The New Book - Earth Now

The Humpback Whales' Role in Human Evolution
by A Humpback Whale Named Helios
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen
Introduction and Chapter One

Photo of Humpback/ Copyright David Jensen 2017


A new book is in the works: "Earth Now-The Humpback Whales' Role in Human Evolution." Whenever I receive these transmissions they are always in collaboration with a committee of Ascended Masters and cetaceans.

The masters first screen these transmissions from the cetaceans. Next they decide if a transmission is relevant. They make their decision based on whether or not Gaia and her people are awakened enough to receive and absorb specific spiritually advanced consciousness. Timing is everything.

They also take into consideration what's going on with me. If I'm experiencing physical or emotional challenges or other circumstances that demand my time and energy, the download process is delayed until I'm energized, focused and balanced on every level. 

Currently I'm receiving this book chapter by chapter. I'll publish chapters on this blog as I receive them-Perhaps every ten days of so. 

So far I'm captivated by the humpback whale Helios' extraordinary story of the humpback whales' role in human evolution. I've published transmissions before from Helios but he's never shared the details of his humpback family's story. 

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Kathryn Jensen


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PDF of Earth Now Intro and
Chapter One

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Earth Now 
The Humpback Whales' Role In Human Evolution
by a Humpback Whale Named Helios

received and translated by Kathryn Jensen



Helios is the avatar whale whose perceptions of crop circles become translated into vibrational love light. Helios transmutes these vibrations into consciousness meant to aid human beings in lifting their vibrations.  Helios shares this wisdom with other whales who inspire specific population groups of people with this insight.

 Whales of course, co-create with dolphins. So whenever Helios refers to whales, he acknowledges the role of dolphins in human evolution.

This book is specifically about the role whales play with the human population. Dolphins do indeed co-create frequencies with the whales to benefit the human population but their role is different than the role most whales play.

If you’ve read Ashram of the Sea you’ve been familiarized with the extraordinarily complex role dolphins and some whales play in pulsing Earth’s grid with the frequencies of Christ Consciousness.

Whales however, anoint human beings with consciousness that they’ve been storing within their libraries for as long as the Golden Ground has been in existence. Their communion with Earth is deeply compatible with Earth’s mission. Her intention is to lift the Gaia Force into a specific Sirian vibration created to assist in human ascension.

The Sirian Consciousness was originally structured by Prime Creator for the purpose of providing every planet within the confines of the Milky Way Galaxy with specific data.  This information concerns each individual planet’s role in retrofitting their resident population with expertise in one aspect of what it means to love yourself as you love another.

The Milky Way Galaxy isn’t the only galaxy that plays a role evolving Prime Creator’s mission. This mission is to create a sound signal for God to utilize in progressing the kingdom of peoples’ potential to love themselves as they love others. All galaxies are graced with the equivalent of the Milky Way Galaxy’s Sirian Star System.

Sound signals live within every cell of the human body. These signals conduct the Golden Ground’s emanation of God and as God serves Earth with more depth, the human heart responds.

The whales of Earth flood the grid of Earth with these sound signals. Some species, like my humpback family, send these signals into the hearts of human beings. The whales intone these signals, with great sensitivity to Gaia’s requirement for spring boarding consciousness into the body-mind-spirits of her humans.

There’s a feedback loop between the whales and Sirian Consciousness.  The Sirian consciousness epicenter lies in the core of Sirius B’s ocean planet called Oceanea.  Helios and other avatar whales  travel to Oceanea for sustenance and for the purpose of receiving briefings from Oceanea’s Avatar Bim.

Bim is immersed in the waters of Oceanea as a Beluga Whale. He also plays the role of Avatar Ashtar, who commands the Sirian Alliance and represents himself as a human.

This book I am presenting to you presents concepts that Bim has accrued from a specific coalition of whales.  You may have read about or encountered  these whales in my scribe's other transmissions.

The Compassion Planet Earth is the biggest contributor to God’s blueprint for creating what it means to be compassionate. Earth’s current state of tumultuousness is merely a symptom of Earth’s sound signals becoming amplified. There are struggles all over the planet that result from this amplification.

Helios’ purpose for presenting you with this book is to provide you with a deeper comprehension of the harsh events now occurring between people, groups and nations. Climactic disasters and other naturally occurring destructive forces are a direct cause and effect of shifting sound signals.

Chapter One
The United States Government’s  
Internal Pulse of Compassion

My first chapter is about the United States Government which is, at present, destroying confidence of some of her citizens in the democratic process. There’s a sound signal that’s becoming a very specific driving force for change in the United States. This is stirring the hearts of the disheartened with renewed confidence in the democratic government’s capacity for becoming a force of good.

The dove is the symbol of peace. The Compassion Planet’s stripes and stars infused flag of the United States holds the symbol of the dove within its heart song. Flags’ of every nation represent the special qualities of compassion that the populations of each nation represent.

The United States constitution presents the consciousness of compassion with more sensitivity than any other nation on Earth. Yet there’s a complicated struggle taking place between different ethnic groups that merge as citizens of this melting pot of a nation.

The Golden Ground lifts the frequency of those who govern the United States.  The intent is to elevate the consciousness of key individuals, who undermine the service of those who are beloved friends of the Earth.

The current 2018 administration of the United States does not serve Earth with protections. A cause and effect is occurring. Some of those who govern have been helping environmental agencies lift the hearts and minds of broken citizens who have suffered from toxic industrial wastes.

Gaia takes charge and lifts the vibration of those who govern and support these special agencies. She does this with great precision.  She pulses these heart centered politicians with a gentle flow of the Golden Ground’s signature frequency called Grace.

Grace lifts a person’s vibration into communion with his or her personal power. This gives an individual sensitivity to the nuances of how leveraging his or her influence impacts people. Such people become stewards of the environment and hold themselves up as icons and balanced, ethical guides for others.

Gaia intentionally provides support for these light filled guides who serve in the United States.  This nation holds the Sirian code for compassionate healing of the environment with more vibrancy than any other country on Earth. Gaia helps these caring U.S. political figures become a source of inspiration for other nations’ influential politicians.


The guardians of the Golden Ground’s Lemurian population process the frequency of Grace on behalf of their friends, their families and other loved ones. They do so in a manner that co-creates love-light with the dolphins and the whales. Modern day Lemurians were once guides and priests who lived in the communities considered to be Lemurian territory.

Very few of these present day Lemurians ever run for political office. However, they lift the heart centers of those they encounter into the Golden Ground’s special healing vortex. This vortex was created for their population’s traumatized Martians.  These residents of Mars came to Lemuria to escape violent circumstances.

Most of Lemuria’s present day population chose to incarnate throughout the fifty U.S. states. These people choose the United States because of the tolerance for all faiths, all denominations and all spiritual perspectives. Books such as this one can be published without censorship and instructors of courses such as Coat of Many Colors can teach without fear of harassment.

The impact of this healing vortex can be felt in fourteen locations in the United States.  The most prominent area happens to be Mount Shasta California. The Golden Ground’s pulse of Grace permeates the mountain and impacts those who seek loving encounters with Lemurian residents, who entered the mountain fourteen thousand years ago, when the Lemurian land masses were destroyed.

These beings are fifth dimensional beings.  They appear to certain people who the Golden Ground guides into their presence.

At times these beings assume the persona of Ascended Masters such as Saint Germain.  Saint Germain does embody these Lemurian entities on behalf of gentle seekers who desire to experience the presence of these beings.

The Lemurian residents of Mount Shasta’s interdimensional vortex co-create holy temples within Earth’s oceans. Dolphins and whales merge in these temples in service to humans.  The Lemurians help them restore the balance of the Golden Ground’s chakra system.

The most prominent oceanic temple is on the northwest side of the Big Island of Hawaii near the harbor of Kawaihae. The temple is five miles from the coast and still exists as an electromagnetic field of energy. Here the consciousness of the whales is assimilated and distributed  to  centers within the United States. The most prominent center is the city of brotherly love called Philadelphia. These centers are micro managed by my humpback whale species.

I will now describe how we serve. Our library of consciousness stirs Philadelphia’s problematic areas of extreme population density. Residents resonate more intimately with the Golden Ground. They become more conscious of the process of ascension.

The residents of these trouble spots light up their political guides with inspiration concerning the needs of the poor people, who can’t survive without innovations within the urban waste lands taking place.

Currently Philadelphia’s poor people are generating income through entrepreneurial pursuits such as international food festivals, brownstone renewal projects, scarcity reprogramming seminars, produce markets that sell produce grown in formerly abandoned lots, peer counseling programs, life giving holistic health programs and many other outstanding efforts to take charge of their corrupt circumstances.

Life for these people is improving because of their own grassroots efforts impacted by concepts offered to them by their humpback whale guides.

The matrix of the humpback whale has been impacted by the consciousness of Tibetan humans who have offered to serve humanity from their Tibetan Plateau and from Earth’s oceans as humpback whale incarnates. These Tibetans are not necessarily Tibetan Buddhists. Many incarnated as humpbacks in the pre-Buddhist era of Tibet.

The Tibetans’ mission is to counter darkness within the human matrix. They accrue knowledge about various ethnic groups.  They observe how specific groups alter their community’s life force. They’re influenced by promptings from the nature spirits who inhabit a group's ancestral lands.

Members of these ethnic groups keep their lineage in-tact no matter where they migrate to. The Tibetans are experts in lineage analysis of Earth’s numerous tribal cultures. They carry this consciousness with them when they become humpback incarnates.

 These Tibetans choose to incarnate as humpbacks because of the Sirian lineage they share. The humpback species and specific groups of beings who became Tibetans migrated to Earth together to assist  the internally housed participants in the Compassion Planet experiment.

The Sirian Tibetans participated in one type of service and the humpbacks participated in another type of service.  Tibetans co-created healing vortexes all over earth in partnership with paradigm shifting angelic ones. These angelic beings loved the ethnic groups they tended to. They also prepared the grid of earth for her very sacred role of becoming the Compassion Planet.

The humpbacks worked with the Earth grid far from land benefiting from temple complexes that existed on the oceans floor.

These temple complexes were put in place at the very moment that Gaia left her 17th dimensional home and claimed Earth as her matrix. The humpbacks and the Tibetans sparked a revolutionary Compassion Planet community representing the various nuances of what it takes to be compassionate.

The tribal cultures of Earth were manipulated by extra-terrestrials, who disregarded the intricate plans the Sirian Tibetans and humpbacks cultivated on behalf of mankind. These beings were not committed to the Compassion Planets’ spiritual mission. They were earnestly seeking materials that could be mined on Earth. These extraterrestrial groups felt these materials would save their species. These visitors altered the genetics of these early humans and made them into slaves.

This has forever altered the course of human evolution. Now, however, the Golden Ground is capable of reclaiming her original mission of becoming the planet that models compassionate living.

The dark ones who altered humanity’s genome are decreasing in numbers. Their competitors happen to be light bearers who live amongst humans as very competent, light-filled participants in human life.

These light bearers appear to be fully human but they are not. They are off planet entities who incarnate here to support the humpback whales, all other cetaceans and certainly human beings who arrived before them from higher realms.

The Golden Ground is moving through a transformative experience.  As a result some humans are experiencing devastating circumstances in their lives.

The humpbacks thoroughly imprint the consciousness, accrued by the Tibetans, into the grid of Earth. Now, thanks to assistance from Tibetans and all other light bearers, there is a retrofitting of human consciousness that’s about to lift the Golden Ground into a new era of enlightenment.

The work of my humpbacks, with the citizens of the United States is of paramount importance, hence this first chapter of my book. Other chapters will reveal the concepts our humpbacks have been pulsing into struggling  groups of  people, who live within the boundaries of the United States. In other chapters I share how our humpbacks are helping other struggling groups.

 I am revealing to you the work of my humpback tribe but please realize the entire Cetacean Nation plays an immensely critical role in the transformation of the Gaia Force and her people. Every cetacean species’ role is so intricate that their roles must be expressed in future books.

The blue whales will express themselves through my code translator’s next book in the "Earth Now" series. The beluga whales will participate in the next manuscript. The final book in this series will be received from the grey whales. These four species oversee the work of all other cetacean species. These four species came to Earth from the Sirian star system. Their Sirian home happens to be the planet called Oceanea.

Our intention with this book series is to guide light bearers, who read these books, into our healing circles. As you read our words we will pour our emanations of love into your body-mind-spirits. We will activate you for being of service to your Golden Ground and your fellow humans with more life force than you’ve ever experienced.

Chapters Two, Three and Four


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