Living From the Heart
By Kathryn Jensen

The Golden Rule- Be kind to others as you would have others be kind to you- is the core teaching of authentic, love-based spiritual traditions. Many of you are kind and loving to friends and family members. You are of service to those you love.  You probably give others your full attention if they need tender loving care. Are you nurturing yourself the way you nurture others? 

 Living from the heart is a beautifully simple phrase. Love- based spiritual traditions teach people to live by the golden rule, but people aren’t typically taught to love themselves. When people love themselves as they love others, they experience what it means to live from the heart.

To truly be of service to others one must feel good physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To feel good you must be kind to yourself and become responsible for self-care. Taking charge of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being takes time and effort.  Taking control of your life takes study, research and most importantly, it requires the drive and determination to follow the promptings of your own heart.  This is a discipline. It’s a skill that counters our cultural conditioning to only listen to those in positions of authority.

Our heart centers are the containers for the God Presence. This is the place in our bodies where consciousness of giving and receiving love resides. As we peel away the layers of complicated programming learned from our parents and other adult role models, we open our hearts to the healing energies of the Earth. We listen to our own communications from our own precious source of wisdom that comes from what I call the Heart-Mind of God.

So how do we shift gears and find our way to becoming self-responsible?   We’re fortunate to live in an age where many alternative systems for healing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually are surfacing and information is available via books, seminars, social media and the internet in general.

I’ve been exploring these alternatives for over 27 years. The healing modalities I honor and respect the most are the core teachings coming from the emerging fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Kinesiology. The foundation of this body of wisdom comes from the field of Applied Kinesiology which is a system of chiropractic medicine. The roots of Applied Kinesiology lie in Chinese Medicine.

Back in the late 1980s I was very disturbed with the stodgy methods I was required to use as a public school special education teacher and consultant. I felt so uncomfortable I quit my job and became trained in a field of energy work that merged Applied Kinesiology with movements that integrate the brain. This healing modality introduced me to the mysteries of meridians which are identified in Chinese Medicine as pathways in the body through which vital energy flows.

Applied Kinesiology emphasizes clearing blocked energies in the meridians. Each major meridian is associated with an organ or gland as well as a specific muscle group. Each meridian is associated with a major state of consciousness. For example, the bladder meridian brings vital life force to the bladder and its associated state of being is represented by the affirmation: “I am in charge of my own life.”  If there are physical problems with the bladder or the individual doesn’t feel in control of his or her own life there could be a corresponding energetic block within the bladder meridian.

The job of the kinesiologist is to identify and assist the client in releasing the stuck energy in the meridian system. This results in more vibrant healing energy flowing in the person’s system. Emotional problems associated with the blocked energies resolve themselves. Aches and pains dissolve. More healing energy flows to the organs, glands and other vital areas of the physical body.

In order to work as an Energy Kinesiologist I needed, of course, to learn my trade and experience the healing effect of this healing work in my own body-mind-spirit. Within a matter of months I thoroughly shifted my perspective on my purpose in life. As I cleared my meridian system I experienced a major paradigm shift and became motivated to create significant, positive changes in my life. I felt the desire to expand my new found capacity for helping myself and others experience the joy and excitement of being alive.

I started a private practice and continued to work with special needs children. I used these wonderful energy healing methods with kids and was gratified with the results. Non-readers began to read. Uncoordinated, clumsy children became star athletes. Children began to enjoy learning. Miracle after miracle occurred. I expanded my practice to include adults who also made major breakthroughs in their personal and spiritual growth.

This was 27 years ago. Those early years of learning, mastering, practicing and receiving help in clearing fear with techniques from Energy Kinesiology and Energy Psychology ultimately laid the foundation I needed to create my current life which is an amazingly rich, fulfilling, purposeful life.   

The intuitive flow of consciousness that helps me live a light-filled, heart-centered life is only received if I live from the heart, which requires self-love and remembering to live by the Golden Rule.  I must be totally and completely vigilant about caring for my physical body. I must monitor and care for my emotional well-being. If I’m mentally distracted and unfocused I need to center myself. I’ve mastered self-help techniques that help me balance myself emotionally, mentally and physically. If I need help from a professional or expert healer, I receive the help I need. When I live from the heart, my connection to spirit becomes a normal, natural way of being.

Current mainstream research in the field of psychology recognizes the healing effect meridian-based energy healing systems have on clients and patients. The new field of Energy Psychology is becoming recognized and its viability is backed by research in the field of neurophysiology.

 As I research the new methods being used in the field, I notice that they’re modified versions of what I learned so long ago. At that time, the term energy healing was met with skepticism and it was not a part of mainstream treatment for mental, emotional or physical health. Now easy to use, streamlined processes are available for you to learn and master.

Learn about Emotional Freedom Technique, Educational Kinesiology or Brain Gym, Touch for Health and Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Read The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson as well as his other publications. 

There are YouTube videos, excellent books and seminars in these energy healing modalities. Enjoy the journey of exploration and finding processes you resonate with and are motivated to master and use on a daily basis.

When you have a menu of healing methods at your finger- tips that you feel comfortable and familiar with, your job is to pay attention to your physical, emotional and mental condition. If you feel irritable, off kilter or under par, take time to isolate the cause and take action to resolve the issue.  Cultivate the wisdom to know when you need care from a skilled energy healer, alternative health practitioner, medical doctor, psychotherapist or another type of qualified health practitioner. When you make this commitment to loving yourself, you’ll experience the joy, and magnificence of living from the heart.

Copyright 2015
Kathryn Jensen

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