Living a Compassionate Life 10-30-22
Life in the Fast Lane and What it’s Done For Humanity’s Health and Wellbeing
by Ascended Master Djwal Kuhl, A Dolphin Named Savina, a Sirian Master
Named Bard and Kathryn Jensen


Greetings from Kathryn Jensen

This blog is a platform for the masters of love, who crave merging with light bearers who reside on this complex planet Earth. Unfortunately, dark energies have enveloped some people, who were once key influencers in the New Age-New Thought-Alternative Health community. 

Some, who once presented themselves as excellent, thorough, courageous investigative journalists, who conducted careful, thoughtful research on esoteric topics, the dark side of humanity or alternatives to mainstream medicine, were seduced by the Qanon movement and other right wing extremist ideologies. 

I followed these journalists and researchers for decades absorbing their messages and realizing there was probably some truth to their accounts of alien encounters, their reports of extreme corruption in federal agencies and satanic rituals in groups of powerful elites as well as the Catholic church. These are just a few examples.

At the same time, I was deepening in my connection to the dolphins and whales, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Masters of Love. As I healed trauma from my past, my connection deepened. As my connection deepened, more light filled my matrix. As more light filled my matrix, more fear-based patterns surfaced to be cleared. Through the decades, I’ve become more stable, grounded, coherent and joyful. And the process continues.

Here in Hawaii I’ve observed spiritual seekers, who once appeared to live their lives with integrity and joy, being enveloped in the Qanon messeging etc. They’ve become paranoid, angry and intolerant of those who don’t share their beliefs. Some have become radicalized right wing extremists.  They tend to blame the democrats for all of the evils in the U.S.  Some refuse to associate with vaccinated people because they’ll be contaminated by nano particles and other horrors and the list goes on. I personally have lost friends and associates because of this phenomenon. It breaks my heart!

I know, from my studies over the course of decades, human corruption has nothing whatsoever to do with political parties. The corruption is world wide and there are people and organizations in positions of power all over the planet, in all political parties, who have a dark power agendas. This has gone on since time began.

I choose to counter this darkness with my healing work, prayers, my writing, my teaching and a resolve to seek the truth and tell the truth, as I do my best to relate to others with kindness.

I also, at times, succomb to fear, anger and paranoia but it such a source of misery, when I do so, that I do my healing work on myself with the intention of recovering. If I don’t my health and quality of life suffer on all levels.

My guides, who express themselves through this blog, encourage you to put aside the impact these dark influencers may have had on you. Seek viable sources of news.  Most articles presented in mainstream, big city newspaters in the U.S. for example are vetted with extreme care. I know some call these mainstream publications fake news. Over all, I haven’t found that to be so.

I also listen to right wing podcasts. Next, I read about the same topic from other perspectives. At times I read news from multiple sources before I’m satisfied that I’m absorbing the truth. Fine tuned discernment is required when any of us seek the truth. To develop this level of attunement, to what’s real, is time consuming and challenging.

The essential issue here is the fact that the Ascended Masters, Archangels, dolphins, whales and others who love you, from higher density realms, can’t connect when you’re angry, paranoid and fearful.

The Masters of Love want you back. They want to merge with you. They deeply want you to assist in Gaia’s ascension and the evolution of humanity.


Kathryn Jensen


Life in the Fast Lane and What it’s Done For Humanity’s Health and Wellbeing

by Ascended Master Djwal Kuhl, A Dolphin Named Savina and a Sirian Master Named Bard

Djwal Khul Speaks

Earth’s catastrophic spread of Covid 19 has catalyzed rumors of covert plans to decimate the human population with viruses created in labs and the revolutionary vaccines developed to supposedly prevent the disease.

The darkest of the dark pronouncements have been made that people will perish from the virus and those who don’t will die from being inoculated by the vaccines. This is called apocalyptic thinking. Those who don’t succumb to death from virus or vaccine are the chosen ones who will be saved and elevated to a far more refined dimension of the Gaia Force. These people have, after all, far more resonance with the God Head and are more fit to become residents of the New Earth.

My dear friends, none of this is the truth.

The virus was pushed to the surface of Earth’s crust because the Gaia Force has been divinating a more refined vibration from the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Gaia Force, all other planets in our solar system, and all grids of all planets throughout the galaxy have been lifted in frequency. Such frequencies cause purification. The virus was transmitted from Earth’s crust to animals and transmitted from animals to people.

The vaccines evolved from the research of brilliant scientists who have been proponents of mRNA vaccines for decades. Evolving the technology was given a boost due to desperate need for medicine to counter the effects of the virus.

Medicines this powerful have their risks which have been noted by the organizations that developed and observed the effects of the vaccines. Millions of lives were saved. There were vaccine injuries, but they were experienced by a very low percentage of all people to whom vaccines were administered.

My condolences go to those of you who lost loved one due to the virus or the vaccine, but I must emphasize that none of this was a man-made plot to diminish the human population.

I want to tell you about Earth’s dharma. First of all, let me express to you what the term dharma really means. Dharma is a Hindu term for the cause and effect of mastering one’s command of one’s purpose. In other words, a person cultivates a lifestyle that supports the individual in living and breathing his or her purpose.

Planets also have dharma. Our beautiful Earth's dharma is to become a Stargate. She is inching towards her own ascension. She is changing her matrix with the mission of becoming a Stargate. 

A Stargate, my friends, is a place where beings from the stars gather to live together and create deeply sensitive methods for elevating the consciousness of other planets. By star beings, I mean human beings of very high stature who provide guidance to people who strive for union with their own higher selves or heart minds.

I gave this post the title “Life in the fast Lane and What it’s Done for Humanity’s Health and Wellbeing” because I feel the development of technology has created a demand for people to speed up their thinking processes and live their lives with more efficiency. People do live more efficient lives but there’s an aspect of humankind that’s suffering. People typically don’t take the time to discern the truth. The last blog post addresses recognizing and expressing the truth.

Very few take the time to oversee the whole picture. Some resonate with distortions that cultivate fear, paranoia and anger. Some are influenced by dark souls who offer nothing but divisive, harmful guidance to fellow humans.

There do happen to be dark ones who seek power through destructive strategies. These souls, dear friends, feel the cause and effect of the Gaia Force’s heightened frequency. This more vibrant energy causes the dark ones to experience bleak memories of traumas from their past surfacing. These people fear that they are losing control of their personal power and influence. They act out their fear and anxiety by attempting to protect their power base.

The deepening of control agendas and the impact they have on people has caused some people to look at these control agendas to see if they hold any truth. I certainly have, as have many fellow masters.  I understand the issue of vaccine hesitancy, for example, because there do happen to be vaccine injuries but like I said previously the percentage is low. The benefits far outweigh the risks. But the dramatic actors who attract followers with their vivid declarations of certain illness befalling the vaccinated puts intense fear into the decision-making process. Some of these influencers make extraordinary profits on products they endorse via their podcasts and websites.

These influential, dramatic actors don’t want to lose their influence. The Gaia Force, however, will not welcome them back for future incarnations until they heal their destructive tendencies. 

I now invite you to meet, or for some of you, to reconnect with a very special Hawaii spinner dolphin named Savina. She has a delightful message for you to absorb. She’s quite the specialist in serving humanity with heart centered encouragement to become more compatible with the Gaia force and her heightened frequency. 

Yours in Service Djwal Khul


Savina Speaks

I delight in speaking with you again. I appreciate having my voice expressed through this blog. I’ve come to certain conclusions about those of you who give me your full attention. I conclude that you define yourselves as light bearers. And to be a light bearer currently is a complicated endeavor indeed!

Some of you have succumbed to the influence of the dark ones who present you with distortions. I ask you to completely dissolve your involvement with these difficult people who are deeply troubled. I ask you to join me in my new movement to put these dark agendas to rest and help me elevate the Golden Ground into the matrix of energy that surrounds those who live in 5th density.

My home planet, the Sirian planet called Oceanea is a 5th density realm. Our lives there are filled with Grace. We don’t have biological bodies and we hold one another in high regard. We also speak our truth because if we don’t, others know we’re not being authentic. Our environment is pristine and our sources of energy are very refined and don’t demand any resource other than the heightened density of the 12th level which humans bring into their lives to heat and cool their homes and businesses and take care of other life pursuits that demand a power source. Our star ships are fueled by energy from 12th density as are other technological marvels of our advanced society.

Earth, over the next 14 million years, will evolve into a 5th density realm like my home planet. So please participate in her evolution Dear Ones.

I am here to assist you in lightening your load.  I occasionally ask for my voice to be published on this blog but I also connect with people, who are vibrationally compatible. I will now provide you with an activation that will help you become more harmonious with me.

Savina’s Activation


I would love it if you would do this for yourself a few minutes every day. 

  • Place your hand on your heart. 
  • Invite my dark aqua blue ray of Polarity to enter your hand as it pours from your Soul Star (9th chakra) which can be anywhere from 14 inches to many feet above the crown.
  •  Know and intend that the ray is permeating your crown chakra, your brow chakra, your throat chakra and your heart. The ray is surrounding you so it can be pulsed by your hand into your heart.
  • Ask me to enter your heart. I will grace you with all of my love.
  • Keep a journal and notice what transpires in your life as you lift your vibration. Notice the positive changes.
  • Remain conscious of world events but instead of descending into despair, serve those dark situations and people with my dark aqua blue ray of Polarity.
  • First do this activation for yourself.
  • Next send a flow of Polarity from your heart. Imagine and intend that you are sending a large stream of dark aqua blue color from your heart to the darkness.

Yours in Service,



I now introduce you to my friend Bard who lives on the Sirian 5d planet called Soifa. He delights in this opportunity to express his voice. He’s a brilliant human being who knows me and knows the scribe (kJ) who publishes this blog post very well.

Bard Speaks

I hold you all in high regard. Although I have many job descriptions, one of my jobs is to serve Savina and certain human beings with guidance. I am introducing myself to you because there is something you need to be cognizant of. The Sirian Council of Nine, which is an organization of millions of 5d Sirians, has served Earth with support in elevating her heart center and the heart centers of her humans. We have kept careful track of Gaia’s progress. She is very gradually merging with 4th and 5th density.

I’d like to quell any myths that she is going to self-destruct. But there does happen to be a detrimental process taking place, with many facets of life on Earth, that doesn't happen to resonate with her more refined frequencies.

I ask that you absorb Djwal Khul’s message and Savina’s message and activation. You will delight with the refinements in your own existence if you do so.

I will be a regular blog contributor from now on. I appreciate your compassionate, heart centered efforts!

Yours in Service



Comments: Please send comments to me. 

  • If they're relevant I'll publish them. I, Kathryn, and the other authors of this blog would appreciate knowing if the contents of this article and the activation are helpful to you in your spiritual evolution. 
  • This isn't a platform for political commentary. Nor is this a platform for vax or anti vax commentary. 
  • I'm very aware some of you oppose the perspective presented in this post. I'd be glad to communicate with you directly but via email only. 
  • I never would have published the above post without carefully researching vaccine data myself via several sources. This included listening to experts in analyzing medical research and data. Trust me, I've done my own due diligence to investigating both sides of the story. 
  • The guides who co-author this blog provide me with their perspectives. I thoroughly research their perspectives. Overall, I've found that they perceive the whole picture with great accuracy. We tend to struggle when it comes to seeing the forest for the trees. 
  •   I compare my data to real life. For example, I asked those who know real nurses about who their covid patients were.  The nurses said their patients were, during the delta wave, primarily unvaxxed. 
  • I know there have been vaccine injuries in the population at large.  In my circle of friends, family and acquaintances I have not heard of any vaccine injuries. I met one woman with an increase in arthritic inflammation after the vaccine. I'm still asking questions and listening carefully. 

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