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Client One

Feedback a few days after the session

THANK YOU!!  I have read Quan Yin's message repeatedly.  I get something new each time.  I feel like a deep healing in taking place mostly from my connection with my Lemurian self.  I feel more spontaneously loving and accepting of -.  Great work!

Feedback a few months after the session

I feel like the issue I worked on is still a part of me.  This energy healing session helped move me along a continuum.  It is not as strong or frequent.  My judgment has decreased and compassion increased for myself and others.

Feedback on the effects of post session home play

I did the home play on a conscious level for about 2 weeks. Most of it was around dissolving shame.  I remember being aware of this emotion everywhere right after the balancing.  Now, I don’t feel this emotion.

Feedback on a phone session vs. a session in my office

The phone session worked very well for me.  It seems to me that you sent more detailed notes afterwards and the written message from Quin Yin was very helpful.  As a returning client it was just as beneficial as in person.

Client Two

Feedback a few months after the session

I believe the dysfunctional communication pattern is very old.  It hasn’t released totally but I have definitely noticed that I am more patient, less certain that I am right and that my way is the ‘right’ way.  I am much more willing to listen (especially to ---) and say, “I don’t know, or you may be right.”  That feels significant and leads to more peacefulness. I feel less tightness around any difficult communication. (Although I still yell at some of the smarmy republicans on TV!)

My transmission was from Arch Michael who is one of my favorite beings. The information seemed accurate. The part of the message about remembering to ask for help and allowing time because there is no quick fix was the most helpful

Feedback on phone sessions vs. sessions in my office

In both the in person and phone sessions I felt shifts during the course of the work.  They didn’t seem any less profound over the phone.

Feedback on Home play

The home play suggested for follow up after my in person session included more physical, brain gym activities.  The phone session home play was more reflective, meditative and active on a whole different level.

Client Three

Feedback two months after the session

I Can't remember the exact issue you suggested was with my mother, but know it has to do with my concept of self-worth, and personal boundaries.

I have had a significant shift in consciousness over the last few years and this particular balance session helped to chip away at another layer.

I love any form of communication from Archangel Michael.  I believe what you "channeled" from him was completely accurate and relevant.

Energy Healing Sessions

  •  The healing work I facilitate merges techniques from energy kinesiology, energy psychology, life-coaching and the dolphin-whale assisted techniques you are introduced to on this website. 
  • Although this website emphasizes options for developing skills in self-healing and self-directed personal growth, which is critical for our well-being, Sometimes stuckness, overwhelm and frustration take over.  It’s time to ask for help.
  • I can help you navigate through life’s rough spots, with focused sessions, that very specifically identify sabotaging beliefs. Such beliefs can create obstacles physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.
  • These energy healing sessions emphasize chakra balancing and clearing with frequencies called The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.

  • I’ve helped experienced light workers and beginners clear impossibly stubborn patterns-

    A  .Relationship challenges
    B.  Chronic physical afflictions
    C.  Career and money issues-
    D. Phobias
    E. Childhood Trauma
      Anything that prevents one from leading a joyful, fulfilling life.
  • The secrets I believe are the healing codes that the rays of Christ Consciousness unlock. These frequencies of love actually create changes in the DNA.  The dolphins and whales, your guides and other enlightened beings activate your DNA as they take the frequencies of Christ Consciousness, very thoroughly into your body mind spirit, not only to release darker frequencies represented by sabotaging beliefs, but to activate your light body for ascension.
  • Often during energy healing sessions, clients and I sense the compassion, the absolute love, the kindness, the tolerance and patience of the dolphins the whales and other enlightened ones who lend support to the healing process. Some experience visions of their dolphin-whale healing assistants or hear dolphin sounds or whale song. 
  •  Learn More:
    Sample Session Notes and Transmissions


Sessions Include a Loving, Informative Transmission from an Archangel or Ascended Master

As a supplement to your session I receive a transmission from the Archangel or Ascended Master who supports you with the most depth in your on-going process of personal and spiritual growth. These transmissions provide in-depth wisdom to support your healing process. Transmissions are typically four paragraphs long and provide you with valuable insight into how to open your heart to your guardian angels and other divine assistants who love you dearly. The transmissions are received after your session and emailed to you. 


Essential Details About Sessions

*Sessions last approximately 90 minutes

*Most sessions are conducted over the phone or via skype. I do facilitate sessions in my home offices in Granby Colorado and Captain Cook Hawaii.

Scheduling for Energy Healing Sessions

*I typically schedule appointments Thursdays-Saturdays at times that are convenient for you. Scheduling on other days is certainly negotiable.

*Mid October-Mid May Hawaii Time

*Mid May-Mid October-Mountain Time (U.S. and Canada)

*Schedule An Appointment

 Contact Kathryn Jensen! 

 Email is best:  Email me with your name, phone number and approximate time when you would like to schedule an appointment.

Email: Kathryn Jensen 


*Payment Information for a Energy Healing Session and

Custom Essences

*Pay for a session only after scheduling an appointment!

$150 - Ninety Minute Energy Healing Session

Click Here to Purchase an Energy Healing Session via Paypal which gives you the opportunity to pay with a major credit card or through withdrawal from your bank account.


$30.00 - Custom Essence

These Essences are four ounce bottles of essence formulated to reinforce your session. Custom Essences are always infused with the frequency of the Ray of Christ Consciousness called Grace. I use muscle testing and receive guidance about other Rays of Christ Consciousness to use for blessing, activating and potentizing your essence.

Click Here to Purchase a Custom Essence via Paypal which gives you the opportunity to pay with a major credit card or through withdrawal from your bank account.

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Sessions are facilitated by Kathryn Jensen via phone or skype. Sessions are also available in her home offices in Granby Coloraodo which is near Rocky Mountain National Park or Captain Cook Hawaii.