Living a Compassionate Life 3-20-2022
Blessings to Ukraine from the Masters of Love, the Angelic Kingdom, Earth’s Cetacean Nation, and the Gaia Force
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen


Archangel Michael Speaks

The comfort and safety of the entire nation of Ukraine has been startlingly compromised by the Russian invasion. As the Archangel who oversees the consciousness of the hearts, minds, and souls of human beings, I deeply know this war is most decidedly not the construct of the Russian people. It’s the idea of one man and his partners in crime. So, we welcome all of you reading this blog to join my company of angels, the Masters of Love, the dolphins and whales and Gaia, our Earth Mother, as we join forces in steeping the Ukrainians and the Russians in the Holy Spirit’s matrix of giving and receiving God Light, heart centered compassion, and deep, light filled healing. The darkness within the consciousness of the aggressors is very deeply held by these people and it’s going to take a crushing blow to their self-esteem to get them to see the error of their ways. The nervous systems of the assailants are progressively wearing down as the world unites in supporting the Ukrainian cause. By assailants, I mean those who are closest to the Russian dictator vs. the Russian soldiers who are not unified in endorsing the concept of war with Ukraine.

Derelict causes, such as this type of war, are symptoms of the ancient means for entering into a position of power. The dharma of those who endorse this violence has totally been strewn asunder. They cannot grasp the true meaning of personal power. This is the age of heart centered living amid crumbling structures, that no longer serve human beings. No one’s dharma guides him or her to acts of cruelty and violence against others.

So dear ones, let me give you some consciousness raising about the dark ones who don’t listen to their own heart-minds. The only truth that co-creates the harmonic of the God Force is the certainty that heart centered co-creation of peace, with fellow humans, is the only true power in the universe.

The dark ones struggle to justify their warring ways. Secretly, not even the dictator himself, fills up with joy at the prospect of the looming threat of nuclear war. He deeply knows that would signal the end of life on Earth as we know it. Blowing up centers of influence with nuclear weapons would contaminate the entire Earth. Nobody would be able to survive the impact of such a holocaust.

So beautiful friends I implore you to join Archangel Michael and other loving ones, who support re-entering the Gaia Force's sacred matrix of service to others vs. service to self. Deploy all your love and all your resolve and hold Ukraine and Russia within the matrix of God. Keep your vigil. Never ever falter in preserving your commitment to peace.

I now re-introduce you to Archangel Solana who works deeply with Earth’s environmental activists.


Archangel Solana Speaks

Solana works closely with Archangel Ariel


I play a complicated role. My dharma is about lifting the frequency of the Christ Consciousness grid that permeates the crust of the Earth. I hold the community of dolphins and whales very close to my heart. I bring them into the co-creative process of steeping the grid in the highly charged Christ Consciousness frequency of life force.

The cetaceans and I re-program the grid to accommodate the strikingly sensitive process of lifting Mother Earth into the vibration of the Golden Ground’s 5th density. Our Earth Mother has been severing her ties with broken paradigms of darkness, that once produced powerful battalions of destroyers. Those destructive ones have a great deal of torment flooding their fields because they aren’t feeling the personal power they once experienced. Consequently, they are acting out, as they destroy countries such as Ukraine. Most Earth’s residents see this dark exploitation as a gross violation of human rights.

It may appear, to those who view this situation,  hopeless and unresolvable. But from the perspective of the Archangel Kingdom, humankind has made a huge progression into the matrix of the Holy Spirit. The brokenness of just a few bleakly miserable power seekers have catalyzed Ukraine’s war. The vast majority of the Russian and Ukrainian people crave peace.

The destroyer force overall is enveloped by only a few and those few hold very dark images within their imaginations of packing their bags and moving to a place that accommodates their crusade of accruing power through violence. If the truth be told, these people will live out the remainder of their lives and they will be removed from Earth forever. They will incarnate on planets that will assist them in striking a balance between light and dark.

Those who incarnate here on Earth, from now on, will be souls who embrace peaceful co-existence. So, I present you with the broader perspective. We know, however, that you must manage the current tragedies and you must participate in helping Ukraine and Russia peacefully end this dark struggle of polar opposites.

I would like to introduce you to my humpback whale friend Blega, who many of you have met through other blog posts and books. Blega will share with you how Earth’s Cetacean Nation co-creates healing on behalf of Earth and her inhabitants. Again, many of you know, cetaceans provide this service, but Blega will give you more information about the role and his fellow cetaceans play with the Archangel Kingdom. We merge to serve you as you climb the golden ladder of ascension.

 Peace be With You

Archangel Solana


Blega Speaks

I cross the Pacific Ocean every year to my winter home off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. The heart-mind of God resonates very strongly with this special place. In part it’s Pele’s volcanic activity in this unique vortex. But there’s more. This Garden of Eden like place merges with the hearts of spiritual adepts who love to care for the Earth Mother. This is the place where Lemurians steeped the Golden Ground with the 20 frequencies of Christ Consciousness that most of you have become familiar with as you’ve read the blog posts on this site or the books Ashram of the Sea and Splash!

Right now, I’m headed back to my home in Alaska where the primary vibration holds the vibration of all 20 frequencies of Christ Consciousness but with far more subtlety. As I travel, I’ve been keeping track of crushingly, heartbreaking war in Ukraine.

I’ve been working very closely with the Archangel Kingdom as we collaborate on catapulting that part of the world into the frequency of “All That Is Love.” We do this by pulsing the grid with a very specific configuration of energy. The energy envelops all 20 rays of Christ Consciousness and it’s infused with the magnificently heart centered love of the Ascended Master Jesus. I, Jesus, and many other cetaceans will help you infuse yourself with this heart awakening, consciousness raising energy. The activation below is extracted from another healing course called The Blue Dolphin Essences. The healing process is slightly modified because it’s part of a series of activations meant to be done sequentially. After you’ve experienced this process, project this beautiful, healing gift to all the Ukrainians and all the Russians. Include the dark ones who harbor such anger and hatred.


The Activation of All That is Love

·        Go inside your heart and explore how you are the essence of pure goodness. Look at goodness as a life force that hands you all you ever asked for. Prepare yourself to receive what goodness has to offer. Realize you are your own source of goodness. Free yourself from structures that give you any other message.

·        Say, I am the essence of pure goodness seven times. Make this statement as you focus on the seven major chakras, one at a time.

·        Begin with the first chakra (the root chakra) and say I am the essence of pure goodness.

·         Do the same with the second chakra etc. Be aware of each chakra area as you say I am the essence of pure goodness. This exercise will change the vibration of each chakra.

·        You are asked to repeat this meditation many times for one month or longer. Repeat this meditation every night. Repeat the meditation itself as many times a day as you wish.  Always focus on the chakra area that holds the darkest feelings. This kind of chakra healing is a loving gift to you. You will know this meditation is complete, because of the light you see and feel in each chakra as you repeat the affirmation. Intend that this is a meditation, worthy of focus, for the rest of your life. All That is Love enters your chakras as you repeat this affirmation. Love Yourself as You Love Another is the only lesson All That is Love has to teach you. Activate yourself for the experience of total love by healing your chakras.

Total love is experienced as the I am as I am holds a higher frequency of love. When you experience total love, you feel the vibration of All That is Love and never feel abandoned by God. Let this lesson be learned gradually. This is a life lesson. Learn it well.


Jesus Speaks on How to Project All That is Love to the
Ukrainians and Russians

Greetings Dear Ones,

This is a potent activation for you to be experiencing. Once you’ve processed your own fears, as you work your way through a series of these activations, concentrate on giving the Ukrainians and the Russians the same kind of purification.

·        Imagine the Ukrainians and Russians as one human being with 7 chakras.

·        Project All That is Love to your image that represents these people.

·        Project All That is Love to the first chakra. Progress to the second and so on until you’ve activated all 7 chakras to this image that represents these beleaguered people.

·        Please have the intention that the dictator and his associates are included in the image that represent these people. They need it the most. Dear Ones, I know this may feel counter intuitive, but these dark ones have nothing but unhealed fear within their chakras and their fields in general.

I love you all. You amaze me. You co-create with all of us in my realm and we give you all our love and all our encouragement as we deepen together in comprehending the lessons on compassion, we’ve all immersed ourselves in, as we’ve endured the heartbreak and the pain we've experienced as we’ve lived on the very challenging Planet Earth.

Go Forth Beloveds.

In Gratitude




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