2019 New Years Message From Jesus

 by Ascended Master Jesus 

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Healing your heart and loving yourself out of fear is the theme for participants in the Earth experiment in 2019. Your Earth Mother asks for support in lifting her vibration. Her most impactful assistants are people like you who compliment her drive to evolve into the harmonic of Grace.

The Golden Ground (Earth) has tempered her struggles for survival by receiving love from people who love themselves enough to lighten their burdens of heart break from their past. Their physical communion with the Earth Mother soothes thoughts, feelings and emotions as they titrate themselves with frequencies from their own heart-minds.

Your heart-minds, beloveds, are your brilliantly sensitive hearts and minds that merge. This heart-mind union prompts you with your impulse to speak your truth. Your truth telling strums a chord of healing energy that impacts those who are able to absorb the truth. Your truthfulness is beginning to show up as a force of change in all of the Earth Mother’s institutions. These organizations have been deeply infused with  destructive agendas from those who know nothing about the heart-mind connection.

Beloveds, know that you are loved and supported by the Ascended Masters. We exist as former residents of Earth, who love and support you in your evolution. We regard you as our equals. We revere you for your intent to serve your fellow man with a depth of communion with the truth that’s unprecedented.

We are not to be worshiped or revered as beings whose spiritual attainment can never be equaled by those of you who love your Earth so much, that you choose to remain in her domain to serve.

So many of you reading this passage are spiritual adepts who hold yourselves, with great dignity, in positions of leadership that counter the dark ones, with their corrupt posturing for power. So Beloveds, we hold you in our matrix of love, as you bravely pursue re-creating your Earth as an oasis for holding the vibration of compassion.

Love is the only answer.

Yours in service,
Lord Jesus Christ

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