Coat of Many Colors - Level One 

One-On-One Tutoring-Coaching-
Mentoring Option

Testimonial from Peter Bognar- Hungary

Peter learned Coat of Many Colors through the One-On-One Tutoring-Coaching-Mentoring Option. His thorough feedback truly expresses the essence of what this program is all about. 


  • Your mentoring program gave me more than just a new self healing method. You provided me with a higher dimensional guiding system including the activation of my ability to communicate with it. I feel that now my guides are representing this system to me. I’ve already been contacted by other healing assistants as well, and it has the potential to help me build a deeper bond even with ascended masters. It's up only to me at what pace and to what extent I take advantage of this system. And however slow or low-spirited I am, thanks to the course, I’m undoubtedly convinced that the help from the guides is available at every moment. On the other hand the self-healing method you taught me has the value of its own, and I’ve got comprehension by now, concerning why it is the basis for doing energy-healing on others.
  • As our sessions ended I had a downturn, because I thought I deserved a rest after our intense work together. Of course it resulted in less discipline (diet, going to bed in time and getting up early to practice), less enthusiasm and finally a lower energy level. I realized how valuable a good coach is, while you were working with me I had been much more motivated, and had a higher speed in the process of loving myself out of fear. Self-motivation was always a challenge to me, I still have to improve a lot in this vital skill.
  • The main breakthrough of our work is that the joy is accessible for me. Though I sabotage it sometimes, the gates of joy have been opened in my heart. I call it a breakthrough because joy can be a basis of all kind of positive changes in life (relationships, money issues, etc.) I observed for example that when I took the vibration of joy to my work, I got more tips and earned more money that day. I feel that my the number one priority should be ensuring the conditions in which the vibration of joy can be maintained in my system. 
  • The other great benefit of the course is that you taught me a technique of communicating with the higher self. Through this channel - combined with muscle testing - I can get guidance on any problem I have. Is that technique - getting images from the higher self - a specialty of dolphin-energy healing? I found it very unique, I've never experienced it before. It's a real blessing to me, because it solves an old problem of mine: how to get direct answers from the Divine. I’ve learned to use it even without a specific ray: I ask a question silently, visualizing a question mark in front of me, and I send all the love I can bring up from my heart to the symbol. And the images always come, I just have to sort them out with muscle testing, finding out which pictures were thrown up by my subconscious and which ones came from the Divine. It works! I've been given dozens of images during the past few months.


This Tutoring-Coaching-Mentoring Option for mastering Coat of Many Colors is offered as an alternative way to learn the skills taught in Levels One-Three.


Related Sessions are conducted via phone, Skype or in Kathryn Jensen's Hawaii  Healing Center on the Big Island or in her Colorado Healing Center near Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park.


Essential Information about the One-o-one, Tutoring, Mentoring, Coaching Option for Learning Coat of Many Colors 

  • Prerequisites
  • Summary of Training
  • Investment
  • Objectives
  • Course Materials
  • Questions and Answers
  • Enrollment


  • $450.00 - Three 90 minute one-on-one sessions with Kathryn Jensen. Learn More about Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions
  • $160.00 - Purchase the Essences for the Home Temple at a $40.00 discount vs. full price of $200.00 - The essences are the healing tools you need as you proceed with the training.
    Learn more about the Essences for the Home Temple

 Training - One-on-one:

  • $450.00  one-on-one option - 4.5 - 6 hours of training-Tutoring/Coaching/Mentoring in mastering the Coat of Many Colors Level One-Three methods and materials. The course is taught via 3-4 individual 90 minute sessions.
  • $30.00 30 minute Post Course Mentoring/Coaching Sessions – Per Request:  30 minutes spent on answering questions, supplemental coaching etc. via email or on the phone.  



  • The objective is for students to feel comfortable using the course methods and materials to heal and clear fear based patterns that can sabotage one's ability to experience life as peaceful, joyful and fulfilling.
  • Students learn to facilitate themselves through in-depth healing.
  • Students are given strategies for staying in a state of Grace through all of daily life’s irritations and challenges.

30 minute Post Course Mentoring Sessions – Per Request:  15 minutes spent on answering questions, supplemental coaching etc. via email or on the phone.  

Fee: $30.00

 Materials - 3 PDF Books:

· The Course Training Manual

·The Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness

· The 2012, Spring, Hawaii Healing Circle Manual:

This manual includes 5 powerful meditation/activations – these can be used to supplement the activations in the book Ashram of the Sea. Students are encouraged to facilitate themselves through these activations to deeply integrate the rays of Christ Consciousness into their body-mind-spirits.

Students are also encouraged to gather a group together to experience these activations. The group experience amplifies the energies in a remarkable way.

Recommended Supplemental Materials:

Brain Gym- Teachers Edition by Paul and Gail Dennison

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Questions and Answers:

Q-What are the possible benefits of on-on-one training vs. training with a class?

A–Because of the fact that you are learning this course material via one-on-one training vs. class work you’ll probably merge with the materials more deeply and master the required skills with more ease.

Q–What am I likely to miss if I receive training via one-on-one instruction vs. group instruction?

A-You’ll miss the amplified healing effect of the Rays of Christ Consciousness experienced by groups and of course the camaraderie with fellow students.

Solution: You are encouraged to use your essences and facilitate groups using the activations from the book Ashram of the Sea and the supplemental book of activations – The 2012 Hawaii Healing Circle so you experience the magic of groups that invite avatar dolphins and whales to assist the entire group in healing with the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.

 Q–Why do you require that students purchase the Essences for the Home Temple?

A–They’re called Essences of the Home Temple. Why? When they’re placed, with care, in a special living area or healing space, they assist those who enter the area in connecting to the divine. Hence students who use the essences in this way are constantly bathed in the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.The results are remarkable.

I’ve observed that  people who own the essences  and use them in their self-healing practices become more conscious of the dolphins and whales who are at the heart of all healing experienced using this system for personal and spiritual growth. And they often develop their own innovative ways to use the essences for healing themselves and others.

The essences definitely amplify one’s ability to deeply experience the healing energies of the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness.

Q-Why do you require that students receive dolphin energy healing sessions before receiving training?

A-You’ll feel the healing effect of the rays of Christ Consciousness and observe the resulting beneficial changes in your life. If you’ve connected deeply with these energies through sessions then your receptivity to learning the skills for facilitating self-healing will be heightened. The process will make more sense to you. You’ll learn with more ease.


For Information and to Enroll:
Contact Kathryn Jensen

*Healing sessions or training sessions will be scheduled at your convenience. 

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For Information and to Enroll: 
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*Healing sessions and/or training sessions will be scheduled at your convenience.


*You will receive a PayPal invoices for related Products and Services which gives you the option to pay  via credit card or PayPal which withdraws funds from your bank account.