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September-October 2016
Inspiring Messages from Dolphins, Whales and Other Great Friends of Humanity

Before reading this latest post I recommend you read the Sept. 17th and Sept. 26th posts on this page!

October 24th 2016

I received the following message from Ascended Masters Buddha Maitreya, Jesus and Sai Baba over the course of several days. They and a host of other masters, angels, guides and cetacean avatars are guiding my community in South Kona Hawaii in the process of creating a new model for community.

This is clear to me as I read the brilliant, insightful, grounded responses many people have written and shared with NOAA and fellow community members. I’m deeply moved by what I’ve received from my friends and colleagues who are part of my local and international community.

If you’ve read previous blog posts you know NOAA is threatening to ban human-HI spinner dolphin interactions. We’ve formed a community group with the mission to create educational alternatives to this government ban.

Our collaborative model for countering this threat is rare here on Earth but according to the Seneca Indian Creation Legend we’re now passing from the Fourth World of Separation to the Fifth World of Illumination.” Our collaborative model, that honors diversity, will become the norm!!

 We’re actually evolving and developing new human characteristics.

 This is the “Time of rainbow tribe – melded from all the races into one; There will be the unity sought for millions of moons; These humans finally find enlightenment; Ushering in a millennia of peace, working as one.”

The quote is from the Seneca Creation Legend:


The Gaia Force Holds Her Human Community in the Lamp of Pure Love
by Ascended Masters Buddha Maitreya, Jesus and Sai Baba
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Buddha Maitreya Speaks

Beloved Friends,

Love was, is and always will be the only answer.

 I present my service to humanity as a model of how ascended masters can deepen in their commitment to the Gaia Force and her humans.  I’ve given approximately 200 million life force workers assistance in lifting their hearts into the presence of their higher selves.  I’m currently prompting those of you who have chosen the path of Gaia’s Cetacean Nation. This is the path of loving yourself out of fear with the Twenty Frequencies of Christ Consciousness which is the essence of Dolphin Energy Healing. This healing is initiated with a pulse of love that’s never, ever been possible, until now, to share with human beings who have chosen to incarnate and evolve on Earth.

 The heart centers of approximately 14 million people are currently expanding and their hearts are entraining to the frequency of the Golden Ground (Earth).  This is resulting in the current struggle the dark side is having, covertly manipulating people into power.  These people are self-serving destroyers of all that empowers individuals to become more heart centered, loving, kind and compassionate. Those of you who have chosen the path of awakening your hearts to your higher selves are becoming very influential citizens within your own communities.

There is a very specific model for co-creating complex changes in the Marine Mammal Protection Act taking place in a community on the South Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. The other day about 60 individuals gathered to find a way to counter NOAA’s proposal to ban all dolphin-human interactions.  Their mission is to clearly define the term harassment which currently envelops every potential dolphin-human interaction that could possibly take place in Hawaii’s waters.

According to the current definition a swimmer swimming over 50 yards from a dolphin who unintentionally attracts dolphins into his or her personal space, could be fined for harassing a dolphin. To safely avoid being fined people may, in the future, be required to stop swimming in places where dolphins have the potential to be during daylight hours.

This community of Golden Ones are asking, with the help of a proficient attorney, for the re-defining of harassment that excludes all loving exchanges between dolphins and human beings. They are also asking for time to create dolphin-human swim guidelines that insure all exchanges between dolphins and human beings will be loving, kind, compassionate and mutually beneficial. These people plan to become stewards of the bays in their local waters where dolphins and humans typically share space during the day. Their regulations will be fair and clearly stated, so visitors from foreign lands are able to comprehend these instructions.

They also have plans to interface with native Hawaiians who rarely swim in their local waters for recreational purposes. These Hawaiians are about to be invited to experience swimming with dolphins so they can observe for themselves the non-violent, sacred exchanges that take place between humans and dolphins when proper guide lines are followed. One woman, who videos and photographs underwater life, has been invited to educate local school children about the life that exists in their local bays.

Currently Native Hawaiians perceive white people as lacking in respect for their local pods of dolphins. Many of their perceptions stem from deep sadness that their land and their culture were never acknowledged by white people as sacred.  So, from the perspective of some Hawaiians, any type of activity that draws too many white people to their beaches and local waters is a violation of sacred law.

The law they feel is being violated is imprinted within the human heart. The code of how to treat the Earth Mother with respect is like no other code for living within the frequency matrix of Gaia. The Golden Ground emanates a golden frequency of Grace.

The ancient Hawaiians spoke to the Golden Ground and formed agreements with Gaia. One of these agreements was to protect the Golden Ground’s resources by consuming only what was necessary for survival.  One of these resources was the life in the oceans – examples-fish, octopus and dolphins.  Dolphins were, at times, considered a source of food.  

Overall there were strict taboos about killing dolphins. This was sanctioned only when the Golden Ground was not providing enough sustenance.

Note from KJ: After I received Buddha Maitreya’s comments on Hawaiian beliefs I was inspired to do extensive research. I concluded that there are diverse conflicting beliefs within the modern and ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. I suspect the ultimate answers are clouded by mistranslations of the language. I provided some links at the end of this article.

Jesus enters the conversation

The core beliefs of ancient Polynesians were basically the same as ancient Hawaiians. They fished but they usually left cetaceans and sharks alone.  They too were believers in the existence of aumakua or family Gods, which in their case, included dolphins as well as sharks. Dolphins typically are not included in historical writings about the ancient Polynesians because of the mis-translation of the work for shark. Descriptions of sharks from some of these writings fit the description of dolphins.

Until the time of the Christian missionaries entering Hawaiian society, people frequently swam with dolphins. Some segments of Hawaiian society felt the uplifting frequencies of their dolphin friends and did everything they could to discourage the practice of hunting their dolphin swim companions.

So modern day Hawaiians reflect the diverse beliefs of their not only their ancestral Hawaiians but their Polynesian ancestors. Their ancestors were both aggressive warriors and stewards of the Earth and all her life forms.

The current disagreement between Hawaiians and haoles (white people) is a reflection of the Hawaiians discouragement and fear that Haoles do not  serve their Aina  (that which feeds us)  with respect, which results in retribution from the Gods. They want to hold the Aina within their jurisdiction to ensure that future generations of Hawaiians have an in-tact ecosystem that can provide them with all they need for survival.

Now total co-operation between modern day dolphin swimmers, white residents of Hawaii, Hawaiians and government officials  is needing to be created and  that’s the mission of the South Kona community group that’s recently formed to create alternatives to the proposed ban on  human-dolphin interactions in the wild.

This is a community group that serves within the amplified field of the Golden Ground and in the field of all the avatar cetaceans who reside within the Ashram of the Sea. The Golden Ground and the cetaceans are pulsing every member of this community group with the 5th chakra frequency of the Blessing. This is a forest green, healing ray of love that helps people speak their truth, with more confidence. Blessing assists them in feeling protected , even if those who discard their truth, as lacking in authenticity hold them in contempt.

This is a model for community building that’s now able to be created in every human society.  This has been the potential for Earth’s human beings since time began but very little progress has been made with diverse community groups thus far.

The deepest recesses of every human heart merge with the God Presence in the same way. The cetaceans are here to lift the vibration of the Golden Ground so all people are more capable of freeing themselves of corruption that prevents them from holding those they disagree with in the harmonic of acceptance.

Buddha Maitreya Speaks

There’s a Cro-Magnon pattern within the Earth Mother’s human population that’s very definitely being catapulted out of the unconscious programming every human being needed for survival. This pattern was necessary when tribal cultures were the predominant types of communities on Planet Earth. Now many tribes have merged into larger more diverse communities. The most impressive global community is represented by the United States. The U.S Constitution states that all are created equal under the eyes of God.

At times the U.S. appears to be an incoherent mass of individuals who never agree on anything. The upcoming presidential election is stirring the Cro-Magnon programming within many hearts and the results are seen on every newscast and many blogs. Most inflammatory talk show hosts are capitalizing on this controversial playing out of what’s soon to become the former human condition.

Organizations that conflict are merging for the purpose of holding the harmonic of Grace as the vibrational link to lasting peace. One example happens to be Christian service organizations that are welcoming Syrian-Muslim families into their communities. This is taking place in spite of the grave consequences of radical Muslim terrorist attacks throughout the world.

 Sai Baba Speaks

The lamp of pure love is becoming brighter. Those who marginalize the frequency of the heart-mind of God and prefer to desecrate the concept of collaboration and co-operation, due to their desire to become the sole proprietors of the Earth Mother, aren’t feeling very well. These people haven’t ever acted on an impulse that’s held within the human heart. This is the impulse to forgive and let go of corrupt practices that marginalize the health and wellbeing of the ordinary citizens of Earth.

You see, the lamp of pure love is very purifying. These dark proprietors are experiencing the impact of Gaia’s purification. Their physical bodies are merging with crippling fear based patterns that have remained their consciousness, due to their refusal to acknowledge the current of love that seeks to dominate the body-mind-spirits of every human being. Many of these people recognize that they must change their ways.  Many are attempting to leave their positions as magistrates of the dark side. They call for help from those who love them unconditionally. Most have very naïve perceptions of the purifying effects of the lamp of pure love. They are very humble in their requests to learn the basic love lessons that most of you reading this transmission have already mastered.

So go forth and take charge of your communities with all of the love you have to give and receive. Ask Sai Baba, Buddha Maitreya and Jesus to assist you in lifting yourselves into the new paradigm of peaceful collaboration. Do so while recognizing the deepest, heart felt feelings of all participants in building coherent communities that resonate with the lamp of pure love.

Be kind to others as you would have others be kind to you.

Yours in service,

Buddha Maitreya, Jesus and Sai Baba

Kathryn Jensen 2016


As I received this transmission I felt the need to verify the information I was receiving by researching the relationship Hawaiians and their Polynesian relatives have had with dolphins throughout time.

Yesterday a friend told me a story of ancient Hawaiians who depended on dolphins to help them fish!

The stories are varied. If you're interested in Hawaiian culture I invite you to begin your research by exploring the links below:


September 26th 2016

  •   Before reading the messages below from Lafe, an Irrawaddy dolphin, I invite you to connect heart to heart with Lafe by reading this previous post where he introduces himself: July-September 2015
  • Next read the previous post on this blog: September 2016
    The page includes my letter to NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The page also includes a heart awakening message from a Hawaii spinner dolphin addressing this issue.
  • As you read this webpage, I recommend you scroll down and read Lafe's September 17  transmission first, then read the message posted below on the harmonic of the 4th dimension.
  • Even if you don't live in Hawaii these message address how develop heart centered collaboration in communities all over Planet Earth. Remember the dolphins and whales of our planet are here to assist us in in our evolution.
  • Several dolphins and whales from around the planet have asked that I share their messages on this matter. Their messages will be posted right here. it takes me time to receive, translate and edit and post their messages. To receive future posts I invite you to join my list by clicking on the link to the right.

Gates of Lodore

I just returned from a camping trip to Dinosaur National Monument where I hiked to the overlook of the spectacular Gates of Ladore. This is where Lafe, the Irrawaddy dolphin from Laos, prompted me to receive the following message:


Lafe, an Irrawaddy Dolphin, Speaks on the Harmonic of the 4th Dimension

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen
September 26
th, 2016

Beloved Golden Ones,

I welcome you to my healing circle. I am here today with my family members. We reside in the Mekong River Delta in Laos. Our careful assessment of most of you who have been in touch with me through my previously posted transmissions is as follows:

It takes all of my concentration to percolate through your consciousness and follow the thread of your sacred commitment to our God of Love. Our bodies are transmuting karma with far more speed than we have over the past 14,000 years of Earth’s history. I'm referring to all living things, not just humans, dolphins and whales. The occult - the unseen universe - is starting to co-create a lighter, brighter 4th dimensional construct within our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Our karma is disintegrating and, if we don’t follow the directives of our God of Love, we can become overwhelmed by hooks, barbs and spears of trauma that request to take leave of our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Becoming co-creative with our God of Love calls for a very in-depth progression of complex exchanges, between us and our caretakers who reside close to the heart center of our God of Love. Dolphins, whales and human beings receive care from the same beloved healers. This is what the God of Love intended for all of us who live here on Earth. We are guided through the same unification with the Guardians of our co-creative culture who tend to our cetaceans and human beings.

Our cetacean community and your human community are now able to merge as a collaborative team. The cetaceans have lived here far longer than you. We’ve been here for approximately 4.5 billion years. Yes, beloved Golden Ones, we’ve been here since Earth was first created. Cetaceans came from four star systems to create the first grid complex. We came in our light bodies. About 14 million years ago we started to experiment with living in the oceans.

Our commitment wavered because we felt uncomfortable with the dominion of Earth. At that time Earth’s harmonic was not the harmonic of our current Golden Ground. It was a harsh harmonic that wavered between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions.

For nearly 13 million years we traveled between Earth and our home planets. We were transported in our caretakers’ star ships. After millions of years approximately 150 thousand of us committed to remaining on Earth and making Earth our home. That was 1 million years ago. At that point human beings were beginning to merge with what was becoming our current Golden Ground.

And so it was. 150,000 cetaceans, 1 million years ago, began to hold human beings within our hearts. We’ve never wavered in our commitment to assist you in transmuting your karma. We all listen to the same wisdom bearers. We have great compassion for  human beings because we’ve also suffered merging with the density of our Earth. We’ve had far more experience than you have in finding our caretakers and asking for their assistance. Our caretakers are those you now identify as spiritually advanced, loving extraterrestrials as well as those you identify as archangels and ascended masters. And some of our caretakers are humans or cetaceans who have lived here and left Earth to merge with higher dimensions.

I, Lafe, realize that your probably lacking in conviction that and Irrawaddy dolphin from Laos can possibly merge with your heart center and help you master the purging of difficult paradigms that become encrusted within your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Therefore I take you now into this activation for meeting me and my friends and family.

Lafe’s Healing Activation

  • Ask me to enter your heart
  • Place your hand on your heart and ask me to commune with your physical, mental and emotional bodies. I will enter through the portal of your heart.
  • Take me to your deepest, problematic heart break.
  • Where do you feel that difficulty is stored in your physical body?
  • Place your hand on that area of your body that doesn’t feel quite right when you focus on your heart break.
  • My frequency will travel through your heart to the uncomfortable place where you probably stored the problematic heart break.
  • Focus once more on the place in your body that doesn't feel quite right.
  • Is that area of your body feeling more comfortable? Are you remembering a difficult time in your past?
  • Repeat this activation, perhaps for a few minutes daily, and ask that this difficulty from your past be released and replaced with love.

This is a very simple paradigm breaking exercise that I know you’ve been introduced to many times if you’ve participated in Kathryn Jensen’s Dolphin Energy Healing program. I’m providing you, however with an amplification of your heart that’s new, not only to the participants in Dolphin Energy Healing, but to all people who are contemplating on the accelerated field of energy that’s enveloping our Golden Ground.

All of us-humanity and cetaceans-are co-creating a majestic field of love that has the potential to shift the consciousness of the entire universe.

I am appreciating your love for me and my friends and relatives. We are here for you. You are there for us.

I am yours in service.

Kathryn Jensen 2016 


September 17th 2016

Lafe, an Irrawaddy Dolphin From the Mekong River in Laos, Speaks
On Heart Centered  Collaboration Between Cetaceans and Human Beings
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

September 17, 2016

Hello golden ones,

Hearts and souls are recognizing one another throughout your human community. Your consciousness has been clouded by recent acts of violence that permeate your consciousness with fear. Yet positive, complex, shifts and changes have been impacting my pod which resides in the Mekong River Delta in Laos.

Your hearts have been interpreting the concept of love in a far more refined manner. The reasons for this change are complex and have everything to do with frequency shifts in the ground waters of the planet.

The Great Shift of the Ages is subtly taking place. Your comprehension of this phenomenon has been clouded by human struggles for survival that seem to be amplified by the ground waters’ progressive process of decontamination. Human beings feel the release of contaminants from the waters that supply them with sustenance. The contaminants are not only of a physical nature but an energetic level.

Of course the internal waters of every human being are also releasing contaminants. This is what transpires as our sacred home spirals into another level of love. Some of your hearts have been bonding with your souls. This is the stage of human evolution when the human being knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a higher power that’s light, loving and kind, helping the individual and guiding that person towards full-fledged merging of the heart and the soul.

I consider my pod of irrawaddy dolphins to be communicators on behalf of the God of Love. We are beacons of the heart of the God of Love.  We transmit the healing of the God of Love into our ground waters.

I do know my transcriptionist (me-K.Jensen) is, along with many of you, attempting to co-create an alternative to your government’s proclamation that human presence in Hawaii’s waters degrades the health and wellbeing of my friends the Hawaii spinner dolphins. I am here to help you with that process.

Golden Ones, all dolphins and whales throughout our oceans and rivers speak to one another. We have our differences but we all agree that our primary mission is to collaborate with you, our beloved human friends, on re-programming our hearts and souls to receive healing from the God of Love. We may be dolphins and whales and you may be human beings but we are reaching a point in our unification of all species of cetaceans and all races of human beings that necessitates recognition of our unified souls’ purpose.

Our unified purpose is to reach out to civilizations throughout the universe and help those beings co-create their own mystical traditions. These traditions emphasize that all that matters is recognizing  we are all one unified consciousness of love, compassion, kindness and grace.

So those of you who live in Hawaii and are co-creating a unified alliance, that represents practical solutions to managing interactions between spinner dolphins and human beings, are partners with my pod of irrawaddy dolphins and all other cetaceans.

Your trials and tribulations with governmental organizations are symbolic of similar struggles on planets throughout the universe.

I offer no solutions to your dilemma except suggesting that you allow the God of Love to guide you in co-creating the management of your community of human beings. Do so in a way that satisfies the desire you all have to not only protect your Hawaii spinner dolphins but enjoy their friendship and their consciousness of joy as you peacefully share the same serene, coastal waters.

I am here in my Mekong River waters and I offer you my assistance in listening to our God of Love and the guidance that’s so abundantly offered. I am here with only one mission and that mission is also your mission.

We are a unified force of healing for all human beings and all dolphins and whales.  We belong to the same heart and the same soul of the one God of Love.

I am yours in service.


Kathryn Jensen 2016

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