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Greetings and Many Blessings to All of You,

I just received this message from the Archangels on coherence which I encourage you to read before reading or rereading the 4/6/2020 messages below from me and the humpback whale Helios.

Helios gifts you with a healing activation that's indeed meant to help you become balanced and coherent during this time of crisis. My intention is that these messages from these great friends of humanity are supportive and healing to you during this extraordinary time on our planet. 

I encourage you to share  what you experience as you tune into the Archangels' and Helios' loving support in the comment box below.


Kathryn Jensen


April 22, 2020

Coherent Hearts Make a Very Big Difference

From the Archangel Realm

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Everybody serves with reverence here in our Archangel realm. Our hearts make sojourns into your hearts at this time of crisis. We feel your hearts’ difficulties with your troublesome complications impacting all facets of your daily existence. Those of you who give to others, in the form of service, very often feel what we feel.

The crown chakras of mentally sound individuals are becoming receptacles for concepts that will assist those with the power to make inroads in taking care of eradicating the virus. Assistance is given as these people formulate coherent action plans. We, the Archangels, are very devoted to interfacing with these people, who do their jobs with startling focus and determination.

Our guardians, who live within the place you call heaven, listen to your prayers, like we do. However, our guardians steer the Archangels into the pockets of Universal Mind, where solutions may be available to certain people who live within your human population. These are the people with the wherewithal to serve your institutions with viable solutions.

The care these brilliant people give to detail and the conscious intent to do no harm is very clearly impacting the service oriented government officials.  Such leaders deeply comprehend the desperate need for coherent solutions.

So how can you contribute to the matrix of coherence? Take care of your survival terrors by divinating those terrors with love from your higher self, your higher mind, your guides, your angels and your God.

You may have many skills that assist you in leveling those terrors and replacing them with communion with the God within. This facet of the Divine never falters in serving you and those you love with the energy and resolve to get up every morning and gift yourself and others with love and practical assistance. This is the care needed by so many, so they have the life force to clear dysfunction from their internal and external thoughts, feelings and actions.

Be kind to others as you would have others be kind to you.

-Yours in Service from the Archangels who love you all and revere the compassionate service you give to those you love and those you don’t love -


April 6, 2020

Aloha Friends,

Love is the only answer at this juncture in human history. I certainly send you all of my love. I do hope you’re taking care of yourselves comfortably at home. If you’ve contracted the virus or loved ones have, may the following message and activation from the whales will boost your spirits and your immunity. 

Illustration from Splash! by Kathryn B Jensen

A Child Bathing Her Garden in the Red Ray of Love Light

If you have conscious kids at home and you’re home schooling please check out my book Splash! and its companion workbook Love Light. You can purchase the kindle edition of Splash! for a few bucks. You can download Love Light from this website's Splash page.

Experiment with red ray gardens, color healing, and healing with the rays of love light that support kids of all age -yes even mature adults like most of you - with the challenges of daily life.


I’m here in Hawaii on lockdown. I’m fortunate and grateful as I enjoy my beautiful land and neighborhood. I live on the Big Island in on an acre of land surrounded by coffee farms. The air smells like gardenias …yes we have spring here too. The avocado trees are blooming as is our massive lychee tree. Our jacaranda tree, with its resplendent lavender flowers, is sooo breathtaking. The skies are crystal clear and blue…no volcanic emissions. We’ve had an unusually cool, rainy winter so all is lush and green.

Our wild chickens are laying abundant eggs with bright orange yolks that are so nutrient dense. Our ulu tree, also known as breadfruit,  is producing as are our citrus trees - a winter crop - still providing us with grapefruit, tangerines and oranges. So we’re well supported by the gifts from our land as we avoid trips to the local grocery store.

However, in spite of the fact that our governor is all for surfers surfing and swimmers swimming, most ocean access is off limits right now. The police say we can enter parks and other areas that are closed, for the purpose of entering the ocean to swim or surf. We can't linger or socialize and of course social distancing is a must.  

However the locals won't allow us to enter the water....ancient wounds are being activated....possibly bitter memories of white people bringing killer diseases like measles here that decimated the native population. 

We did, however, swim off a boat ramp in town the other day and met a group of manta rays who live at the mouth of the harbor. What graceful beauties they are! 

So those of us who are accustomed to the uplifting experience of swimming in our beautiful Pacific waters, as we bond with life on the reef and enjoy occasional encounters with our local spinner dolphins, are missing our ocean!

instead we're walking in our rural neighborhoods, working on our land and honoring appropriate social distancing.

Many of us are deepening spiritually as we fill our time with activities like gazing with Braco, meditating with Mother Mira, or joining world wide meditations meant to support humanity in coping with this virus. 

I live in a very social community. Classes are meeting via zoom and we’re keeping in touch through media and telephone. A friend had a birthday party with only herself and her husband in attendance. My friend baked her a gourmet cake and delivered it. All involved in that transaction wore masks and gloves…sigh…so weird and yes humorous…gotta laugh…

Blessings to you all,


Kathryn Jensen


The humpback whale Helios, who visits our local waters in the winter time, offers you the following inspiring support - a heart felt message and a healing activation:


Hearts Expand As the Virus Spreads

by a Humpback Whale Named Helios

received and translated by Kathryn B Jensen

Earth’s humpback whales have expanded to lift the heart centers of paradigm shifters into the Golden Ground’s realm of super-consciousness. You have to be a paradigm shifter if you're reading this message. You’ve deeply sensed, if you’ve been paying attention, to the Golden Ground’s spellbindingly complex challenges with this corona virus, that life may never be the same for people who co-create service on behalf of humanity.

You are the paradigm shifters who co-create loving consciousness raising tools for people to absorb, if and when they are ready to love themselves enough to care for themselves, as this virus potentially saturates the entire surface of our Earth Mother.

The Grace you are emanating from your core has been enhanced by the humpback whales. The love you have for your fellow man has been amplified by the complicated source of support you receive from me and my humpback family.

Our lives have never been a typical topic of conversation within the community of people who we call life force workers. However, you are finding out that humpback whales and other species of cetaceans, have, for as long as the Golden Ground ( Earth) has been in existence, made a very big difference in the quality of the exchange of life force between the Golden Ground and human beings. 

Lulu Gives the Frightened Monk the Ray of Love Light Called Courage

Illustration from Splash! by Kathryn B Jensen

Helios’ Activation

We are intensely focused right now on saturating our Golden Ground with the frequency we consider to be our signature – the frequency called Courage.

·        Journey into the depths your hearts my friends and search for the troubles that counter your capacity for focus on doing what so many of you know how to do. If you are reading this message you received training – perhaps thorough training – in flushing fear out of your system so you can function effectively. I am going to give you encouragement to take advantage of my presence within your body mind spirit, as you read this message. If you’ve read other passages from me or my family members you may recall activations using our frequency called Courage. Do refer to those other activations but also immerse yourself in this activation which is very specifically meant to enhance your life force and give you the courage you need to make a difference in the spread of this virus.

·        Co-create Courage with me. Saturate your field with my indigo blue frequency of Courage. Bring Courage down through your hand into your heart from your ninth chakra ( the soul star  four inches to fourteen feet above your crown)  – and pulse your heart with Courage.

·        Imagine and intend that Courage is saturating every cell of your body and its indigo blue color is enveloping your body.

·        Imagine a time in your life when you were filled with Courage. Place the image of that time four feet in front of your heart center.

Send a flow of the indigo blue ray of Courage to that image and watch it transform. You might see an image of yourself becoming even more courageous.


·        Again hold your hand on your heart as you hold that image in your mind. Invite the light lavender ray of Life Force to flow from your ninth chakra through your hand into your heart. As you did, with Courage, saturate your heart with Life Force. Pulse yourself with the light lavender ray

·        From your heart, imagine and intend that you are sending that courageous image your created of yourself the  light lavender ray of Life Force.  Saturate that image with the ray . Notice how that image transforms.

·        Draw or paint the image of this transformation. Write about your observations in your journal.


·        Now my friends serve others with these two frequencies of Christ Consciousness.

·        From your heart send individuals or groups the indigo blue ray of Courage. Saturate their fields with Courage.

·        Next of course fortify them with life force. Send Life Force from your heart to the fields of those you are supporting in becoming more Courageous and more fortified With Life Force.


I am speaking to you from my Alaskan home. I spent the months of January, February and part of March in the waters surrounding the Big Island of Hawaii. I spent time with Kathryn and others like her, who love and revere us as their partners in loving the human race. They would send us their heart felt gratitude as they meditated and contemplated on us from shore. They also loved us as they swam in our waters or viewed us from their boats.

 However, I deeply desire to expand my impact to more and more people who consciously recognize the role I and my family members play in uplifting the fields of humanity.

So please talk to your friends. Tell them about me and my family. Involve them in your paradigm shifting life force work that now can include activating people with Courage and Life Force.

Thank you for serving us as we serve you.

 Yours in Service,


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