Love Light
The Companion Workbook to
Splash! by Kathryn Jensen
Splash! and Love Light are written for beautifully conscious children who are sometimes called
Indigo or Crystal Children

Love Light

Love Light provides teachers, parents etc. with a curriculum developed to support kids in living heart centered, peaceful, fulfilling lives.

· Each of The Twenty Rays of Love Light are addressed in the workbook, as is the all encompassing Red Ray.

· The workbook includes 21 pages. Each page is devoted to one one ray of Love-Light.

· Splash!, through the adventures of Lulu and Mono, gives examples of how Lulu and Mono used some of The Rays of Love Light in their extraordinary daily lives. Kids who read Splash! before they're given lessons from Love Lightwill be your most enthusiastic students.

· Lulu and Mono use the other rays throughout the 4 exciting (not yetpublished) sequels to Splash!,

· Page references to Splash! are made throughout the workbook, so instructors can give kids reminders of how Lulu and Mono used the rays in their daily lives.

· Home Temple Essences are healing tools that enhance the life changing effects of using The Rays in daily life. Children who use the essences, as they learn Love Light  experience even deeper, life changing transformation.

· Order Splash! and Love-Light, Blue Dolphin Essences, and Healing Sessions

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Enjoy the excerpt below, from Love Light, on the ray called Blessing:


Splash! page references: 31, 77,105,108, 118, 138, 172, 182

· Give yourself this forest green ray of Blessing if you feel afraid and want to feel better.

· Give another person this ray if you notice another person is afraid and you think the person would like to feel better.

· When you give yourself or another a blessing you are giving angels permission to help fear go away.

This is how you give yourself and others the forest green ray of Blessing:

Step 1

To give yourself this ray say “I am giving this forest green ray of Blessing to myself.” If you are with a person who you think would appreciate being given this ray say “I am giving this forest green ray to this person.”

Step 2

I bet you have an excellent imagination like I do. Use your imagination to give yourself or others the forest green ray of Blessing in the following ways:

A. If you feel afraid imagine a picture of yourself. See yourself sending this ray from your body to an imaginary picture of yourself.

Notice how you feel. Do you feel better? If so where in your body do you feel better?

B. If you notice another person feels afraid and could use support send the person the forest green ray of Blessing from your body.

Observe the person. Notice if the person behaves differently.

We all have these rays stored in our bodies. We can use these rays to help ourselves or others feel better.

Use this forest green ray of Blessing in the following situations. These are, of course, just a few examples. You will come up with your own list:

1. If you are in a bicycle accident, you bang yourself up a bit and you are afraid you really hurt yourself badly give yourself this forest green ray of Blessing.

2. If someone wants to pick a fight with you and you feel afraid give yourself this forest green ray of Blessing.

3. If your brother or sister is sick and you are afraid your brother or sister may die, give yourself and you sister or brother this ray

4. If you are riding in the car and you accidentally hit an animal and you are afraid the animal may die give yourself and the animal this forest green ray of Blessing

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