by Kathryn B Jensen

A Book of Dolphin Inspired, Gentle Wisdom for Spiritually Aware Children of All Ages
Updated Second Edition 
Includes Delightful Watercolor Illustrations and Dolphin Photos


In the ancient land of Lemuria, dolphins, humans and mer-people learned to give one another love-light. Two Lemurian children, Lulu and Mono, became the best love-light instructors in Lemuria. Lulu loved to give speeches to adults. Mono enjoyed teaching children to live successful, happy lives. Next Lulu and Mono lived in the technologically advanced land of Atlantis.They had troubles with school but became highly respected for their creation of The Mystery School by the Sea. At the age of eighteen, Lulu and Mono abruptly left Atlantis because their lives were threatened. They spent years having extraordinary experiences and adventures in Tahiti, Peru, Tibet, India and Hawaii, where they taught people from many different cultures about love. An enormous explosion destroyed Atlantis. Lulu and Mono tended to the survivors and took charge of the re-creation of Atlantean society. They did so with the help of six gifted children. 

     © Dolphin Quill- Kathryn B Jensen 2019

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Read Questions and Answers about Splash! This page provides extensive suggestions for adults who desire to use Splash! as a catalyst for teaching chidren in-depth lessons on spirituality and metaphysics.

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Love Light 2019

A Note From
Kathryn Jensen

When I first published Splash! I did so knowing that this was a book with a life of its' own. I sold the book to people of all ages and gradually received fascinating feedback.

I've found this book truly communicates to the hearts and souls not only young children, but teenagers and conscious adults yearning for spiritual concepts that make sense in this world of bewildering complications.  The feedback below represents the perspectives of a few enthusiastic readers.


Hans Brockhuis, Holland

Author of ‘The adventure of Life’


 This, my friend, is a remarkable book. Not only because it is written from the viewpoint of our friends, the dolphins, but also because of its style. Kathryn Jensen has the ability to explain in a few words what it’s all about and that, I can tell you, is not easy to accomplish. I know from my own experience as a writer how important it is to catch the moment, to recreate in words what it is that is forming itself in the treasury of circumstances, events and dialogues, appearing somewhere within the author. The great advantage of a writer is that he or she is proficient to create their own life, their own world - or ocean for that matter - and thus can tell a story. In this case the story of Dolphin Bo and his friends.

I heartily recommend this book for children of all ages as well as for those who love cetaceans. The lesson that is to be learned here is that love would be the only answer. And that is the message the dolphins want to express, for you – child of any age - to savor, to store in your awareness and to relate to as many people who are willing to hear and comprehend. Therefore I advise you to read this book. As for me, I can tell you it has overwhelmed me; it has been difficult for me to put aside, only to be picked up again as soon as possible.



 Jesse first read Splash! as a middle school student. He’s very clearly one of the extraordinary children Splash! is written for.

 Hey Kathy

 The one message from Splash! that stuck out to me was the message of love.  The dolphins throughout the whole book really were just trying to spread the message of how we need to help and love each other.  Their journey was actually one that helped me get through high school.  I found the book very interesting and a great read. I plan on sharing the message and the book with some of my friends and my sister when when she turns 12.

 I thank you for providing my grandmother with the tool I needed to get through school.

 ...I had a reading and was told that I was an incarnated angel...email me if you have any advice about writing a book about my life as a young teenager going through life knowing that he’s an incarnated angel. 


 T from Hungary 

 “I went through Splash! It is brilliant! I would love to teach this to children and also adults. I would love to teach the Seven Rules for Living and how to use the rays. I already made an extract in Hungarian, and I have lots of new ideas about how to teach it. Last night I dreamed with Bim and friends.... was very nice.” (Bim is angel in Splash!)


 TT from New York City 

 TT used Splash! as inspiration for a dance production involving her sixth grade students.  She found my website after mysteriously finding a rubber blue dolphin on the grass.  She knew this was a message from spirit and researched Blue Dolphin,hence finding this website.

 Hi Kathy,

 Thanks again for allowing me to use your book to inspire my students to live better lives.  I had to adapt it to the public school mentality due to the "church and state" politics.  The message is still clear to remember the rainbow inside us to heal our world.  I also used dance as a medium for restoring joy and rhythm on our planet to help us feel happy.  Just like dolphins leaping for joy in their oceanic environment we as humans can leap for joy and celebrate our lives too on land, sea and air to restore peace on our planet.


 Pamela Weng, pianist and composer, Colorado

I recommend Kathryn’s book “Splash” … even though she says it is for children, it speaks to the child in all of us.

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Kathryn B Jensen 

The story is enhanced with delightful full color illustrations and dolphin photos!

Kindle Edition $4.99
Paperback $22.99 

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Kathryn B Jensen 

The story is enhanced with delightful full color illustrations and dolphin photos !

Kindle Edition $4.99
Paperback $22.99 
This paperback edition is printed on high quality paper which enhances  the color illustrations

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