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December 2022

Holiday Love Letters From Jesus and Other Masters of Love

Christmas Bird

Happy Holidays from

Kathryn Jensen

As many of you know I live most of the time on the Big Island of Hawaii. In late November Mauna Loa erupted for the first time in decades. The volcano is the largest active volcano on Earth.  So here we are presented with the creation of The New Earth and we feel the very immense vibrational shifts that occur when eruptions take place.

As residents of this extraordinary island, those who don’t have the skills or the intention to look beneath the surface, face their fears and do the healing required to relinquish their fears can suffer. They sometimes act out.

Some find it so challenging to live here, that they move to other places on Earth where change is less intense.

Life force workers (aka light workers), who know about self-care and healing fear thrive here. Because of this, healing sanctuaries are abundant, as are amazing individuals who know what it means to  enter the paradigm of the New Earth.

I bring this up because I deeply recognize how profoundly complex it is to enter the paradigm of the New Earth. I, perhaps, live in a location where Gaia and her humans are leading the way!

So take a deep dive into Jesus’ wonderful Christmas Love Letter to you all as well as messages from other Masters of Love. They support you in entering and co-creating the concept of the New Earth.

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Blessings to you!

Kathryn Jensen


A Holiday Love Letter from Jesus

Received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Hearts have a way of living, loving, caring for others, soothing ruffled feathers and stabilizing self and others.  As you do know beloveds the past year has been a difficult one for heart awakened ones like all of you.  You’ve been through struggles with the covid 19 virus, climate change, political upheaval and many of you have been pummeled with negativity from those who hold you in contempt because you don’t share their perspectives. 

Like several of you, I am weary Beloved Friends. I care for you all. I take I take you all into my matrix and no I do not just focus on my Christians. I listen to all perspectives. I consider all points of view.  I deeply recognize the paradigm shifting events that have shaken many of you to the core over the past twelve months and how they’ve demanded immense discernment when it comes to interpenetrating what’s true and what’s not true.

My friend Kathryn, for example, receives directives from me about what the truth is but she’s got to validate the truth by researching a multitude of resources from all political persuasions, all scientific perspectives, and many culturally nuanced points of view.

She often comes to me and says certain truths are very challenging to validate so I send her into other tangents she needs to explore to prove to herself that my perspectives are indeed representative of the truth. I put her through this process constantly and she patiently plods along doing my bidding.  ( Oh my. So true-KJ)

So, beloveds, you know what, there is no easy answer to interpenetrating your news feeds and pressing the right keys to finding all the answers.  Just do your best. Know that those I consult with, like Kathryn, throw up their hands with exasperation as they seek the truth, but we are all entering the same paradigm shifting time in human history which puts challenges in front of us all.

Just know there are those who don’t want paradigm shifts. They want life to revert to their version of “The Good Old Days.”  They crave certainty. They deeply feel the need for safety.  I too crave certainty and safety Beloveds, but I and all other Masters of Love are challenged, like never before, with holding people in the matrix of what the next density level requires of human beings.

Earth’s entering 4th and 5th density and that demands that people become very heart awakened. It demands that they become very tolerant and respectful of other points of view. 

As you’ve learned from other blog posts on this site, there will be those who no longer incarnate on Earth because the Gaia force, as she progresses into higher, more refined frequencies will no longer resonate with these people. They will incarnate, instead, on planets where they can be cared for at their vibrational level.

So, Beloveds that’s enough food for thought for you to process as you celebrate Christmas and enter the new matrix of 2023. 

I love you. I hold you close. I serve you as best I can with my perspective and I support you in navigating what’s required as you serve yourselves and others during this stunningly, complex stage of human evolution.

Your Heart’s Desire

by Jesus

In 2021 I presented you with the blessing below. This is a blessing inviting you to listen to your heart’s desire.  Once again I will lead you through listening to your heart’s desire so you know, Beloveds, what to aspire towards in 2023

As you celebrate winter solstice, Christmas and entry into 2023 tune into your heart’s desire.

·        Next, ask your angels to lead you to merging with your hearts’ desire.

·        Pause and pulse your heart with Heaven’s support, love, and compassion. Place your hand on your heart and feel our love and the love from your guardian angels enter your heart.

·        In your mind’s eye, form a picture of your heart’s desire. Imagine and intend that you are placing the image of your heart’s desire two feet in front of your heart.

·        From your heart, send this image the pure white stream of the Holy Spirit.

·        Hold yourself in that pure white stream of love. Do so for about 15 minutes.

·        Now take another look at that image of your heart’s desire. Our prediction is that you will see a significant lightening and brightening of that image.

Dear ones, this just brings heaven closer to your matrix so you can merge with more hope for a spiritually attuned human race, that starts to resonate with more depth than ever before, with the Grace we all help you attune to.

Be kind to yourselves and one another.

Yours in Service,

Jesus and Other Masters of Love, Who Care for you More Than You Can Imagine


A Holiday Message from Madame Pele, The Hawaii Goddess of the Volcano,
Who is Also an Ascended Master

I deeply speak to you from the bottom of my heart during this 2022 Holiday Season.  The Golden Ground (Earth) literally showed her true colors when the volcano, Mauna Loa, erupted. The vibrational shift on my Big Island stirred all of Planet Earth and shook her out of what I call a state of complacency. 

As Jesus stated in his message, complacency is what some prefer.  There are startlingly complex shifts countering the darkness and extracting darkness the depressed parts of the human psyche.

I observe some people on my Big Island expressing rancor towards their fellow man for absurdly, insignificant, irrational reasons. My island will only intensify destined ascension towards more and more loving, light filled field of frequency Those who aren’t a match and prefer to hold on to their darkness will probably leave.

This is indeed the paradigm of the New Earth.  Please, Beautiful Friends, for your own sake embrace the creation of a New You!

Yours in Service,

Madame Pele


A Holiday Message from Peter
A Master of Love

I give you all my love during this magnificent 2022 Holiday Season.  I am, believe it or not, a psychiatrist. I treat Ascended Masters who suffer from PTSD from their sojourns living on Planet Earth. 

Just because we have the capacity to hold all of God’s Love doesn’t mean we do so. My job is to care for these great Masters of Love who have experienced troubling times, just like you do, my friends.

Earth Changes challenge Gaia’s physical environment and the internal environment within the frequency matrix of the human being. I watch the cause and effect of these Earth Changes and pour consciousness raising, on how to help humans cope, through mental health workers and others who provide loving support for their fellow Earthlings.

Take care of yourselves Dear Ones. Pay attention to prompting from your Angels to release terrors from your past.  My practical advice to you is to ask for help from those with expertise in the Healing Arts and more mainstream psychological services. Of course, offer your prayers to Prime Creator and certainly ask you Angelic Assistants to prompt you with supportive consciousness raising. 

Love To You All



A Holiday Message From Archangel Michael

The loving, heart-centered ones amongst you have been doing your best to process the dark expletives of those who can’t withstand the pressures of Earthly existence.  I also have been doing my best to do so. The difficulties experienced by some are perfectly understandable. Foundations of Human Consciousness are being busted to pieces, and the New Earth is having her way within the hearts, minds and souls of everyone.

So know that your Angelic Supporters are providing assistance.  They are very close to you. Just ask them to support you as you wade through the positive and negative aspects of your existence.

Be kind but also protective of your own matrix. Boundary setting is a critical skill for you to develop if you haven’t already done so. 

Know you matter!

Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year

Archangel Michael

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