Living a Compassionate Life

The Truth-Love Connection
 Messages, a Prayer and an Activation From:
~An Archangel
~Kathryn Jensen
~ Ascended Master Jesus
~Hawaii Spinner Dolphin Savina
~Message and Activation from Humpback Whale Blega


An Archangel’s Prayer

Heart to heart we consume ourselves with God

We cultivate messages from water

Living compassionately

Living sensitively

Living here and now

I am that I am and I speak light language

Listening to me and welcoming me into your heart

Steeping yourself in my trusting, stable life force

Making me feel comfortable so I may meet with you

Co-create a strong foundation with yourself and your Golden Ground

Loving your Earth Mother with compassion

Gift after gift after gift seep to her surface and escape to the welcoming hearts of those who believe there are answers to their prayers

Yours in service,

Archangel Solana

Solana makes co-creation between the dolphins, whales
and human beings possible


The Truth-Love Connection
by Kathryn Jensen

This morning I went down for my morning swim. I met a visitor to our Hi community from the Virgin Islands. He embodied joy. He said, with a brilliant smile on his face, that we share the same ocean. We need to bless our oceans and raise the frequency of love in our oceans and on the planet.

I had this conversation with this light-filled visitor, on the very day when I began writing this blog post. Hmmm… one of those wonderful synchronicities.

He talked about Masuro Emoto’s studies in his book: “The Message from Water” which most of you have probably read. Emoto's studies show how the emotions behind our words affect the frequency of water. Emoto took pictures of frozen water exposed to both negative language and uplifting language. The water infused with dark messages reflected this in their crystalline structures. The water infused with joyful, positive messages were beautiful crystals reflecting the high frequency of the messages.

Dolphins were in the bay that morning but because of a new federal law banning swimming with HI spinner dolphins very few people were swimming in the area where they were enjoying the early morning peace and tranquility. 

I swam in the bay but complied with the rule requiring that we stay 50 yards away from the dolphins. However, a mother and baby swam by me multiple times. I admired the mama's beautiful baby and sent them both healing energy. They had minor wounds from sharks on their bodies. 


Masuro Emoto’s Frozen Water Crystals

This is an image infused with the word dolphin

This is a water crystal infused with the word love.

Those of us who swim in these waters know, that dolphins and humans can share the same ocean with a mutual exchange of love and respect. We feel the light filled energy of love when we swim in the vicinity of dolphins.

The Federal Law Banning Swimming With Dolphins

There is a new federal law that’s banned our right to swim with dolphins. The hypothesis is that human swimmers harm dolphins if they swim where  dolphins swim during their daily rest time in shallow coastal waters.

See this post I published in 2016 concerning this proposed law: Living a Compassionate Life September 2016 ( See this post about a grassroots organization we created to deal with this issue: Living a Compassionate Life July 2017 (

There are employees of these federal agencies who are enforcing this law who are gentle, reasonable, and well-intentioned. However, they have colleagues who are intimidating bullies. Now, when people who know about this new rule swim with dolphins they're filled with fear of being punished with a fine. Our waters are no longer love infused when dolphins are present because of this fear. This negatively impacts not just we humans but our dolphin friends.

This situation is our local example of what’s happening all over Planet Earth. There is also a proposal to close the areas of our local bays, where spinners typically swim if they choose to. These would be time area closures from 6am-3pm.

Change Agents Who Really Make a Difference

I'm  taking a close look at the most impactful change agents in our world. The movers and shakers, who I’m attracted to, are clear, rational, well -informed thinkers. They’re heart centered and they’re connected to divine guidance.

Here’s a link to one of our current grass roots organizations developed to counter the “swim with dolphin issue” and the proposed time are closures of our local bays :  

Time will tell how successful we are as activists countering this federal law. I’m interested to see what evolves as more and more coherent, knowledgeable people get involved.

 We have been successful, in our South Kona community, educating tourists and others in the art behaving respectfully around the dolphins.The Federal law was passed despite the improvements in human behaviors. Perhaps our gentle approach was to little to late.

This law not only impacts swimmers who reach the dolphins from shore but  the commercial boat tours that take people out in boats to swim with dolphins. This is a whole other matter that's being dealt with by boat tour operators. 

Angry, Fearful, Hate Filled Activists

When I’m with angry, fearful, hate filled people who consider themselves to be activists, I don’t feel well. I feel my light and life force leave my body-mind-spirit. I can’t function. I can’t think. I can’t express my truth.

I might be filled with love  before I encounter these people. I leave such encounters feeling stressed, drained and depressed. Perhaps they are sharing valid info but I can’t absorb it. This is what I sense they’re holding in their bodies:

This is an image of a water crystal infused with the word hate:

The negativity isn’t directed at me.  Their hate, fear and anger is directed at people in power, whom they feel are exerting power and control on them. I don’t join forces with these activists. It’s too paralyzing.

The average adult body is 50% to 65% water. Do we want love infused fluids in our bodies or hate infused waters in our bodies?

Effective,Light Filled Grass Roots Efforts

So I’ve been examining the powerful, effective change agents on this planet. The people and movements that impact me and attract me are infused with the frequency of love. It’s my opinion that light-filled, grass roots efforts are far more successful at countering the oppression of authoritarian forces on our planet:

There are examples  all over Planet Earth where strongly guided people are making superb differences in the lives of others. These people are undermining the efforts of authoritarian regimes and initiating changes that halt environmental degradation, create  out-of-the-box solutions for propagating gardens and building structures that use materials that do not deplete Earth’s natural resources etc.

Here are some links for you to explore:

  •     India’s farmers have organized in a powerful way to reverse legislation that’s deeply harmed the health and wellbeing of Indian agricultural endeavors:
  •     Paul Hawken’s book “Regeneration” presents ideas for ending the climate crisis in one generation: Home | PaulHawken


Kathryn Jensen


Ascended Master Jesus, the whale Blega and Hi spinner dolphin Savina share their perspectives on light filled, effective activism

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Jesus Speaks


I’d like you to contemplate on the complexity of the Earth-shaking changes you are experiencing. I don’t doubt that you feel you’ve barely recovered from one shock wave of fear inducing struggles, only to experience more. Loss of human life has resulted from the covid 19 virus, climate change and other catastrophic events.

I observe people filling up with so much fear, however, that they become crushingly ineffectual in catalyzing positive change. My proposal to you is that catalyzing change, with the help from the Masters of Love, is, perhaps, the only answer to these dire Earth challenges. The Masters of Love include Ascended Masters, the Cetacean Nation, Archangels, Guardian Angels and benevolent extraterrestrials.

We can’t be recruited if you are paralyzed by fear or anger. We need you to merge with your heart and the frontal lobes of your brain. The right hemisphere and the left hemisphere of your brain need to be coherently connected.

Your fear begets more fear. Your anger begets more anger. You simply never, ever, co-create positive action with others when you are fearful or angry.

The point of this blog post is to remind you, yet again, that the times they are changing. You unified with Earth life at this time so you could co-create massive change with Gaia and the Masters of Love.

My friends Savina, a Hawaii spinner dolphin and Blega, a humpback whale, would like to lead you through a very impressive activation so you can put yourself to work with me, Savina, Blega and other Masters of Love.

Savina Speaks

Before Blega and I give you our activation I would like to help you better grasp my field of energy I represent. I emanate a strong pulse of healing energy that doesn’t have a name but it can be felt by people who swim in the Big Island of Hawaii’s coastal waters. I emanate this energy to heal the Planet but there’s one group of people I serve very deliberately. This group happens to be those of you who read this blog and those of you who swim in my local waters. I also merge with those who read  books on the dolphin-whale-human connection.

As Jesus said, I cannot merge with you if you are fearful and angry. Loving you all is my priority and I deeply urge you to help yourself to self-help and professional help that supports you in creating a coherent heart-mind connection.

When you do so we can help you become  the most impressive change agents Earth has ever experienced. Many of you are beautifully educated. You do your homework on what’s true and not true. Not only that, you do, when you are fully functioning, speak to me, Jesus, Blega and other Masters of Love.

Our hearts go out to you concerning the progressively difficult circumstances that can potentially impact your health and wellbeing. But we also plead with you from the bottom of our hearts, to help us assist humanity at large.

I will now lead you into an activation that will, if you are heart centered enough, help you feel your spiritual power and effectiveness.

Blega, my humpback whale comrade, and I will enter your heart in a very specific manner. But first Blega has a message for you.

Blega Speaks

You deeply know me even though you may have never seen a humpback whale. You know my frequency of Courage that serves my humpback family. We enter into a state of group-mind and serve you and your fellow humans with our indigo blue frequency of Courage.

You see, we take care of people who don’t feel like they can survive because of traumatizing circumstances. I am entirely aligned with your Golden Ground (Earth) even though I reside in the sea.

I was the catalyst for Kathryn Jensen to receive the book Earth Now. Links to Earth Now, The Humpbacks Whales' Role in Human Evolution ( mentor, the humpback whale named Helios, is the official spokesman for my family within the pages of Earth Now. I will contribute several more chapters to this book, which is yet to be completed.

The reason for that is because the “spinning out of control” Earth Mother and her humans have been facing so many challenges.  The book needs to be revised for Earth’s current set of circumstances.

This blog post is about powerful forces of dark and light that are fighting for dominance. So I invite you to enter into my heart and join me for this activation, that is meant to help you quell your fears so I can merge with your hearts and support you in becoming a powerful change agent. We need your participation in our efforts to provide the frequency of Courage to your fellow humans who suffer so deeply.

The Symbol for the Indigo
Ray of Courage

    The Golden Ground (Earth) would like you to stand on her surface as you do this activation.

And so I will begin. May you become a vessel for all of my loving, courageous, light filled intensity.

  •     Imagine me, your humpback whale friend Blega being a few feet away from your heart center. I am there and I am taking you on a journey.
  •     Hold your heart center. Place your hand on your heart. Before you begin this journey, let me infuse you with all of my love. Imagine this frequency as a brilliant, indigo blue ray of energy. This is also known as the Christ Consciousness Ray of Courage.
  •     Imagine the symbol for courage which is called the vesica pisces. Send me this frequency from your heart but make this a fractal flow of this indigo blue symbol.
  • To create a fractal, imagine one vesica pisces within another, within another, within another. The images will get smaller and smaller. Fill the original image with a smaller image. Fill that smaller image with a smaller image….and so on.
  •     Intend that you are doing this if it’s too intense for you to visualize.
  •     Say to yourself, “ I am sending Blega the fractal flow of the indigo blue vesica pisces
  •     Thank you. Now I am taking you into the stormy seas where I am currently swimming. I am swimming off the coast of The Big Island of Hawaii. I arrived here yesterday – 12-7-2021.  I am 50 miles off shore where I will remain for the next several days. I will then escort members of my family closer to Hawaii’s coast line.
  • Here I have created a vortex for you to enter. The vortex is an indigo blue vesica pisces.   
  •     Swim with me. It is very peaceful here.
  •     I am taking you into your life. Please take a look at what frightens you. Place those fears in front of your 1st chakra that’s close to your pubic bone. From your first chakra send those fears the fractal flow of courage
  •     Wait five minutes. What took place ? Where did those fears go? Can you see them? I think they went to a very safe place where you can give them your greeting. Then you can state what you want to replace them with.
  • I will give you an example. My biggest fear is fishing nets in the ocean. I see that vision. I feel fearful.
  •     I give that fear the frequency of courage, from my first chakra. I send a beautiful flow of Courage to that fearful image. I then see the image replaced with clear waters free from nets. I do this when I go into areas where fishing nets are abundant.
  •     Somehow the fishermen who set these nets in the ocean are prompted to remove them. This is how I safeguard my safety and the safety of my family. This can be an issue in the Alaskan waters I call home.
  •     Please proceed with this first chakra fear removal process following my example.
  •     Take one fear at a time and proceed with this process.
  •     Do this many, many times!

    Fears often dissipate over time. You may work with the same fear over and over. Be patient my dear friends.

    My mission is to recruit you to work with me and my humpback family. We ask for your help in pulsing your fellow man with Courage.

Thank you for your service.

I am yours in service.


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