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September 25th, 2022
Lifting the Compassion Planet's
Life Force

by Ascended Master Buddha Maitreya
A Message from an Orca Whale on Truth
An Activation of the Ray of Truth


Lifting the Compassion Planet’s Life Force

by Ascended Master, Buddha Maitreya

Received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

The deepest sensitivity, many have, concerns and struggles with people, who desecrate the foundational principle of giving and receiving heart centered care to your Earth Mother and of course other living things.

I divinate heart centered compassion to you, as I observe real alternatives to fossil fuels being questioned as viable. Progress has been made incrementally through the past fifty years. Now as Earthlings suffer from the devastating impact of climate change, there is a resurgence of commitment to alternative solutions, which provide humanity with safe, green energy technologies.

We have agencies here, where I reside, within the matrix of Ascended Masters. Each agency retrofits itself with a mission statement that resonates with the ultimate mission of your Earth Mother, Gaia.

Her mission is as follows:

Gaia Speaks

Lessons are needed throughout the universe, in the artform of compassion. The Gaia Force holds her planet within the Buddhic plane of existence. Those of you, who know the tenets of Buddhism, recognize the Buddhist emphasis on compassion. I, Gaia, exist because my formula for healing human beings’ heart centers is a complicated system of guidance, which needs to be cultivated on a planet of third density.

My people slowly evolve through a multitude of incarnations, and they gradually figure out that the path of compassionate service is the only fulfilling way to hold oneself within the matrix of peace and contentment.

My humans evolve slowly because of the rigors of living on a planet with such incredible human diversity. Appreciating diversity takes time. Loving one’s fellow man is a complex process that asks people to delve into the striated layers of the diverse cultural norms of different ethnicities.

Depreciating people with different perspectives has been gathering momentum lately. That is because those without enough Earth experience, have not figured out what needs to become conscious. Such people do not feel comfortable with my heightened vibration, and they react by criticizing those who do not look, talk, think or worship like them.

My planet Earth is cultivating a new human population that will feel safe, within my new heightened frequency of Compassion. Those who suffer, because of my lighter, brighter countenance, will incarnate on planetary bodies that care for them at their level. When they are ready and if they fill up with desire to find their way back to Compassion Planet Earth, they will be welcome.

My ultimate mission is to become a place that serves as an example of a planet that nurtures human beings, who can evolve within the matrix of extraordinary diversity. My plan is for Earth to serve as a healing sanctuary for humans and humanoids throughout the universe. The healing, my people will provide, will serve their guests with knowledge of how profoundly overcoming hardship, on such a diverse planet, serves people with lessons in compassion, which have never been experienced anywhere else in the universe.

These visitors will receive training in the artform of compassion and what the benefits are for sentient populations, in mastering the higher levels of compassionate living. The more advanced trainees will bring their new-found wisdom to the beings who reside where they come from.

I will, through the next series of blog posts, impress you with consciousness of what it means to be compassionate. I will express my consciousness through Ascended Masters, Angelic Ones and the great Avatars of Earth’s Cetacean Nation.

Yours in service,



More From Buddha Maitreya

I recognize the awe you felt as you read and absorbed your Earth Mother’s mission statement!

I want to continue with my message concerning those who refuse to acknowledge Earth’s need for safe, sustainable, green energy. These humans are people who fill up with deep discomfort with Earth’s heightened vibrational status.

We are, as Ascended Masters, retrofitting brilliant ones, in your scientific community, with very advanced solutions to Earth’s energy and environmental crisis. The devoted people, we download advanced consciousness through, are actively developing these methods. These are systems for energy creation that will revolutionize the lives of everyone on Earth.

We are exposed to these methods by extraterrestrials, who reside on planets that have used these methods with extraordinary, positive outcomes. We serve Gaia with ideas we have within our grasp. If she gives us permission, we proceed to find just the right people to provide humanity with these advanced technologies.

So, my mission for you, in sharing this blog post, is to encourage you to help yourself to the more obscure scientific journals that share the progress being made in your planet, in countering the harsh realities of climate change.

Please share your finding in the comment section of this page.

I now invite you to participate in the orca whale, Hamas’ activation, on extracting the Truth from the vast offerings on critical topics, not just on green energy, but all aspects of Truth, that support Gaia in her ultimate mission of establishing Earth as the most compassionate planet in the known universe.


Hama, an Orca Whale Speaks

Lifting the frequency of the hearts of Compassion Planet residents starts with the heightened Compassion Planet grid becoming more vibrant. My community of orca whales resonate with one of those rays of Christ Consciousness, with more consistency, than the other nineteen rays introduced in the course Coat of Many Colors.   The ray is called Truth.

The concept of telling the truth does not come easily to populations of people who lack access to well vetted journalism. This is becoming increasingly challenging because of social media.

The reason orca whales resonate with the ray of Truth, as deeply as we do, is because of our history of being cruelly treated by human beings. This includes Indigenous cultures thousands of years ago. We needed to cultivate a way to serve human beings, who abused our populations with over hunting, so we asked for guidance and our guides advised us to pulse the grid with what you call the ray of Truth.

We have noticed that those who resonate most deeply with Gaia fill up their sixth chakras (brow chakra) with Truth. One example is the population of Bhutan, which is a Buddhist country. The people of Bhutan are sensitive, discerning people. Many reside in rural settings, live off the land and are low income.

Many people have no access to social media or well vetted journalism. However, their current government serves the population with laws that help the people feel safe and supported. Their basic needs are met so they have enough life force to treat one another with love and compassion.

My orca whales feel very deep resonance with the Bhutanese people. We communicate with many of them through their guides. We are gratified by the peoples’ response to our communications.

The Bhutanese are just one example of a population we feel we merge with deeply. We would you as life force workers to activate the ray of Truth within your brow and learn more about love and compassion from the orca whales’ perspective.

Kidu: Bhutan's benevolent fund that has aided thousands of Bhutanese (

Gross National Happiness in Bhutan: 12 Things to Know | Asian Development Bank (

The key to Bhutan's happiness - BBC Travel

Bhutan’s Secret to Happiness. Why Bhutanese people are happier than… | by S M Mamunur Rahman | The Masterpiece | Medium

"What is so special about being Bhutanese is that there is always a united sense of gratitude, communal well-being and national identity," added Thinley Choden, an entrepreneur and activist.

If there was one piece of advice Rinpoche (from Bhutan) could share with the world it would be this: "Always remember that the most important thing is to live life in the present moment, and that happiness is not a by-product of external factors, but the result of positively conditioning your mind. Happiness is at the grasp of everyone."

I now provide you with a brief activation to get you started:

Hama’s Activation

The Ray of Truth

·       Breathe deeply. Place your hand on your brow chakra (sixth chakra). Imagine and intend that the violet ray of Truth is flowing from many inches above your crown (14 inches to nine feet) through your crown into your brow.

·       Imagine and intend that the ray of Truth is also permeating the hand you hold on your brow chakra.

·       Realize the critical importance of pulsing your entire physical body, emotional body, and mental body with Truth.

That is all I ask you to do. But please do this daily for just 5 minutes. If you do, I and my fellow orcas will connect with your guides, so they may assist you in developing discernment in knowing what the truth is.

As you develop fine-tuned discernment of the truth, you will know where your orca friends are coming from. It is an abstract journey I am inviting you to take.

I love you.

I serve you with compassion.

I honor your devotion to activating your hearts, minds, and spirits for becoming receptive to what is true and not true.

Yours in service,


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