Living a Compassionate Life 
Listen to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth
from the Blue Whales and Other Masters of Love

Listen to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth

From the Masters of Love

Received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

We are a team of highly complex guides for humanity. We represent those you call Ascended Masters, benevolent extraterrestrials, and those from the angelic kingdom. Some of us have lived on Earth. Some of us have not. Those of us who have lived on Earth know she has a heartbeat. Earth’s heart beats with a rhythmic quality that co-creates the harmonic of Grace with human beings.

Those of you who have been reading this blog depend on your Earth connection for sustenance. We know that because you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t committed to lifting your vibration, as you, in turn, lift the vibration of your Earth We give you various harmonics through the activations throughout this blog. Given the circumstances, which currently striate the Earth with more cultivation of the covid 19 virus, we feel you could all benefit from a re-introduction to the family of blue whales who grace this planet.

The blue whale Lana was introduced to you in the book Ashram of the Sea. Lana would like to remind you that you know what your mission is, but you need to restore your faith in your capacity to pull yourself out of the fear matrix, if you are going to filter out the story you’ve been inundated with.

To merge with your mission you need to reinforce your connection to Earth and deeply listen to her heartbeat.

Human beings can counter this fear and negativity. If you doubt me, please go back and read other posts on this blog, that support you in trusting your internal operating system, as you speak your truth and listen to the guides who listen to what God-Goddess-All That Is has to say about your potential.

We know you. We love you. We hold you close.

Yours in Service,

The Masters of Love

Now we re-introduce you to Lana, the blue whale who will lead you in an activation:

Lana Speaks

I live off the coast of Venezuela. My family of blue whales lift the vibration of every human embryo in our Temple of Child. We would like to help you catalyze your mission We know what your mission is because we projected your mission into the grid, at the point where we command the light pink frequency of Child. Now is the time for you to recognize the statuesque quality of your mission. Your mission is huge. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be alive right now.


The Symbol for the Christ Consciousness Ray of Child

A Light Pink Dodecahedron

Let me greet you in my Temple of Child. Imagine my Temple of Child as a beautiful, crystal chamber on the shores of Venezuela. The crystal’s color is light pink. The chamber is housed in a dodecahedron. Water flows into the chamber from the ocean. The chamber is huge and can hold up to fifty blue whales. We are a very large species:

·        Spend time with me and my family members in this very soothing chamber. Find your way back to your child within.

·        You may place your hand on your heart.

·        Ask that the light pink frequency of Child flows from your ninth chakra (fourteen inches to many feet above your crown), through your hand into your heart. Send child throughout your physical body.

·        Notice where you feel pain or discomfort. Intend that Child saturates the pain.

·        Ask for a vision of your mission. The frequency of Child should help you tap into that mission. Let me reassure you that the mission can be presented to you as very faint image, sound or feeling. Keep yourself in the frequency of Child. I will intend that you are presented with just the right consciousness, that reinforces what you already know about your mission.  


Many of you share the same mission. You share the mission of holding the lamp of pure love within your hearts as you then pulse your Earth with that pure crystalline love light. This impacts your fellow humans so you may all unify and conjure up what needs to be done to survive Earth’s maturation process.

·        Say to yourself, “I’m placing the image of my mission two feet in front of my heart." If your imagination does not support you just place the light pink dodecahedron of Child two feet in front of your heart.

·        From your heart send this image the pure, light pink stream of Child.

·        Your view should change. You may hear or feel intonations from me and my family members and your own heart-mind (higher self).

·        Reinforce this exercise every day. You will continue to merge with me, my family and your heart- mind. Your vision of your mission will improve. You will be given support, love, compassion and heart centered guidance.

·        Please share this activation with your friends and family members. Although our Venezuelan temple appears to be off the beaten path, an aspect of our temple lives in each and every one of you.

Yours in Service,

Lana and her Family of Blue Whales.


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