2020 Holiday Message
from Jesus 

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

I wish you a joyful, Peaceful, Light Filled Holiday Season.
Enjoy Jesus' uplifting, compassionate holiday message.

Many Blessings to you, 

Kathryn Jensen

The flower in the painting is called "Red Tower Ginger." it's thriving in my  Hawaii garden this holiday season. 

Christ Consciousness Amplifies the
Frequency of Earth
by Jesus 

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Beloveds, love happens to be the only answer, when terrible circumstances wreak havoc with the hearts and minds of so many, who have given heart centered loving care to those who suffer.

Wherever you may be on your path, you probably don’t remember a time when so many demands were made on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength. The covid 19 virus, calamitous wild fires and other natural disasters, political strife and economic struggles have created incredibly strained circumstances for people from all walks of life.

Previously I have prohibited myself from leaping to conclusions about the state of Planet Earth, as I’ve observed the complexity of the strikingly unfortunate events that have impacted everyone over the past fifteen months or so. But now, Beloveds, I observe healing taking place, as people begin to move out of fear into compassionate action taking.

You have vaccines now being distributed that appear to be carefully researched,   reinforcing claims that they are safe. You have a newly elected United States administration committed to developing sustainable energy that preserves Earth’s integrity. There’s recognition all over the planet that certain agricultural practices need to be implemented that empower small farmers to produce crops that are grown biodynamically or organically. 

The recognition that dark forces have dominated the Earth for millennia is percolating into human consciousness. There’s more and more concern about the impact, for example, that the dominating force of money and power has on humanity as a whole. There’s a wrestling match between these dark forces and the power of love that’s beginning to pull Earth up into the more highly refined 4th and 5th dimensions.

Earth will move through this transition for the next two thousand years. Recognize that you chose to be an Earth Citizen at this time so you could assist in helping Earth begin her transformation into the Earth that reveres the heart centered, loving compassionate way of living that you deeply desire.

From the perspective of those who live in higher realms, you are absolutely the most capable change agents we’ve ever observed anywhere in the known Universe. I personally have traversed the Universe as the co-commander of the Galactic Alliance. I’ve visited many planets and I’ve never seen a human population of light workers anywhere as strong and adept at formulating systems for sustainable, positive change.

Your creativity is legendary Beloveds. Know that our primary focus as Ascended Masters is to support you in shifting the paradigm for living to one that supports unity, sustainability, health, wellbeing, truth telling, rational thought and spiritual attainment.

We are deeply moved by your commitment to participating in the co-creation of the New Earth. You co-create with many who represent the Holy Spirit’s mission which is to observe you loving yourselves as you love others.

So Beloveds I invite you to join me in my prayer for Peace dedicated to this 2020 Holiday Season:

Jesus' Prayer for Peace

Prime Creator, thank you for loving me through one of the most heart breakingly difficult times I can recall, as I’ve done my very best to hold love and light in my heart.

I  request the support of my guides, my angels, my spiritual family and other heart centered ones who have always supported me in my human journey.

Sometimes, Prime Creator, I can’t feel the love I hold in my heart because I’m so filled with fear. The Covid 19 virus, the dreadful environmental disasters and the political unrest have triggered such angst, such heart break and so much trauma. There are times when I’m not sure what I can do to make a difference.

Help me love myself and others out of fear. I crave connection with the “All That Is” life force that permeates Earth as it is sent from the God Head. Help me co-create this connection as I amplify my healing abilities, which help me make a more meaningful difference.


May Peace fill your hearts. I know you. I feel you.
I deeply appreciate you.

Yours in service,

Lord Jesus Christ

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