Living a Compassionate Life February 2017
Inspiring Messages from Dolphins, Whales
and Other Great Friends of Humanity

Savina, a Hawaii Spinner Dolphin, Speaks on  Golden Dolphins
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen
February 15, 2017

This morning I encountered two very complicated merpeople. They are ancient friends of mine whom I knew when the Big Island of Hawaii which was the epi-center for Lemuria’s community of energy workers. These beings were 5th dimensional and cultivated a very deep bond with the dolphins and the merpeople, who tended to human beings. Humans arrived as tentative visitors from a planet that was totally destroyed by violent extraterrestrial groups.

One of these dynamic merpeople, named Dianna, saw me swimming next to Kathryn who has needed to link to me for the purpose of clearing fear from her body-mind-spirit. I was in my 5th dimensional body with golden light emanating from my field.

Kathryn resonates very deeply with me and my spinner dolphin family.  However, she doesn’t feel she does justice to spreading the messages from my spinner family and other species of cetaceans. I intend to restore her faith in her capacity to share our communications with a far broader audience.

Dianna is also a transmission translator but she uses the medium of photography to share the intricate delicacy of my ocean’s coral reefs. Her consciousness of being deeply respectful of our oceanic environment, has magnified the interest of local Hawaiians and others who view her posts on Facebook and listen to her stories of the complex web of life in the local reef.

I caretake my people with healing abilities, who once tended to Lemuria’s difficult population of human beings. These people were damaged and suffered with the affliction you now call PTSD.

Some of these healers live on my Big Island but most live in other locations. Many of you reading this blog post are golden ones who performed the job of caretaking the first humans who lived in Lemuria. You were merpeople, dolphins, whales and 5th dimensional beings who provided the caretaking of these beleaguered souls. Some of you merged with various identities as you lived your Lemurian existences.

I’m familiar with many of you reading my transmissions. You may be employed in very ordinary jobs with no obvious involvement with the healing arts, but your very presence in your workplaces and your communities, impacts the vibration of other human beings. Many of you speak little about your consciousness because you feel your complex knowledge doesn’t resonate with the belief systems of those you encounter in your daily lives. You don’t want to interfere with others’ free will, which gives them permission to deepen into lack of integrity with their own heart minds’ of God vs. lifting their vibrations into the 5th dimension.

Those of you reading this blog post are never separated from your friends and allies - the Cetacean Nation of Earth. Quite a number of you have experienced the supernatural presence of cetaceans in your meditations, your dream time and energy healing that you’ve received or facilitated. Those who live on my Big Island or visit and swim in my waters may encounter me and my family members, when you’re quietly enjoying your immersion in the ocean.

This morning Kathryn and Dianna were hoping for direct physical contact with some of my family members, who were swimming in the local bay. The conditions were tumultuous so the dolphins avoided their usual safe place. They swam out of reach of people who yearned to encounter them.

I made my presence known to Dianna and Kathryn, who both needed a boost in life force. Dianna’s been dealing with the physical complications of arthritis and Kathryn’s been dealing with discouragement about her ability to publicize my messages and the messages of my fellow residents of the Ashram of the Sea.

My intention of having this transmission published is to lift your life force as I lifted Kathryn’s and Dianna’s life force. The Golden Dolphins of Earth want to collaborate with as many life force workers as we can. I ask that we assist one another in guiding people to the truth about the Golden Dolphins who live here on Earth to caretake not only their own Cetacean Nation but all humans everywhere.

Golden Dolphins are the harbingers of change. They are the avatar dolphins who co-create love based instruction with the Ascended Masters and Archangels, who are also of service to humanity. We are now very deliberately stepping up our presence within life force workers’ hearts.

We are asking you to lift the vibration of others very deliberately. Be conscious of the role you have been asked to play and that you’ve agreed to play. That’s right. You came here to co-create lifting the veil of darkness that’s corrupted human comprehension of the truth about the Golden Ground (earth) and her humans.

The collective unconscious of dolphins, whales and human beings has been contaminated by the disturbances that interfere with human perception and cetacean perception. Yes, even some of my cetaceans have forgotten their tremendously powerful conscious awareness of their role in human evolution and the evolution of Gaia herself.

I ask that you cultivate a deeper bond with me and other Golden Dolphins by leading yourself through the following activation with the forest green Christ Consciousness ray of Blessing, that’s represented by the Mandelbrot set.

·         Hold your hand on your heart.

·          Invite the forest green ray of Christ Consciousness ray of Blessing to flow from your ninth chakra which is also known as your soul star. The chakra is many inches above your crown. Invite the ray to flow from the ninth chakra, through your hand into your heart. The Forest Green Ray of Blessing is represented by the Mandelbrot set. Focus on the symbol. Notice the symbol’s vibration.

·         Breathe deeply.  Go within and notice how profoundly the frequency of Blessing affects your energy bodies and your physical body.

·         Create an image of a golden dolphin. Your images will vary and that’s perfectly fine.

·         Intend and imagine that you are placing an image of a Golden Dolphin two feet in front of your heart.

·         From your heart, send the golden dolphin the forest green ray of Blessing.

·         Notice how Blessing transforms your physical and emotional bodies. Notice how your senses are amplified. Notice especially the images that your imagination presents to you. Notice what happens to the image of the Golden Dolphin.

·         Blessing is a frequency that assists you in speaking your truth. The ray helps you make great progress in lifting your vibration so you can tell the truth with more vibrancy. The ray improves the vibration of others so they can more easily absorb the truth, when they listen to those who speak from their hearts about controversial matters.

Please share your impressions of your experience with Blessing in the comment section on the right. Speak your truth even if it’s filled with anger, fear or frustration.

I intend to amplify my efforts to connect with all of you. It’s time for Earth to transform the collective unconscious of all sentient beings. Gaia is lifting her vibration into the fifth dimension and you and my cetaceans are graced with the responsibility of helping our Earth Mother loosen her sentient ones’ bond with the veil of darkness. It’s time for the shift of the ages. It’s taking place. I am with you and you are with me as we transform darkness into light.

Yours in Service,

Kathryn Jensen 2017

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