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"Beyond 2012" is the page on this website where you will be provided with on-going support from the dolphins, the whales, Ascended Masters, Archangels and others who love you. This page provides supportive transmissions and activations, meant to help you become refined, purified yet grounded and stable as you experience the immensely loving consciousness flooding all human hearts, right now, as we enter the New Age, and immerse ourselves in a very sacred, healing frequency Jesus and Sai Baba ask that I call “The Heart Mind of God.”

To tell you the truth these transmissions, even though I am the one who receives and records them, are very much uncharted waters for me. I don’t know what expect but I do know and trust those who pulse their consciousness through me. I know were in for quite a transformational journey. And I know that our hearts are going to expand as we free ourselves from fear and touch base with what our Gods and Goddesses within our hearts are here to do. We’ll learn about ourselves at a level that takes us directly to our own unique purpose for being alive.

Kathryn Jensen

Beyond 2012


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*4 PDF books-in three of these books are links to 19 mp3 recordings of healing activations and meditations that invoke the loving, compassionate presence of the cetaceans.
*A video of a chance encounter with a 3 humpback whales
*A video of human-spinner dolphin play 
*An mp3 of humpback whale song 
*4 gorgeous photos of HI spinner dolphins, 

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Includes everything in Special Offer One + a Custom Essence I will bless and potentize just for you. Previously I've only offered this essence as a supplement to a Dolphin Energy Healing Session

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December 2019

Learn about 4 Dolphin- Whale Inspired Books

These are Updated and Now Posted On
Kathryn Jensen's Author Page on Amazon

Enjoy the page on this site called
Living a Compassionate Life.
Frequently messages  received from dolphins whales and other great friends of humanity, on living from the heart and living a compassionate life, will be published on this page. These inspiring transmissions will also be published on my Facebook Page.


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Read Living From the Heart
by Kathryn Jensen
This article offers practical inspiration about living from the heart by mastering the basic, easy to learn energy healing methods from the evolving field of Energy Kinesiology or Energy Psychology


Christmas Message  and Activation 2014
This is a Christmas Gift to be enjoyed anytime of year!


Spring 2014
Enjoy  PDFs/MP3's of the 2014 Cetacean Healing Circles. These will later be merged with other transmissions into the yet to be published  Blue Dolphin Handbook for Peace Volume Three. These transmissions and related recorded activation/meditations can be enjoyed independently or used to reinforce the teachings in the book Ashram of the Sea:


Blega, a humpback whale, speaks on creating a heart centered relationship to money with the Christ Consciousness Ray of Receiving. For supportive information see page 102-106 in the book Ashram of the Sea.

A Transmission from Blega, an Avatar Humpback Whale, Speaks on Creating a Heart Centered Relationship to Money. 


Soga, an Amazon river dolphin, speaks on the ray of Christ Consciousness called Giving. For supportive information see page 129 in Ashram of the Sea.

A Transmission from Soga, An Amazon River Dolphin on Creating a Heart Centered Relationship to Food.


Savina Speaks on using the ray of Christ Consciousness called Polarity. For supportive information see page 52 in Ashram of the Sea.

A Transmission from Savina, A Hawaii Spinner Dolphin on Heart Centered Problem Solving


Dege Speaks on the ray of Christ Consciousness called Center. For supportive information see page 121 in Ashram of the Sea

A Transmission from Dege, A Harbor Porpose on Communicating from the Heart  


I invite you to learn more about the 20 Rays of Christ Consciousness by exploring the Essences for the Home Temple . The Essences hold the frequencies of the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.


Sept 2013

Enjoy the recently added Ascended Master section on this site. There are messages from the masters, avatar cetaceans and Archangel Michael who share information on the dolphin-whale activated essences they have assisted me in creating for your spiritual evolution. 

These great messengers of the divine encourage you to explore not only the healing systems presented here on this site but other amazing light work processes that are now available.


Enjoy the story I just re-wrote, illustrated and published on this site: Listen to Me by Bo

This is a story for children of all ages - 5yrs. -100+.

Bo is an young Atlantic spotted dolphin who is the author of Splash! He asked me to write Splash! down and publish it. I did!



Before you enjoy the transmissions and activations on this page, I recommend you review this chart and relevant information that explains the correlation between the seven chakras and the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.

This PDF is an excerpt from  Ashram of the Sea.

Chakra Chart and The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness


Beyond 2012:
Inspiring Messages Published Before 2012

A Holiday Newsletter-December 22, 2011,

Read Christmas Message from Lord Jesus Christ emphasizing the importance of self-care during these challenging times.

*After Jesus’ message I’ve provided a link to an extraordinary video of human-whale interactions. It’s incredible…you might ascend.

* Next I’ve given you a list of inspiring lectures on Spiritual Life. If you crave clarity, as I do, about the varied spiritual paths here on Earth, you might really appreciate what's shared in these talks.

Read Jesus' Christmas Message,view an incredible video and receive clarity on the various Spiritual paths

December 8, 2011 Newsletter

Blega, A Humpback Whale Speaks On the Maturation of the Human Personality

A Blega Speaks

November 11, 2011 Newsletter

Savina, A Hawaii Spinner Dolphin Speaks on the 11-11-11 Love Transmission, The Galactic Shift and Your Brow Chakra Activation

Savina Speaks

November 3, 2011

This transmission includes:

•Kathryn’s first encounter with Savina and her pod

•A transmission from a common porpoise named Dege on the Christing of Earth with love

•A transmission from a spinner dolphin named Savina on Blessing yourself with confidence in telling the truth as you discover your purpose

•Savina’s Blessing Activation

Read the article. Enjoy experiencing the activation on page 7.

Read Dege’s and Savina’s Transmissions


copy and paste the link below into your browser. This will open the PDF so you can read the article:


After you’ve read the transmission you may prefer to listen to the activation :

Listen to Savina’s Blessing Activation.

October 2011

Listen to or read the entire transmission from Jesus and and Dege. Be sure to set aside at least thirty minutes to nurture yourself through Dege's activation on the bright green ray of Christ Consciousness called Vivation.

Listen to Kathryn Read Jesus’ Transmission on Beyond 2012

Listen to Kathryn Read Dege’s Tansmsission

Jesus and Dege Speak on 2012

Excerpts from October 2011

Read these excerpts from the transmsission from Ascended Master Lord Jesus Christ and an avatar dolphin named Dege.

Jesus Speaks…

The Heart Mind of God is taking all of you who read this transmission into the healing frequency of the great cetacean named Dege, a common porpoise who resides in the waters off of Maine. As most of you know the cetaceans provide a great service to Earth and all who reside on Earth. The Golden Dolphin Legend is the story of the cetaceans’ role in not only preparing Earth for human habitation but for serving humanity, by priming the Earth Grid with the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness. These are the frequencies represented by the Essences for the Home Temple you can learn more about at

www.BlueDolphinEssences.com or the introduction on the Essences page of this site……

Dege Speaks

I govern the species of cetaceans called common porpoises. Our species is found in the North Atlantic. My personal competency is that of conditioning people’s first and second chakras with a very bright green frequency. Those who take over my transmissions and put them into code, for translation into your language, call this frequency Vivation. I compare this frequency with the concept of becoming director of your own service to our planet……

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Assist Gaia in Co-creating the New Earth

July 30, 2021: An Invitation to Serve Earth and Become a Catalyst for Positive Environmental Action

August 22,2021:An Invitation  to Activate Earth’s First Chakra at Mt. Shasta and Humanity with the Christ Consciousness Ray of Courage 

Sep 5,2020:

Earth Heals as Her Humans’ Heal Anger, Rigidity, and Tension.
The Masters of Love and the Dolphins and Whales Invite You to Help by Expressing Your Truth With Grace and Compassion.

November 8, 2021
A Love Letter from the Ascended Masters and the Humpback Whales

December9, 2021
Love Creates Sensitivity to the Truth

Christmas Blessing 2021

Listen to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth 1-12-22

Blessings to Ukraine 3-20-22

Raising the Vibration of Ukraine's Military 4-1-2022

Communion With Mother Earth 8-27-2022

Lifting the Compassion Planet's Life Force 9-25-22

Life in the Fast Lane and What That's Done for Humanity's Health and Wellbeing

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Staying Heart Centered in the Midst of Terrorism


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