 2015

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