An Invitation to Serve Earth and Become a Catalyst for Positive Environmental Action

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  • An Invitation to Serve Earth and Become a Catalyst for Positive Environmental Action

            By Lord Jesus Christ

  • A Hawaii Spinner Dolphin Savina’s Activation

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen


Jesus’ Message


I give you my promise that loving your Earth Mother has never been more important. As you know from my previous post: See Table of Contents:  Mother Earth is Recruiting Lightworkers to Co-Create the New Earth ( most, if not all the tumultuousness here on Earth is because the Gaia force is shifting frequencies in the far more refined vibration of 4th and 5th densities.

Earth’s people are shaken to the core by the extremism expressed by opposing political parties. The polarity is a symptom of the human psyche being stretched to its limit as more and more people experience the challenges of re-living troubling times from the past. Trauma is stored within the matrix of the human as well as the physiology. As Earth releases her memories of trauma her humans do the same.

So Beloveds will you help the Gaia Force, yourselves and others merge with these dark paradigms from the past and relinquish them?

The Masters of Love which is my preferred name for Ascended Masters are deeply, deeply, deeply spurring you on with this release process. This blog post and future ones are really very simple. This post and the others, with great intention, direct your full attention to specific trouble spots within your human communities. We give you very brief yet powerful activations to do on behalf of these problematic pockets of humanity.

The first groups I would like you to focus on are the polarized political groups. You are from various places on the planet. Focus on what’s happening in your region or focus on the United States.

It appears that the United States is a very influential country that makes huge shifts that catapult the entire Earth Mother into change. Right now, for example, the course of action, coming from the Democratic President Biden, is throwing the fossil fuel industry into such a tail spin that there’s a world- wide economic impact.

We, the Masters of Love, have a specific agency that’s supporting the President of the United States in this endeavor. Of course we support all governments everywhere that support this effort but the efforts of the United States impact the entire Earth.

Help us love this environmental movement and its primary catalyzers, which include government organizations and other environmental groups that support beneficial environmental policies.

I’m not going to list specific agencies or organizations that support this very critical environmental movement. Choose people or organizations in your region that support this movement. If there are none support U.S. agencies etc. that support the so called Green Revolution.

I’ve invited my favorite dolphin, Savina to put you into her matrix and provide you with this suggested activation.

 Know that I love you and support you

Yours in Service

Lord Jesus Christ


Hawaii Spinner Dolphin Savina’s Activation

I, Savina,  introduced myself in my previous post. Please read it over so you can get to know me with more depth.

Read Savina's previous messages and activations. See the Table of Contents:  Mother Earth is Recruiting Lightworkers to Co-Create the New Earth (


·        Choose one or a few organizations that you support in preserving Earth’s environmental integrity or improving the condition of places that have drooped with the burden of environmental desecration.

·        Create a symbol for this organization or group of organizations. It’s best to draw or imagine an image.

I of course, as I join you in this activation, create an image of my coast of the Big Island of Hawaii being free from the impact of contaminants from human waste, fertilizers, toxic sunscreens and other destructive substances that desecrate my coastal areas. I am going to focus on politicians and environmental groups that wield influence in this movement to clean up our coastline.

 I already bathe these positive activists in my frequency of Christ Consciousness called Polarity.

Polarity is a deep aqua blue frequency that helps people lighten their burdens of fear, that prevent them from taking positive steps to reign in the new paradigm of a pristine, deeply cared for Earth Mother.

This activation is about the environment but you can certainly generalize this activation and use it to benefit any polarized group of influencers

The Symbol for Polarity


·        Place a hand on your heart. Pull the deep aqua blue ray of Polarity from your ninth chakra or your soul star (This chakra is 14 inches to many feet above your crown. It depends on how far you’ve come in your own evolution.) Imagine and intend that this flow of deep aqua blue love light is flowing from your Soul Star down through your hand into your heart.

·        Intend that this aqua blue love light is pulsing every cell of your body. Pause for a few moments and absorb this frequency. Notice what takes place within your body-mind-spirit. Perhaps keep a journal of your responses to these activations and the impact these rays of Christ Consciousness have on you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

·        Place the symbol you created two feet in front of your heart center. Perhaps close your eyes and imagine the symbol is two feet in front of your heart.

·        From your heart send that image the deep aqua blue ray of polarity. Notice what takes place with your symbol. It may morph into a very different image.

·        Take as much time as you feel comfortable taking . Perhaps record your experience in your journal.

·        Keep track of the progress of your chosen organization or group. I will be loving you through every step of your activation. You may meet me in your dream time or your meditation.

Yours in Service, Savina

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