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July-October 2017

October Posts:
* The Hawaii Dolphin Initiative
*Gaia's Mission For Her
Golden Ground

Hawaii Dolphin Initiative 
Bringing Harmony to Communities in a Sustainable Way

Defending All Persons' Rights to Swim with Free Dolphins

An Invitation

We invite you to explore our website, join our Facebook Page and our mailing list. and contribute to our Go Fund Me Campaign.

We have been meeting as a community for a year here where I, Kathryn Jensen live, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Our original intention was to create a plan to educate people about the art of swimming respectfully with wild dolphins. This group was formed in response to threats from NOAA - The National Oceanic Atmospheric Association - to ban dolphin-human interactions. Educate vs. regulate is our mission. 

We've created a Go Fund Me page to raise the needed revenue to finance promotional materials like signs, brochures, t-shirt, wrist bands, and videos. We are also raising funds in case we need legal defense. If a new law is passed restricting our rights to swim with dolphins, our intention is to take NOAA to court. We currently have a consulting attorney who has advised us that now is the time to take action and implement our educational plan. And so we are! 

I invite you to browse our meeting notes if you tune into what we've been doing. 

We have the privilege of swimming with dolphins in three bays that grace our South Kona neighborhood. Each community includes life long Hawaiian residents. Each community of long term residents is very unique and expresses different feelings about the "humans swimming with dolphins" issue. We're communicating with these three communities. Hence our mission: "Bringing Harmony To Communities In A Sustainable Way." We're asking members of each community to become major participants in our education of dolphin swimmers. So we are essentially needing to co-create three different strategies for education. Our job is challenging and worth the time and effort this process is taking.  

We're talking. We're listening. Community members have spoken at our meetings. Some have been videoed and are posted on our site.

We're realizing the need for funding Ho'oponopono sessions (Hawaiian mediation and healing of conflict).

Again I invite you to explore our site, join our Facebook page or our Mailing List and if inspired contribute to our Go Fund Me Campaign. 


Next shift into a higher frequency. Enjoy this transformational  message and activation gifted to you by Ascended Master Jesus.

Throughout the past five months the Ascended Masters have deepened in their focus on what's up on Planet Earth. Future blog posts from the Masters, the dolphins and whales and others who love and support the human race, have expressed the desire to connect with all of you, via this blog, far more frequently. They have great love for us and much support to give to us all as we move through these complicated times. 


Gaia’s Mission For Her Golden Ground (Earth)
by Ascended Master Jesus

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

In the beginning All That Is Love was all there was. In present time All That Is Love is all there is. Becoming attuned to All That Is Love is all that’s important. This became very clear to me as I sat in the audience, at a four day summit, devoted to what’s up on planet earth. Beings from the Galactic Alliance and the Ascended Master group attended. 430 races of extraterrestrials were present. They and of course the Ascended Masters are all very advanced souls, who according to Earth standards, would be called enlightened. They all divinate the God Presence. Their hearts are aligned with the art form of giving and receiving love, as the solution for resolving complicated disagreements as well as subtle clashes that result from cultural differences.

As I listened, I recognized the lack of emphasis on the purifying impact of serving others, with whom you experience discord, the gift of Unconditional Love. I knew I needed to remind these people about the stunningly, purifying impact of the frequency of Unconditional Love.

The Golden Ground, which is Gaia’s preferred name for Planet Earth, is held in the field of her heart, as she moves through her ascension. Gaia’s frequency is shifting as she begins to resonate more and more with the Milky Way Galaxy’s ascension. That’s right beloveds. The entire galaxy is shifting and vibrating with more and more depth, with the galactic center that’s sometimes called The Great Central Sun. If you explore scientific data that’s published by NASA, and you search for evidence of climate change on all planets in the solar system, you’ll find there’s clear evidence of planetary warming on planets throughout the solar system.  The frequency shifts in the galaxy are influencing climate change on planets throughout the galaxy. The shift of the ages is an Earth and a galactic phenomenon.  

Earth is my primary focus, yet I travel the galaxy extensively as the co-commander of the intergalactic peace group known as the Galactic Alliance. I’ve observed these changes and I’ve assisted other star systems in assisting their inhabitants in embracing the consciousness of All That Is Love. But right now I’m totally consumed by assisting all of you who live on Earth. I’m helping you discover your own path to achieving internal peace and harmony, as your rather precocious Gaia Force lifts her vibration. 

The posts that I, other Ascended Masters, benevolent extraterrestrials and your dearly beloved Avatar Cetaceans of Earth intend to contribute to this blog are going to address what’s up on Planet Earth.

We’ll also make suggestions of methods that will support you in cultivating your own paradigm shift.  A new reality of peace and harmony can be experienced by those of you who have become thoroughly committed to your personal ascension.

We tune into every cataclysmic event, the mishaps of your politicians, the discarding of all human decency as refugees are pushed from their homes, and the strikingly complicated impact these changes have on your body-mind-spirits.

Right now I’m focusing on various cultural groups who represent divergent views on how to become healed of fear. There are, quite literally, thousands of methods available to all of you for processing fear and diffusing the impact of fear. Throughout these blog posts I’ll present you with various methods for deleting fear from your matrix. The memories of fear may remain, yet the response of your unconscious to fear inducing events can be diffused.  You can attune yourself to noticing that something you don’t feel comfortable with might be triggering a fear response. Your internal guidance system has the potential to say “Give this fear All That Is Love.”

I’ll limit my suggestions to very simple, yet purifying methods for almost instantaneously letting go of the uncomfortably anxious, tormenting, compressed feeling of being burdened by fear. I’ll emphasize methods shared with Kathryn Jensen for use with her students and clients. Additionally, I’ll present  methods I’ve shared with my other protégés, who currently live on earth. This is information many of you have already been indoctrinated to and put aside, as you’ve been catapulted into reacting to the dreadful circumstances that surround you.

So that’s what’s coming in future posts.

Right now I’d like to give you a summary of what I learned at this inspirational summit. The forging of agreements between extraterrestrials, Ascended Masters and others who support Earth’s ascension, took place. I and other Masters recognized the need to reinvent strategies for guiding human beings, at this critical juncture in Earth’s history.

I and three other Ascended Masters co-created presentations to help non-terrestrial groups comprehend the truth about Earth’s original blueprint. The vision of Earth was created 5 billion years ago - long before Earth was a presence in the solar system 4.5 billion years ago.

 I participated in creating the vision of Earth. I was, at that time, a resident of the Avatar realm in the 17th dimension.  A core group of Avatars envisioned a place in the universe where compassion would be taught. We recognized the fact that the art form of compassion is only learned in the presence of polarity that exists in third dimensional realities. We co-created a blueprint of how to teach humans intense, in-depth lessons in compassion.

 As you know, Earth’s M.O. is diversity. This was planned. We knew diversity would push people into complicated rivalries for domination. We also knew the only way to resolve these strikingly complicated rivalries would be to harness the power of unconditional love.

As we see these rivalries being played out in present time, we’re appreciating those of you who impressively flood your Earth and her beloved humans with your very neutral, unconditionally loving heart center emanations. You co-create compassionate action on behalf of those who desperately require assistance. You may not be the one’s taking the action but the very fact that you are present on Earth and have wide open, loving hearts lends support to the ones who thrive on taking compassionate action.

Those of us, who have observed Earth since her inception, have never seen so much intense, loving care being provided by compassionate, deeply heart centered Earth citizens. Earth’s been through her destructive phases but never, ever have there been so many compassionate ones participating in pure acts of loving- kindness. 

This of course is assisted by your access to what’s taking place on Earth through your internet and some enlightened news sources.

So from my perspective and the point of view of my collaborators, the Earth experiment has been magnificently successful. The original blueprint for Earth’s evolution is very definitely the right blueprint.

Now is the time for the next phase of evolving the Compassion Planet’s population. This is the phase where people are given strategies for loving themselves out of fear. This is also called loving yourself as you love another. Many of those who have been indoctrinated to love based spiritual traditions serve others with impeccably, compassionate loving-kindness. Yet they forgo loving themselves out of fear.

When I concluded the summit with a presentation, I asked for help from the higher-self of one of my protégés. This being’s higher-self appeared next to me on stage, as a brilliant loving presence comprised of blinding, white love-light. We bathed the audience in the Golden Ground’s frequency of Unconditional Love.

If you are familiar with the Twenty Frequencies of Christ Consciousness presented on this website, then you realize that Earth’s Cetacean Nation activates Earth’s grid system with the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness. If all twenty frequencies are merged they become Earth’s rose red ray of Unconditional Love.

 I remind you that this was an audience of deeply, loving, kind, spiritually advanced souls. The after effect of our presentation was extraordinary. Being after being said the bathing they received in Earth’s frequency of Unconditional Love was the most purifying field of energy they had ever experienced. Many went through massive clearing of fear. They were encouraged to continue this process of loving themselves out of fear by pulsing their hearts with Earth’s frequency of Unconditional Love. Many had never experienced Earth energy yet they felt the vibrant healing force of the Ray of Unconditional Love.

Participants were given strategies for tapping into this vibrant source of healing. Those who have resided on Earth hold the frequencies of the Twenty Rays and the Ray of Unconditional Love in their frequency matrixes. They were reminded to simply activate these frequencies within their fields. I’ve received a flood of feedback from these dearly beloved friends of mine.

 The Golden Ground holds unbelievable potential for serving beings from all over the known universe. Those of you who live on Earth at this moment in time, can, very adeptly switch on these frequencies within your chakras as well as the various levels of light body you may have already activated.

So beloveds, just pause for a moment.

·         Ask your guides and your higher self to enter your field.

·         Lift your vibration by pulsing your heart with unconditional love.

·         Hold your hand on your heart.

·         Invite the rose red flow of Unconditional Love to flow from your ninth chakra, also known as your Soul Star, through your hand into your heart. The Soul Star is 14 inches to several feet above your crown. This varies according to your time spent on Earth. The longer you’ve been on Earth, incarnating and experiencing varied perspectives, the closer your Soul Star is to your crown.

·         Visualize and intend this flow of rose red love-light is flowing from above your crown, through your hand into your heart.

·         Speak to your heart center and say “I ask my Angel of the Presence, my higher self and my guides to present me with problematic situations from my past that merge with frightening circumstances I experience right now." 

·       In your mind's eye create a visual symbol or picture or this problematic situation.

·       Imagine and intend that you are placing this image two feet in front of your heart.

·       From your heart send this image a stream of the rose red ray of Unconditional Love.

·         Say "I ask that I form a partnership with my Divine Mentors in diffusing the impact this fear has on my body-mind-spirit. I ask that this take place gently and thoroughly." 

·         Observe your body-mind-spirit’s response to this activation. I suggest you journal what you notice physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Beloveds, I encourage you to give this ray to anyone or any group you dislike or feel uncomfortable with. First pulse your heart with unconditional love in the manner you just learned. Next intend and visualize that you are sending this rose red ray to the individual or the group. Notice what transpires.

I encourage you to share your experiences in the comment section on the right side of this page.

Even if this is the only practice you use to diffuse and manage fear, I predict you’ll begin to feel much better as you co-exist with the tumultuousness of your world.

I and your other Divine Mentors will continue to provide you with inspiration and encouragement through the coming months. You are moving through challenging times.  Be loving and kind to yourselves. This is critical not only for your own health and wellbeing but for those you serve. Those of you who serve from the place of health and wellbeing are the greatest contributors to the Compassion Planet’s mission to train the most compassionate beings in the universe.

Yours in service,



  • I invite you to view these videos created for moving, very relevant prayers written by my 92 year old mother Carol. She's in the process of passing and has been on hospice for many months. She is one of the most spiritually astute people I've ever known:

A Prayer for Peace:

A Prayer for Strength:


We've worked hard as a community to create educational alternatives to totally eliminating opportunities for dolphin-human encounters. We've worked hard, waded through and resolved many conflicts and disagreements and taken positive action. I'm proud of us!! We've truly modeled open hearted, constructive community action. See our website: 


  • The course Coat of Many Colors , is evolving into levels one-four. As Earth ascends and we shift frequencies the masters and cetaceans who collaborate with me on creating this course have added lots of detailed information and processes that add depth and power to the curriculum. Why? You're ready!! I'm the scribe who is transcribing and editing this new information. It's awesome and exciting but it's also a time consuming job! 

Meanwhile the One-On-One Mentoring, Tutoring Option . It's powerful! I invite you to learn more.  Students who enroll will receive the new materials as they are available, which could be within a few weeks. Meanwhile, the current curriculum is a major catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. See the testimonial from a very inspired student. 

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