Living a Compassionate Life 8-27-2022
*Communion With Mother Earth 
by Ascended Master, Buddha Maitreya 
*An Activation on Courage
by a Humpback Whale Named Blega

received and translated by
Kathryn Jensen

Communion With Mother Earth

by Ascended Master, Buddha Maitreya

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

There is a tremendously complex commitment being made by various life force workers to help Mother Earth lighten her karmic load. This may create a startle effect in some of you. How can Mother Earth accrue karma? You may not merge with this consciousness right away because it’s such an obscure concept.

(kJThe masters of love prefer the term life force workers vs. light workers.)

Earth you see, beloved friends, holds the karmic load you all carry. She merges with this karma and transmutes this karma on behalf of all of you. The transmutation process can result in cataclysm. The troublesome burdens you have carried are stored within Mother Earth’s chakras. When she purges the karmic load she holds in her chakras, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unsettling weather patterns, wildfires and yes, even cataclysmic pandemics can result.

I caution you, beloved friends, to read and reread what I have to say on this matter. It’s time dear ones to pool your resources and bear your responsibility for the difficult struggles you currently observe erupting around you, no matter where you live on your gravely compromised Earth Mother. There’s to be no finger pointing neither is this about casting stones at one’s own behaviors. It’s just what is.

It is what is because Earth is revealing her true nature. She’s been steeped in human dysfunction for millennia and now she’s ready for a fresh approach to co-existing with her human population. Her complex requirements for those who chose to remain are as follows:

 To live here, you must trust in the process of defying all odds and listening to your Earth Mother’s requests. She has sanctioned me to give you a partial list of her requests.


a. Take only what you need.

b. Care for her environment as you care for your beloved friends and family.

c. Co-create answers to environmental problems with your scientists. There is a concentration of solutions to all of your environmental dilemmas filtering through brilliant, concerned scientists all over the world.

d. Take bold steps to reveal to your fellow man what your scientists have been discovering.

2. Develop tolerance for all love based spiritual paths. Know that all paths are fraught with distortions. Find a way to cull those distortions from Earth’s numerous love-based traditions. Some of you are very adept at pinpointing what truth is and what distortion is. Whatever path you’ve been indoctrinated to, treasure your path, and ask for your guides and angels to help you look beneath the surface and put those distortions into bold faced print, for those who accompany you on your path to read and absorb.

3. Love yourself out of fear. That means take care of those fear-based patterns you’ve accrued over lifetimes and relinquish those fears. There’s a multitude of wonderful methods for doing so.

4. Cultivate the ability to discern the truth vs. what’s not truth. That’s a skill long overdue to life force workers all over the planet, who give themselves over fanciful beliefs that only line the pockets of the purveyors of these flawed theories. It’s time to stop it beloved friends. Stop getting into quagmires of dark, hostile group frequencies infused with delusional, fanciful, destructive actions.

That’s all I’ll list right now beloved friends. I realize I’m coming across as forceful but just know that I’ve cultivated very intricate consciousness of what you are all made of. Those of you reading this blog are capable of following your Earth Mother’s requirements for continuing to incarnate on Earth.

Others do not have what it takes. Those people will incarnate elsewhere, on planets where they will be nurtured and assisted in reaching the point where they can re-enter Earth’s matrix and meet the requirements of the Gaia Force, if that’s what they chose to do.

Become committed, beloved friends, to starting a new kind of network between yourself and other life force workers. Depend on one another to research the truth through reading viable research. Find out what accurate research happens to be. There are very stringent requirements, for example, for research in the field of medicine. Find out what those stringent requirements are. Share this info with one another.

(kj-check out a gentleman named Dr. John Cambell on youtube who presents superb examples of thorough, viable research on covid 19. He's a medical researcher and health educator as well as an emergency room nurse)

I, Buddha Maitreya, do masterful research on what life force workers on Planet Earth are doing with their lives. I have very stringent standards as I compile statistics on facets of lifeforce workers lives.

I have found, for example, after observing a few million life force workers, that only 50% of you make the effort it takes to research the truth of what’s really going on with your elected officials. Many of you suffer from distortions in your beliefs about your country’s politics. 50% of you are swayed by influencers who thrive on creating dramatic stories about what politicians have said or done, to attract followers who purchase products they sell to their fans.

I, and my team of researchers, carefully evaluate how you live your lives so we may better support you as you serve your planet and other people. The next series of blog posts will highlight what we have accrued as knowledge about all of you. We will use this blog as a vehicle for sharing our consciousness with you.

The dolphins and whales also hold you very close to their hearts. They deeply crave partnership with you re-creating Earth’s matrix. Every post will include an activation from a dolphin or whale of very high stature.


I now re-introduce you to Blega, a humpback whale, who will once more infuse you with the Christ Consciousness ray of Courage. The humpback whales pulse the Earth grid’s first chakra with Courage. 

You are sensitive to the Courage it takes to speak your truth, to those who disagree with your perspective. The stress this causes can be destructive to mental health. Bolster your self-confidence and your courage, before you express your truth, by making sure what you perceive as your truth is backed by viable research, of the quality that Buddha Maitreya discussed with you.

I am merging with you right now to help you become more courageous. Throughout the various publications you’ve received from Kathryn Jensen, I’ve activated you with my frequency of Courage. I fill up with deep knowing that you need another level of infusion with Courage right now.


• Breathe deeply. Imagine and intend my indigo blue frequency of Courage is flowing from your ninth chakra, otherwise known as the Soul Star, through your crown, into your brow chakra, your throat chakra and ultimately into your heart. (The ninth chakra varies in its placement above the human body. The ninth chakra can be 14 inches to 9 feet above the crown chakra.)

• Place your hand on your heart. Imagine and intend that the indigo blue frequency of Courage is penetrating the hand you hold on your heart. Pulse your heart and your entire body-mind-spirit with Courage. Know that your Courage infused hand has the power to pulse your entire being with Courage.

• Breathe deeply once more. How does it feel to be infused with Courage? Think about something you want fellow life force workers or community members etc. to know about a certain controversial topic. Make this a topic that can elicit hostility and anger from those who disagree with your perspective.

• Create a visual image of this controversial topic.

• With your mind’s eye place this image two feet in front of your heart.

• Remember your heart is now infused with Courage. Send this image the beautiful stream of indigo blue Courage from your heart.

• Notice what transpires with this image. My prediction is that this image will become lighter and more inviting.

Keep practicing this activation and do it deliberately before attending a social event where you may encounter people whose beliefs are counter to yours.

Yours in service,

Blega and Buddha Maitreya

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