Splash! by Kathryn Jensen
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers about Splash!  These questions are created primarily for those who have read Splash! and are genuinely curious about the book.  These questions are also for those of you who are teaching Splash! inspired lessons to children.  

But if you want to learn more about the book before reading it, these questions and answers will arouse curiosity!

See below for questions you may have as you read Splash! Included are links to other websites, books and resources that provide excellent services and or wisdom.

If you have questions that are not answered below email  those questions and I’ll do my best to answer them:  Email Kathryn

  Q-What age group should this book appeal to. 

  A-The book is written for children 8-ll years of age but I have found that the book resonates with adolescents. The book also resonates with adults so much that I've decided to use give the book to my adult students as a curriculum guide. 

  Q-Why is the Buddha mentioned so frequently throughout the book?

  Buddha is mentioned as the father of Lulu and Mono in Lemuria, as the being the primitive tribal people of the Amazon worshiped, as the one the Tibetan’s worshipped and the altar of their Indian friend held the statue of Buddha along with a statue of Krishna .

  A-    Throughout time there have been references to the Buddha.  There is even archeological evidence of symbols of the Buddha in locations associated with ancient Lemuria. 

  The Buddha is emphasized in the parable for children because the Buddhist consciousness of loving-kindness is the essence of all that really matters.  Loving-kindness provides the foundation for Christianity.  Krishna ’s Bhagavad Gita emphasizes the consciousness of loving-kindness.  The dolphins model loving-kindness in their delightful communities called pods.  Loving-kindness is the essence of Egypt ’s Golden Rule.  And the essence of each of The Seven Rules for Living emerges from the consciousness of loving-kindness.

  All love based spiritual paths embody the consciousness of loving-kindness.  So the author considers this to be the pure essence of living from the heart. 

  The book is also of course meant to be an instruction manual in The Unification Principle.  All love-based spiritual paths come from the same source whether it be the wisdom of ancient tribal cultures or the better known world religions. 

  All love-based religion comes from the home of the Sirian Avatar Bim, the whale angel mentioned frequently through out Splash! 


The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple

The Lost Civilization of Lemuria by Frank Joseph

   Q- Where did the concept of love-light come from? 

  A-All matter is represented by frequencies as are thoughts, feelings and emotions. Frequencies are represented by color, sound and geometric form.

  Color therapy has been thoroughly researched as a process for managing emotions.  In the natural world there are frequency exchanges between all living things. 

  Dolphins exchange very high frequencies with each other and they project these frequencies through echolocation.  Dolphins exchange these frequencies with pod members and people who swim with them.  People who swim with dolphins develop more balance of the central nervous system.  They become more entrained. 

  The author uses a bio-feedback program from The Institute of Heart Math to measure her level of entrainment after using the color frequencies of love-light talked about in Splash! She uses The Essences for the Home Temple to add depth and power to her use of love-light in her own self healing

  The author has found, through use of The Essences for the Home Temple, which represent The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness, she maintains central nervous system balance.  If she’s off kilter emotionally she re-creates balance rapidly using these methods.

  She applies the essences to her heart chakra and bathes herself in the colors represented by the frequencies of the essences.  She then bathes whatever is bothering her in the ray color and sends the color to an imaginary image of the problem from her heart.  Lulu and Mono model this process in Splash!

 She teaches people to use these frequencies in an in-depth chakra healing system taught in the course Coat of Many Colors.
See: Education 
The methods taught were field tested for many years before developing the course materials or writing Splash!

  The author has found that individuals vary widely in their responses to specific colors and their need for use of specific colors of love-light in individual therapy. 


www.HeartMath.com Read about Heart Math’s tool called Freeze Framer that assists in reaching a state of entrainment.


 Read Michael Hyson’s report on dolphin assisted therapy.

  http://healthpsych.psy.vanderbilt.edu/color_therapy.htm There is lots of info on line of about color therapy. 

  Q-Why does the book refer to sacred geometry used in the design of temples and healing tools and structures in the environment?

  A-The topic of sacred geometry is complex.  The book mentions the use of the decagon as the foundation for temples, small structures that purify the environment and a structure that holds a fifth dimensional frequency for the benefit of the occupants of the sphere and the sphere itself. 

  The decagon shape mirrors the shape of the Earth grid.  The temple built to house the Atlantean Mystery School by the sea mirror the consciousness of the Earth grid. The grid is composed on interconnected decagons and the interior of each decagon holds the shapes of ten tetrahedrons with a circle in the center.  Anything built on Earth that

mirrors even the basic decagon shape of the grid holds the healing frequencies of The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness. 

   If a temple were to be built according to the design of the Atlantean Mystery School it would be a beautifully soothing place to learn about the art of healing. 

  If a simple decagon were built, such as the decagon built by Lulu and Mono in Peru , and it were filled with large bottles of the frequencies represented by The Blue Dolphin Essences, this space would hold a frequency far higher than the contaminants in the Earth.  This would indeed result in contaminants being more likely to purge themselves from the Earth.  This was an ancient Lemurian practice as well as an ancient Atlantean practice. 

  The temple with the six pointed star shaped foundation

  The six pointed star represents the heart and soul of the frequency of the blue dolphin.  The Blue Dolphin Essences  came into being because of the author’s contact with Sirian Avatar Bim.  Bim, is the whale who resides on Vu who acts as the guardian angel to Lulu and Mono in Splash!

  Bim is not just a fictitious character in Splash!  He deeply loves all who have ever traversed Earth’s  surface and many species of cetacean are held in the frequency of Bim. 

  Bim activates perhaps 5,000 dolphins of varying species, to become the great healers of their resident pods.  Bim bathes these dolphins in a frequency represented by the fractal flow of the six pointed star.  This concept is taught in the class Coat of Many Colors.

  The fractal flow of the six pointed star helps these very special dolphins lift the frequencies of their forcefields.  The frequency assists these dolphins in constantly attracting the flow of the crystalline structures held in Bim’s temples on Sirius B. 

  The temples built on Sirius B have foundations built in the shape of six pointed stars.  There are 500,000 such temples built on Sirius B.  The frequencies emanating from these temples literally transform the frequency of not only Planet Earth, but the frequency of other planets in The Milky Way Galaxy.  The frequency has the potential to influence all sentient beings who reside on these planets to learn to love themselves as they love others. 

  The dome is a far more obvious structure seen on the tops of temples all over Earth.  The great domed temples of the Tibetan monastic tradition create such a frequency of heart awakening that the core of Tibetan Buddhist tradition involves the use of toning, chanting and the use of Tibetan bowels-the tones of which are all enhanced by being played or performed in structures with dome shaped roofs. 

The topic of Sacred Geometry is complex.  Below are sites with info that can lend clarity. 

  I’m searching for materials that provide appropriate learning tools for children in the basics of Sacred Geometry and open to suggestions.

  Harremein sells DVDs’ that come highly recommended as sources of info on Sacred Geometry.


  Q-Why does Splash! constantly refer to advice of guardian angel Bim? 

A- The human heart lives within the complex web of the heart centered ones we call spirit guides or angels.  The guardian angel of both Lulu and Mono happened to be Bim, the great whale from Vu.  They asked for help and Bim was there. 

  Those who remember to ask for help from angels and spirit guides are those human beings who have purified 40% of their fear based patterns.  At this stage of development, people know there is a God Force within committed to loving the person out of fear. 

  However, those golden ones called Guardian Angels commit to being of assistance no matter what stage of evolution the person is in.  Any one can ask for help the angelic kingdom.  Every simple request links a person to his or her dearly beloved guardian angel.  The angel loves the person and with infinite wisdom the answer or the insight or the prompting to figure out the answer to the problem. 

  The person then exercises to free will to make a decision about whether or not to pay attention to or follow the prompting or insight

  See this delightful site with information that certainly can be shared directly with children:


  Q- Why does the book refer to naked bodies?  The book mentions the naked Tahitians on the beach and it mentions Lulu and Mono taking their clothes off to enter the sphere, bathing in the the River of Love with no clothes on etc. Mention of nakedness is so inappropriate for members of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and the Muslim faith. 
A-The difficulty people have with being in human form is reflected in the taboo of mentioning nakedness or being naked in public places. 

It’s merely a throwback to the trauma so many felt concerning their descension into human form on our third dimensional Earth.  Perhaps 50% of human souls descended from realms with a higher, more purified life force. 

There was no shaming of Lulu and Mono by The Crest of the Wave Co-operative for taking their clothes off and joining them for a swim in the pool within the sphere.  Neither the beautiful Indian woman or Pele shamed the twins for stepping into their worlds with no clothes on.  They were greeted warmly and given clothes to wear as they ventured into their Indian community and the Hawaiian community. 

However, the ancient Tahitians reportedly did not wear clothes when they swam and there were various ceremonies performed in the nude.  The ancient Tahitians delighted in the freedom of sexual expression.  Until the Christian missionaries arrived, with their distorted perceptions, there were no problems with inappropriate sexual expression.  They were moral and upstanding in their sexual behaviors as are other primitive tribal cultures who in Earth’s tropical locations. 

So the references in the book are a token attempt to de-bug the programming of shame associated with being in human form.  This is a complex challenge for anyone mentoring a young child. 

Q-Why do Lulu and Mono come across as being a bit socially backwards as Lemurian children and Atlantean children? 

This children is a gift to all children everywhere  However, the writing of this book was inspired by children now given a complex array of labels:  Attention deficit disorder, learning disabled, mildly autistic, failure to thrive,  emotional problems, developmental delays,  as well a s indigo, crystal, new kids, psychic kids, star people and children of the new earth.  These are all labels given to children with significant gifts that emerge when given the right mentoring from adults. 

Lulu and Mono flourished in both cultures because the adults in their lives gave them unconditional positive regard or in the language of the book, unconditional love.  Even their mentally focused Atlantean parents loved them unconditionally and gave them the opportunity to learn and flourish their way versus the way their rigid Atlantean teachers expected them to learn. 

So throughout the five Blue Dolphin Handbooks-( with Splash! being the first in the series,) children with unique learning styles perform one light filled, heart centered act of helping others live according to The Seven Rules for Living.  The rules present, by the way, a version of The Golden Rule that says in essence be kind to others as you would have them be kind to you. 

Q-Why does the book begin with the struggles Lulu and Mono had in becoming human children?

A-Many of the children Splash! was written for arrive on Earth from more advanced civilizations in the universe.  Many have never experienced the third dimension nor have they experienced what it’s like to live in a world where the consciousness of loving-kindness can be masked by troubling wars and other forms of violence.  As you know many do act out.  Some do develop asperger’s like symptoms of withdrawal. Some even develop bi polar like behavioral disturbances.  Many develop symptoms of attention deficit disorder.  The underpinning of many of these disorders, the author feels, comes from the fear of being born to such an unfamiliar world.

Q-What kind of people do Lulu and Mono resemble in, for example, the American work force? 

A-People like Lulu and Mono most typically feel most at home in jobs that give them the freedom to express themselves.  For example, their Lemurian and Atlantean parents formed a bond with the twins by listening to their deepest, heart felt feelings about being alive.  Then their very wise parents provided them with the structure and the rules they needed to follow become what they yearned to become.  In both lifetimes they became precocious, talented leaders. 

Such children might mature into being excellent alternative school teachers, developers of sustainable energy sources, biodynamic or organic farmers, artists, musicians, energy healers, journalists, architects, builders or the types of scientists or theologians who lead others in their specialties to thinking more expansively.

The new breed of young people in their twenties are noticeably longing for a different, more conscious, more progressive, more enlightened system of government.  With the right foundation in education and experience some will become outstanding, compassionate, ethical political leaders.

Q-In Splash! the main characters, Lulu and Mono regularly swam with wild dolphins.  They bonded with their dolphin friends and learned a great deal from them-hence their wisdom about giving and receiving love-light.

Today, in the here and now, children benefit from swimming with wild dolphins.  Below are some suggestions for places in the world where swimming with dolphins is possible as well as swim programs that have excellent reputations:

·         On the South Kona Coast of The Big Island of Hawaii there are many commercial ventures that do a beautiful job of taking groups to swim with wild Hawaii spinner dolphins.  The waters are usually calm and warm and the dolphins long for contact with young people. 

There are many excellent captains.  

I recommend www.sunlightonwater.com

·         On Grand Bahama Island is an organization called Unexso that offers swims with captive dolphins.  They take their captive dolphins out to sea to swim for exercise and to swim with tourists on a local reef.


·         Water Planet, in Florida ,  offers dolphin assisted therapy with wild dolphins as well as swims with the general public with wild dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.

Q-What facilities provide excellent programs in Dolphin Assisted Therapy with captive dolphins as well as swim programs for the public?

Dolphin Research Center – in the Florida Keys www.dolphins.org  

Dolphins Plus – in the Florida Keys www.dolphinsplus.com

Q- Why does Splash! take place in the ancient civilization of Lemuria and Atlantis? 

A-The culture of Lemuria permeated the South Pacific.  This was a culture based on the consciousness of loving-kindness.  Splash! and its’ four sequels (yet to be published) emphasizes over and over that to create peace in our world we must love ourselves as we love others (loving-kindness).  Lemuria was a culture that lived in total harmony with the Earth Mother.  Lemurian values are also the values of those who support the current movement to conquer global warming with alternative, sustainable energy sources and technologies.

The Lemurians were influenced deeply by their friends the dolphins and the whales, who did through telepathy and transmission of healing frequencies (to people and the Earth) led people to commitment to heart centered living. 

As for mer-people of ancient legends, well perhaps they were real and were indeed intermediaries between the cetaceans and the Lemurians.

The Atlantean culture was highly sophisticated technologically.  Atlantean like values permeate our western world.  There are today, cultural clashes between the technologists and the scientists and the more Lemurian like members of the human race ie. the kids for whom Splash! was written and adults with similar strengths and personality characteristics. 

Links leading to knowledge about Lemuria and Atlantis are numerous.  Email me with excellent links, books etc. that have been helpful to you. Keep in mind Lemuria, according to my sources, existed 40,000 years ago and Atlantis existed more like 14,000 years ago-before recorded history. 

Q-What’s the origin of The Seven Rules for Living?

A-The Seven Rules for Living represent a version of The Golden Rule-Be kind to others as you would have them be kind to you.  Each rule refers to one of the major seven chakras.  The concept of chakras is not addressed in Splash! But it’s taught in the course for adults Coat of Many Colors  The idea of applying an aspect of The Golden Rule to the seven chakras is one of those mystical, magical insights received by the author telepathically from Bim, the Sirian Avatar referred to as the guardian angel of the main characters Lulu and Mono. 

Q-The main characters are telepathic, clairvoyant and very conscious of frequencies of people and places.  Why were they portrayed as children with these abilites?

A-Kathryn Jensen, the author, has worked with spiritually sensitive children with these gifts for 30 years.  She was a child with these gifts and abilities.  Frequently in our western world people who have these gifts are given disturbing labels such as mentally ill, possessed by the devil, black witch etc.

Splash! and its’ four sequels   teaches children to appreciate and use their psychic skills in a way that enhances their connection to the divine.  Psychism is a gift that enhances ones ability to give and receive love,  receive support from the angelic kingdom and help others love themselves out of fear. 

Q- Why are crystals mentioned as healing tools?  So many from conservative religious paths feel they are the instrument of the devil. 

A-Crystals are precious gifts of the Earth.  Crystals purify the Earth and lift Earth’s frequency.  They assist the human in energetic purification and lift the human being’s frequency.  Children appreciate their beauty and delight in holding them and feel their healing effects.  The author has used crystals along with blue dolphin essences and integrated their use in a wonderful healing system called Brain Gym www.BrainGym.org.  These tools and processes have helped children over come fear, learning disabilities etc. etc.  

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