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July-September 2015
Inspiring Messages from Dolphins, Whales and Other Great Friends of Humanity

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Ascended Master Buddha Maitreya Speaks
on Earth’s 5th Dimensional Grid
This Message is Received and Transcribed by Kathryn Jensen
September 17th, 2015


The deep seated complications, that take a great deal of your time and energy to resolve, are at times careening out of control and taking over your consciousness. Everybody here on Earth has been feeling the consequences of the re-calibration of Earth’s 5th dimensional grid.

This is a complicated time to be alive on Planet Earth. The spectacle of so many familiar institutions falling apart is consuming people’s attention and tethering them to partaking in the consequences.

The life force of Gaia – the Earth Mother – is titrating itself into a new level of life force that resembles the heightened frequency people often experience if they co-create their lives with their own Heart-Mind of God or Higher Self.

The bottom can fall out of the fragile foundation you have attempted to create for yourself. The foundation may have far too many extraneous ties to the grave yard of difficulties experienced as you’ve attempted to participate in Earthly life.

Right now many of you are feeling very challenged as you cultivate a new way of going about the daunting job of being alive on a planet that’s progressing through the portal of the Christ Consciousness matrix. This is the portal that’s literally pulsing those crumbling structures with the Golden Ground’s (Earth’s) foundational frequency of Christ Consciousness called Grace.

This is the frequency that very specifically supports people in becoming firmly grounded in their personal power as they guide others through the portal of Christ Consciousness.  

So Gaia and most if not all of you are migrating towards that Portal of Christ Consciousness. To prepare yourself for this journey, becoming conscious and aware of what it means to reprogram your body-mind-spirit and developing the skills to do so is imperative. Your reprograming needs to emphasize co-creating your life with your Heart-Mind of God.

Each one of you is uniquely calibrated for re-connecting to your Heart-Mind of God. It’s your responsibility to create and experience your journey towards feeling comfortable with Gaia’s 5th dimensional energies.

The 5th dimension hovers around each and every one of you. As you co-create with your Heart-Mind of God you are going to experience more joy and a depth of understanding of what it means to be part of Earth’s Grace filled 5th dimensional field of love.

Beloved friends, spend time with your Heart-Mind of God - your Higher Self. Life is complex yet full of Grace as you compassionately help yourself to assistance that’s available to you from all the divine assistants who love you dearly. This includes fellow life force workers ( BM’s term for light worker), your guardian angels, the ascended masters, the archangels and the dolphins and whales who my scribe, Kathryn Jensen, leads you towards cultivating a bond with.

Yours in service,

Buddha Maitreya

Copyright Kathryn Jensen 2015


I just read a fiction novel about the Irrawaddy dolphins of India. As I was reading a powerful Irrawaddy dolphin named Lafe asked me to receive and publish a message about the role his species plays in the extended network of the Ashram of the Sea. I realize I've just begun to learn about the complex roles all cetacean species play in co-creating the harmonic of love on behalf of humanity and all living things.  

Invite Lafe into your heart!

Kathryn Jensen

An Irrawaddy Dolphin From the Mekong River in Laos Speaks

My name is Lafe. I am an accurate observer of human behavior. I swim in the Mekong River. I listen to people speak about my progressive species. I am of the orca family, although I look like a beluga whale from your northern hemisphere.

I learned of your writer of my message as she read a book called “The Hungry Tide” by Amitav Ghosh. Her interest in all of the cetaceans on Earth, came through to me as she read about my relatives who live in the Sundarbans region of India.

 I am a guide to my species. I take my species through lessons in collaborating with human fishermen. Our fellowship with human beings has been cultivated through many generations as has our guardianship of all who live in our healing waters.

I encourage you to spend some time learning about my species: . We are given to Gaia for a specific reason.  Our guardianship of our waters represents a formula for serving all dolphins and whales. All Cetaceans are  bearers of love for humanity. Irrawaddy dolphins help other cetaceans love you more deeply. We are very committed partners with all cetacean species 

We store our love within our waters and it filters into the ground waters that seep from our rivers. The ley lines of Earth transmit our love to all corners of the Earth.

Other cetaceans then absorb our love and help Gaia heal her sylphs, undines, salamanders, gnomes and other nature spirits. Our goal is to seal the healing energy of Gaia very completely and thoroughly into the ground waters of Planet Earth.

I speak for my family members who reside primarily in Asian waters. I am the keeper of heart-wisdom of my family. I spend most of my time guiding my family members and reminding them of their purpose. I fall into the category of beingness that you refer to as fully realized.  

You, I know, have been introduced to Gaia’s Twenty Frequencies of Christ Consciousness. Our gift to Gaia’s frequencies is what I prefer to call the amplification effect.

I grieve for those who haven’t ever comprehended that love is available to all who just settle down and tune into deeply soothing messages,  that can be received and felt by everyone who has a beating heart. The love comes from my family of irrawaddy dolphins and all other cetaceans. The love comes from Gaia and her precocious nature spirits.  Of course there’s a strong field of golden love that comes from most of you reading my message.

My golden friends, I have deeply enjoyed meeting you.


Kathryn Jensen 2015


Gaia's Magic
June in Colorado 

I live in Colorado five months of the year. The photo above is taken in my spectacular neighborhood. I typically hike in the woods on a daily basis. Gaia and her nature spirits greet me this time of year with amazing displays of wildflowers, birds, moose, deer, elk, fox, aspen groves and fragrant pine forests.

The dolphins and whales, however, are still very present in my heart. You'll read below how they are Gaia's treasured caretakers.


Kathryn Jensen

Gaia Speaks on Humanity’s Bond With the
Sacred Golden Ground (Earth)

Listen to your heart beat. Place your hand on your heart and ask the Gaia Force to amplify her presence in your heart. I am activating each and every one of you for listening to my compassionate voice. If you do so I will help you dissolve your contemptuous feelings about those who destroy my natural resources. I will help you give those people their own capacity for loving me back. They gave up this ability because they could not sense my presence in their hearts anymore. Too many problematic situations corrupt the natural human bond with their Earth Mother.

Those of you who read these transmissions are very dear servants to the concept of sustainable energy. You love your bodies more than the average human being. You serve yourselves with the Golden Ground’s plant medicine. Your core values include the deeply needed value of spending time with me in the natural world to re-charge your heart centers and regain your coherence.

Coherence is the capacity to remain calm, centered and focused no matter what transpires in the outside world. I ask that you explore the concept of coherence. You will find reference to coherence through The Institute of Heart Math - . The sources for healing on this website - - recruit the service of my dolphins and whales in taking you deeply into problematic situations in your past that wreak havoc with your ability to truly be yourself.

There are many calming, healing modalities available to you at this time. You come from different backgrounds so you have different approaches to sensitizing yourselves to your own heart-minds. That’s the term I use in reference to your higher self. Your higher self is your absolutely pure conduit for love and assistance from me, your Earth Mother .

I ask that you cultivate a relationship with me so you can deepen in your comprehension of what you came here to learn. You came to learn from me and I have very specialized lessons to provide on what it means to be compassionate. 

For now simply pulse your heart with my healing energy. This is a very simple process of holding your hand on your heart and asking me to sensitize you to your own profound capacity for listening to the advice I have for you and only you.

Yours in service,


Kathryn Jensen 2015


Gaia Speaks on Dolphin-Whale Assisted
Cleansing of the Golden Ground

The Souls of the Sea-my dolphins and whales - cleanse my Golden Ground with the very complex frequencies of Christ Consciousness. I’m giving you four examples of work the cetaceans do on my behalf. I give you a brief review of these four species of cetaceans and the way they take care of me because I encourage you to become deeply contemplative and tune into each of these species. I invite you to use Ashram of the Sea as your guide in connecting with the avatar cetaceans who re-charge your memories of the basic knowledge of how to take care of your Golden Ground.

The sacred community of harbor porpoise who reside in my northern oceans greet me with the spring-green frequency I call Vivation. The frequency strikes a chord within the human heart that prompts people to spend more time exploring the mysteries of plant medicine. There is a mastery of the concepts of plant medicine amongst more and more individuals. I attribute this to the fact that more and more people pause to appreciate my Golden Ground’s abundance.

There’s a pod of harbor porpoise who’ve strongly influenced the translator of this transmission. She revisits a few of those experiences in my book Ashram of the Sea. I consider this to be MY book because the dolphins and whales are my servants and they asked my translator to produce a book that gave you an overview of the service they give to the Gaia Force and all who reside on my Golden Ground.

The bottlenose dolphins spring-board the concept of being of service to oneself into human consciousness. This is not about self-centeredness. Instead this is about loving oneself so much that lift the fears that keep you from resonating with me right out of your physical form and your energetic matrix.

The humpback whales care-take the frequency of Courage. The impulse to become courageous lifts you right into my heart-mind where you listen very intently to my promptings on how to take care of yourself. As you become more courageous you become more capable of taking charge of leading others into sustainable, conscious life styles that encourage peaceful co-creation of abundance with my nature spirits.

The delicate species of cetaceans from my northern waters – the beluga whales – pulse my grid with the beautiful forest green ray of Blessing. The blessing corrects imbalances in my ocean and enhances the capacity of Golden Ground to totally envelop all of you in the gift of The Blessing. The Blessing serves you with the endurance and the strenght to state your truth.

I encourage you all to spend more time with me. Please create and spend time in your sacred space and ask me to help you process your fears, release them and replace them with the heart centered healing energy that gives you entry into the ancient wisdom I have to share with you. I will also lead you to your cetacean brothers and sisters who ask to care for you with far more intensity than ever before.

Beloveds, I am yours in service.


Kathryn Jensen 2015

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