Living a Compassionate Life
December 2, 2023
New Years Greetings from the Masters of Love
Remaining Heart Centered
Amidst Terrorism

by Ascended Masters' Jesus and Buddha, Ascended Master Buddha Maitreya, Archangel Michael, an Irrawaddy Dolphin Named Cedra and a Humpback Whale
Named Blega

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New Years Greetings from the

Masters of Love

by Jesus and Buddha

Dear Friends,

Loss of life keeps on happening in Gaza and other warn torn pockets of humanity are suffering.  We ask for your help in stablizing the trauma ridden, heart broken ones who can’t heal their hearts without extraordinary acts of Grace, that can only be generated from the human heart. 

Buddha and I, Jesus, believe in the purifying effects of love and compassion.  We both focus on precocious people who have a talent for holding court with darkness and doing what’s needed to bring love-light into the maitrix of bleak circumstances.

Become one of those precocious ones Beloveds.  We need your help.  The God Force is alive and well. Yet there are very few who step up to the plate and deny dark forces the right to enter their own personal space, their family’s personal space and the personal space of their own community. 

Pull the God Force right out of your heart and give it to others. The activations presented in the post are samples of how to trade darkness for love.

The harmonic of Grace is well within your grasp Dear Ones. Hold me close. Hold Buddha close and serve others with your own God Force.  The metallic gold maitrix of Grace is ready to be released from your heart to others who just cant function right now.

Buddha and I are grateful. We love you. We hold you close, and we prompt you with just the right strategy for helping others survive.

Go forth.

We love you.

Jesus and Buddha


Formulas for Remaining Heart Centered Amidst Terrorism

by Ascended Master Jesus, Ascended Master Buddha Maitreya, Archangel Michael, an Irrawaddy Dolphin Named Cedra and a Humpback Whale Named Blega

Received and Translated by Kathryn Jensen

Jesus Speaks

Dear Ones,

I’m loving you all with great depth during this tumultuous time on your beautiful Earth.  The Israel-Palestine conflict has shocked the civilized world into closely examining the complexity of the Israel-Palestine collision of confoundingly different perspectives.

Most of you don’t recognize the ancient history of this very diverse area of your planet. I lived there approximately 2000 years ago when the Jewish population and the Arab population lived side by side within the confines of what is now modern-day Israel. 

2000 years ago that part of the Earth was part of the Roman Empire.  Roman rulers dictated the law of the land and human rights as they exist today were non-existent.  My mission was to counter the dark dictates of those brutally abusive Roman dictators. Those of you who are familiar with my core teachings know about the collision course I created for myself as I taught about the power of love and the right for all human beings to experience a life of feeling respected as an Earth citizen deserving of what the United States Declaration of Independence declares as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In 1948 it was declared that the land now called Israel was to become the official home of Earth’s Jewish population. Unfortunately, this resulted in the displacement of those now called Palestinians. These people were members of varied tribal cultures that were primarily of Muslim faith.  These tribes weren’t residents of well-defined regions of the Middle East and weren’t the residents of any specific country. 

The confoundingly complex struggle between these so-called Palestinians and Jews has created troubling violations of human rights. The Jews were provided with what is now called Israel because undeniably horrific abuse of the Jewish population by Nazi forces. However, the approach of forcing Palestinians to give up their homes and their land was of course a violation of human rights.

And the abuses continue. The Hamas attack on Israel was an ungodly act of terror.  But the retaliation of Israeli military on Gaza, with the mission of deleting Hamas from the human race has resulted in tragic loss of life and destruction of property. 

If I currently lived in this part of the Middle East, I’d become an emissary of Peaceful co-existence between these diverse populations. This was the lifestyle for centuries in this part of the world. Arabs, Jews, Christians and others lived side by side. 

So beloveds I ask that you pray for this kind of peaceful co-existence.  Envision peaceful co-existence and from your hearts send the light aqua blue ray of Prayer to this beleaguered part of the world.  This is a frequency of Christ Consciousness that helps people merge with their guides and angels so they can receive guidance on what it means to be kind, compassionate and loving. 

prayer star

·         Invoke this light aqua blue ray by inviting it to flow from your ninth chakra which is way above your crown. Invite Prayer to flow from your ninth chakra, through your crown, through your brow, through your throat and into your heart.

·         Surround yourself with the light aqua ray of Prayer. 

·         Place a hand on your heart and invite Prayer to interpenetrate your hand. Invite Prayer to flow from your hand into your heart.

·         Create a vision of the Israelis and the Palestinians.

·         Place that vision two feet in front of your heart.

·         From your heart send that image the light aqua ray of Prayer. Notice how this image morphs and changes as you send this highly refined frequency of Prayer to these people.

Now Dear Ones, read the following transmissions with great care.

I love you dearly.


Budda Maitreya Speaks

The laws of the jungle seem to be infiltrating worldwide politics as we all observe governments fall into the hands of right-wing radicals. The United States is experiencing extremists preventing the federal government from functioning. Ukraine is experiencing invasion by irrational Russian forces. Israelis’ and Palestinians are thrown into extraordinarily dangerous conditions by opposing extremist forces.   

The hearts and souls of many world citizens are victims of oppressive government regimes, poverty and the cause and effect of climate change.

We, the Ascended Masters, and the cetaceans of Planet Earth have been communicating about a need for publications that address crushing burdens people are experiencing and providing life force activations to people such as those of you who read this blog so you can participate in in order to support specific groups. 

Most of you following this blog and participating in the activations are actively pursuing peaceful, loving, compassionate solutions to tremendously complex struggles human beings are suffering through. The actions of people like you are not showing up in worldwide media enough to help quell the traumatizing worry and concern people experience as they exist amidst dark circumstances.

Stark, cold realization of what it’s going to take for resolution of these confoundingly undermining struggles, hurls some people into depression. There’s not just one type of service provided that benefits those who suffer from the brutality of war and other harsh struggles for survival. There are service groups and spiritually advanced individuals lifting the frequencies, in the body-mind-spirits of traumatized ones into becoming more resilient and creative and helpful to themselves in stabilizing and rising above survival, so they can take positive action.

Here in the realm of Ascended Masters, we have organizations that provide deep level assistance to key players in stabilizing traumatized Earth citizens.  We choose very advanced souls who can receive our downloads and use the consciousness we provide, to guide their communities into right action.

There’s so much going on behind the scenes Beloved Ones.  And because Kathryn Jensen has such a deep merging with Earth’s Cetacean Nation, we are able to co-create consciousness raising for those of you who follow her publications. We receive consciousness raising from dolphins and whales who reside in obscure corners of the world. The messages provide very powerful insights into the roles cetacean spiritual guides play in mitigating heart breaking, difficult human emergencies.

In this post we’re introducing you to an Irrawaddy dolphin who resides in a lake that feeds into the ocean on the east coast of India. The dolphin named Cedra, and her followers serve residents of India who are crushed by violence towards Muslims. Cedra and her family members pour the Christ Consciousness ray of Bonding into the Earth grid. Bonding is a frequency held in the 7th chakra of humans and in the 7th chakra of the Earth Mother which is in Tibet at Mount Kailas.

The barriers people have to holding themselves within the heightened consciousness of their guides and angels are very gently replaced by sensitivity to listening to guidance.   This happens thanks to the healing people receive from dolphins and whales.


The Irrawaddy dolphin Cedra would like to fill you in on her sensitivity training she gives to her Indian population. 

Cedra Speaks

Cedra and Irrawaddy Dolphin

I am the Irrawaddy dolphin Cedra. I reside in Chilika Lake which is on the east coast of India and flows into the Bay of Bengal. I am a spiritual guide for my Irrawaddy dolphin family.  We merge to serve our Indian human beings so we may help them cultivate a grasp on what it takes to appreciate different perspectives people cultivate because of different religious training.  We help people make sense of the differences and acknowledge the similarities.

We pulse the frequency of the ray you call Bonding into the grid, but we also very deliberately project the white ray of Bonding to different communities. We surround whole communities with the white frequency of Bonding. 

Bonding lifts the vibration of the crown chakra and we activate this field of energy that all people hold within their 7th chakras.  When people are frozen with fear, they forget what it’s like to pray for loving, caring compassionate healing assistance from their neighbors and friends. They forget how to lovingly care for their fellow humans. 

We have a situation in India with a political leader crushing the spirits of residents of Muslim communities. His ultimate mission to create India as a Hindu nation. Genocide is occurring. Muslims are being murdered by extremists and there is no halting of this genocide by India’s politicians. 

We have created a series of activations we do for Muslim victims as well as a series of activations we do for terrorists who commit these acts of genocide.  We would like to invite you to join us in facilitating these activations. 

The guidance we receive from our guides and angels is from the same beings who serve humans. My primary guide happens to be the great Archangel Michael. His contingency of archangels also assist me. 


Archangel Michael would like to speak to you now about me and my family.

Archangel Michael Speaks

Cedra and her family of Irrawaddy dolphins compete with no other species of dolphins in their capacity for intelligent sensing of what’s needed by those who reside within the boundaries of war-torn Muslim areas of India. 

The Archangel kingdom works very deeply with Earth’s dolphins and whales who are responsible for providing guidance to their family members. The Archangels’ contract with the dolphins and whales might be surprising to you because of the tendency to associate Archangels as beings who serve humanity.

The Archangels live within the hearts of all sentient beings. Sentient beings are those who have the cognitive ability to care, with great discernment, for other sentient beings. The dolphins and the whales are advanced souls whose ancestors all were of extraterrestrial origin. Many originated from 5th density planets where oceans dominate the ecosystems. 

The cetaceans on these planets are deeply sensitive to the emanations of the heart. They make positive contributions to the cultural conditioning of varied planetary populations. Their primary job description throughout the Universe is to assist humans and humanoids in establishing civilizations that are, at their core, love infused. 

The cetacean’s role on Earth is as it has always been.  The cetaceans gently remind struggling groups of people about the love they hold deep within their hearts, that buries itself when demonic forces overwhelm the matrix where these people dwell.

The hearts and souls of people who co-create healing of fellow community members, with the Archangel kingdom, sense the entry of cetaceans loving presence into their communities as an effervescent, uplifting energetic essence, that’s not particularly noticeable to those crippled with despair. 

These caring people tune into their own heart-minds to find a way to serve their beleaguered community members.  They tune in. They find the life force they need to speak their truth and they do so with no hesitation. 

So, this Archangel-cetacean-human exchange operates everywhere on Planet Earth where there are destructive, heart breaking, crushingly awful, calamitous circumstances. Deeply, I, Archangel Michael, know what transpires thanks to this collaboration.

I see how people benefit from their Archangel-cetacean exchanges.  Therefore, I don’t hold the pessimistic perspective so many humans hold.  I see breakthroughs occurring that most people can’t decipher because of the blinders they wear, preventing them from clear perception.


I now present you with an activation that’s a collaboration between myself and Cedra.  This is a very basic yet profoundly comforting process for those receiving the frequency of Bonding from me, Archangel Michael and Cedra, the Irrawaddy dolphin. 

bonding star

Archangel Michael’s and Cedra’s Activation

Beloved, relax in a comfortable chair and breathe deeply.  Go within. Tune into your heart. Can you find the effervescent energy of Cedra within your heart? It’s there! I, Archangel Michael, am also residing within your heart. My frequency is more Pronounced than Cedra’s. It’s a quality of love that’s unmistakably uplifting.  Create the intention that you will merge with these two frequencies.  Notice what that’s like.

·         Place your hand on your heart and invite the white flow of Bonding to flow from way above your crown- your ninth chakra or Soul Star- through your crown, into your brow, through your throat and into your heart.

·         Surround yourself with the white frequency of Bonding. Allow Bonding to saturate your hand that you are holding on your heart.  Pulse bonding into your heart.  Intend that you are very directly filling your heart with Bonding.  Notice the effect.

·         From your heart send Bonding throughout your body-mind-spirit. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects should be saturated with Bonding. 

·         Now ponder on some dark exchange within your own community.  This need not be a massive struggle. It can, for example, be a skirmish within your family unit. 

·         Create a visual symbol of this struggle. 

·         In your mind’s eye place that image two feet in front of your heart.

·         From your heart, send that image the white frequency of Bonding.

·         Intend that those involved in the conflict work things out. Visualize this occurrence. 

Beloveds, repeat this activation over and over. First, focus on troubles within your immediate social circle.  Take note of what occurs. There may be subtle shifts and changes.  Such subtleties are critical aspects of intricate, profoundly impactful change.

You are change agents dear friends. Whether you are conscious or not of the fact that I merge with you, I do. You are my direct conduits for healing the hearts and souls of humanity. 

Bless you,

Archangel Michael


The Humpback Whale, Blega Speaks

Cultivation of loving, kind, compassionate community, when there is a miserable struggle for dominance, perpetrated by dark forces, is difficult for many people who, instead, merge with depression and anxiety.

My humpback whales defy gravity when we throw our multi ton bodies into the air in what’s known as a breach. But we haven’t mastered the concept of triumphantly conquering the tribal tendencies to control and abuse those targeted for domination. Our strategy for countering such abuses is to infuse beleaguered souls with Courage. You’ve read about my indigo blue ray of Courage that I bring into the Earth Mother’s grid. The frequency flows to Earth’s first chakra at Mount Shasta in Washington State. The first chakra of Earth joins forces with all human beings’ first chakras. 

If specific groups are brutally abused by dominating forces we send Courage from our own root chakras to these people. We hold these people within our fields of energy.  Our interventions are refined, yet powerful. We observe those who are perpetrated strike a balance within their matrixes of energy. We observe specific individuals who are spiritually advanced, take advantage of our ministration of Courage as they quell their own fear and promote peaceful solutions

So, I make a request that you help us. I know this is not the first time I’ve invited you to participate.

I provide you with this basic activation to provide for your fellow humans.  

courage star

·         Hold your hand on your heart.

·         Invite the indigo blue ray of Courage to flow from your ninth chakra which is way above your crown.

·         Invite Courage to flow through your crown, through your brow chakra, through your throat chakra and into your heart.

·         Surround yourself with the indigo blue ray of Courage.

·         Invite Courage to flow through your hand into your heart.

·         Saturate your entire body-mind-spirit with Courage. 

·         Create an image of distressed souls on your planet. Choose people from one specific group.

·         Visualize and imagine the image being two feet in front of your heart. 

·         Send the image a stream of the indigo ray of courage from your heart.

·         Notice how the image changes.

·         Keep track of how that specific group is progressing in resolving conflict.

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