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A Love Letter from Ascended Masters and the Humpback Whales

A Love Letter from Ascended Masters and the Humpback Whales

Received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Gracing the human race are individuals who care for their fellow people, with deep knowledge of what it takes to survive. These people care for others with such love and compassion! They strongly resemble those who reside in my home where I’m immersed in the  refined, divine consciousness of those you refer to as Ascended Masters.

I research these individuals and I can’t state more clearly how differently they vibrate than average members of the human race. Those of you who read this blog are, for the most part, divine conduits for life force that amplifies the entire grid of your bountiful Earth Mother. You make a very big difference in Gaia’s ability to process darkness. Your hearts hold a more sustaining frequency of the God Head than others and your communications reflect this phenomenon.

I don’t know of any other group of people living elsewhere in our Milky Way Galaxy, who merge with others like you do. You’ve been given very complex mastery of doing the bidding of the God Presence that exists within every human heart.

This mastery comes from internal promptings from the guides, who speak only the language of the God you may also call Prime Creator, Source, the Heavenly Father, the Divine Mother or God-Goddess-All That Is.

Many of you come from realms, like my sphere of influence, where communication from the heart holds the only viable vibration. People like you are guests on Earth. You are tremendously out of sync with the dynamics of conflict, greed, destruction of the environment, cruelty to animals and other dark practices that degrade the quality of life on Earth.

 I want you to help yourself to all that you deserve as guests on this extraordinarily complex planet. You deserve respect. You deserve support for your service and you certainly deserve appreciation from my comrades, who help you hold yourself very close to your own heart song. You are supported when you deal with dark struggles of depression, concerning lost ones who can’t figure out how to love themselves and others.

My humpback whale friend Blega and I created this activation for you . Facilitate this activation for yourself whenever you don’t feel welcome, as the distinguished visitors you happen to be. We don’t mean to imply that all of your fellow humans don’t deserve the same privileges you do. But we observe that many just don’t respond to the same type of loving assistance that you do. They are also given guidance but it’s what they resonate with and it’s what their hearts desire.

The Symbol for Grace

The Activation

Received from Blega, a Humpback Whale and Ascended Masters Who Support and Love You

·        Ground yourself by standing on the surface of your Earth Mother with bare feet. If it’s too cold outside stand on your floor. Intend that you are saturating yourself with your Earth Mother’s grounding, loving, comprehensively heart centered field of Grace. Grace is a vibrant, metallic gold color. You hold that golden frequency within your body-mind-spirit. Hold your hand on your heart and invite Grace to flow through your hand into your heart.  Invite Grace to flow through your hand from your 9th chakra, which can be anywhere from 14 inches to many feet above your crown.

·        Fill up every crevice of your physical body with Grace. If you experience discomfort anywhere, hold your hand on that area and pulse your body with grace. Delight in the dissolution of discomfort. 

·        Now permeate your emotional body with Grace. If you feel depression, sadness or any other kind of emotional depletion, tune into that depletion and do your best to detect where you hold that emotional weariness within your physical form. Hold your hand on that area and pulse it with Grace. Notice how much better you feel emotionally. I’m guessing you feel a lifting of depression, sadness or dullness of any kind.

·        Now allow my fellow humpback whales to surround your entire matrix and pulse you with very gentle Grace filled healing. Yes, we weigh many tons but we do what we do when we heal people with a very soft touch.

·        Invite four of us to surround you. I will give you our names. I am Blega. My friends Helios, Dharma and Soma are helping me give you love, support and all the healing frequencies you can possibly absorb.

·        We do so of course with the Ascended Masters, who revere you more than you can possibly imagine.


 Blega and his humpback friends, the Ascended Masters and your Earth Mother who treasures your contribution to her ascension.

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