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Thanksgiving 2023
Thanksgiving Message and a Prayer from Jesus


This was taken by a friend who lives here locally but I’m not sure which gracious soul I received this from. If this photographer is reading this post I want you to know how grateful I am.


A Thanksgiving Message from Jesus

Happy Thanksgiving Beloveds

I know many of you are not residents of the U.S., but I suggest you join Americans in a day of giving thanks.  I do want you to recognize that despite the tremendous strife you are witnessing on your beautiful planet, there is so much to be grateful for.

From my vantage point here in 5th density, extraordinary projects are being initiated by individuals who are passionate about evolving Earth out of dysfunction in many arenas. I personally, am especially intent when it comes to supporting people who work in green energy.

I supervise an agency here where the participants are Ascended Masters with powerful minds, sophisticated education and experience in the biological sciences. They participate in committees and each committee provides downloads of advanced consciousness to individuals who are capable of receiving, assimilating and taking right action as they apply this consciousness in mega practical ways. We see successful enterprises springing up all over Earth as a result of our efforts.  You don’t hear about these enterprises in your mainstream news because acute crises and political corruption dominate the news. 

I see advances also, in the arenas of medicine, agriculture, education and infrastructure overhaul, which is resulting in safer roads, to use just one example. I see massive improvements in the capacity for people to retrofit themselves with just the right kind of troubleshooting so they can navigate the complexities of raising children, and this is due to advances in the field of neuroscience. I could fill fifteen pages with all my observations of uplifting advances, Beloveds.

Now, however, I want to end this brief greeting with a Prayer of Thanksgiving.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

I am grateful for the abundant support you provide those of us who chose to live here on Earth’s transition to 4th-5th density. It’s a time of crumbling ancient paradigms that no longer serve humanity. The cause and effect can elicit fear, result in the conflict of war or dissolution of basic institutions. For example, ancient spiritual perspectives and rituals are being rejected.

Note to participants- (It’s even resulting in dreadful clashes within formerly peaceful organizations, such as those that support experts in astrophysics.  Some of its brightest and best experts express their findings, as they face ridicule and expulsion from their fields, just to give one of many examples.)

I know, God-Goddess All That Is, that these conditions cause some people to take a deep dive into dark feelings of despair, but I also know the ultimate Earth Mission is evolving beautifully.

I’m grateful for the privilege of witnessing my Earth Mother shed what no longer serves her and her human race.

I send all of my love to those who are crippled with hopelessness. I request that their guides, their angels and all humans who have the consciousness to support them do so. 

We are one.

Thank you for your glorious reminder.


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