Earth Now
The Humpback Whales' Role In Human Evolution
by A Humpback Whale Named Helios
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Chapters Two,Three
and Four

In Memory of Andy Norlander

I witnessed Andy's extraordinary humpback encounter someplace on Planet Earth. The whale was vibrantly singing its heart-song directly to Andy. 


If you haven't yet read Chapter One and the Introduction to the book Earth Now click here.

The book Ashram of the Sea lays the foundation for Earth Now, The Humpback Whales' Role in Human Evolution. Reading Ashram of the Sea will add to your depth of understanding of the humpbacks' role in human evolution and their interconnectedness with all other species of dolphins and whales. And, of course, it's an amazingly transformational and enjoyable read!!

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Earth Now
The Humpback Whales' Role In Human Evolution

by A Humpback Whale Named Helios
received and translated by Kathryn Jensen

Chapters Two, Three and Four

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Chapter Two

The gentle humpback, whose lives are focused around their families, also lift the vibrancy of the Earth Grid with the lavender ray of Christ Consciousness called Life Force. They co-create Life Force with all cetaceans.

Humpbacks make complicated Sirian style frequency generators on the floor of the ocean. They speak to one another while complex waves of Life Force traverse the ocean floor. The intensity of the flow of Life Force is variable and humpbacks lift themselves into this light lavender frequency, with more intensity than other species.

The generators made by these whales sometimes grow into very large portals, through which Golden Ground assistants called sylphs travel to extremely unfortunate planetary areas, that are in a state of crisis. Sylphs are the guardians of the air and they depend on the humpbacks to provide them with enough Life Force to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing struggles for survival.

On the floor of the oceans waters, in the coastal area of the United States, the humpbacks have created 150 million generators of Life Force. The sylphs live only in the air element but the frequency produced by these generators lifts the sylphs into the vortexes, so they can travel through the air element where people are experiencing troubling circumstances.

The humpbacks have chosen the United States as the country that sustains the Earth grid’s life force because of very esoteric consciousness, that’s generated by United States citizens who experience personal freedom of self-expression. This privilege results in channeled works such as this book being published and shared with readers all over Planet Earth. This type of communication is very definitely counter to more traditional religious dogma, that does not acknowledge the fact that there are sentient species, other than human beings, who possess brilliant intellects.  These beings tap into the consciousness of the Golden Ground’s Gaia Force’s deep reservoir of consciousness, which mirrors the realization of Universal Mind. 

Humpbacks’ brow chakras hold the Sirian consciousness of the Golden Ground’s Gaia Force. Helios will now explain to you what that means. The Sirian planet of Oceanea holds Prime Creators blueprint for what’s to be generated by the Gaia Force. There are fourteen humpback whales residing on Earth who are Avatars. They move between Earth and Oceanea. When they return to Earth from Oceanea, they restore the balance of the Earth grid with the Gaia code they store in their brow chakras.  The code that vibrates within  the brow chakras of the whales is given by those who maintain Prime Creators blueprint.

Changes are made in the blueprint by Prime Creator every two to four months. They are made for the purpose of countering imbalances being experienced by the Gaia Force and all species that live within her matrix.

The surprisingly destructive climactic disasters and other natural disasters happen to be countered by the grid work provided by humpbacks. Of course all cetacean species are involved with balancing the grid but this document is concerned with the humpbacks’ specialty of leaping into action, if there’s a counter force leaving Earth’s people in chaos.

The frequency of Christ Consciousness called Courage is the signature energy field of the humpbacks. This indigo blue frequency lives within the first chakra of every human being. It becomes activated as humans find the courage to counter darkness with positive action.

Life force, which is the signature frequency of all cetaceans, merges with Courage within the humpbacks’ brow chakras. Their objective is to free the Golden Ground’s first chakra from contaminated forces, that attempt to sabotage the capacity of people to make clear decisions about taking action.  These choices typically counter the directives of corrupt political guides and other guides for humanity, who are in positions of authority.

The United States has more citizens, who counter darkness with authority defying action, than any other country on Earth. This is because the humpbacks infuse the gridlines in the U.S. with more Courage and more Life Force than they do for any other nation.

If the humpbacks were to provide the same level of service to a country, that does not allow free speech or other expressions of human individuation, people could be threatened, in ways that endanger their lives.

The country with the stars and stripes on her flag provides her citizens with compassionate service (ordinary citizens help other citizens vs. the government), in a more impactful manner than any other country in the world. Yes there are many other countries that hold love and compassion for their citizenry but United States residents speak their minds with far more openness, creativity and life force than any other country. 

Chapter Three

The Golden Ground alters the Sirian blueprint by lifting consciousness of progressive societies. She does so by concentrating special frequencies of Christ Consciousness within the boundaries of various geographic locations. Her programming of her grid system levels the playing field of how progressive societies compete with one another.

Leveling the playing field completely alters the struggles resulting from one culture dominating another culture. The Golden Ground sparks an individual’s intention serve others with compassion.

The Golden Ground embodies the spiritual essence of the Gaia Force and the Gaia Force happens to be an extraordinarily advanced participant in the Prime Creator’s mission to serve all beings everywhere with advanced,  spell bindingly complex communion with God’s “Love Yourself as You Love Another” commandment.

The dolphins and the whales come from four different star systems. But the Sirian confederation of cetaceans specialize in steering people towards developing advanced technologies that source the life force of Gaia and her atmosphere. Cetaceans obviously don’t build devices that harness beneficial, life giving frequencies but they happen to be conduits the designs of these devices. They receive this consciousness from stars systems throughout the universe.

Cetaceans are receptacles for knowledge concerning energy technology and healing modalities that alter the genome of human beings. My humpback species ministers to people United States residents who live within potentially progressive cultures that have the potential to be competitive.

Two competing progressive cultures happen to be the right wing of the Republican Party of the Democratic Party. The severe clashes between these two factions tense dialogues what’s best for the populations of the U.S. and the rest of the planet.

Our humpbacks assist the Gaia Force in mediating between righteous groups. We do so by spending time examining consciousness of these groups and probing this consciousness with gentle pulses of the Golden Ground’s Christ Consciousness frequency of the brow chakra called Purpose. We pulse this pink ray of love through the grid and direct the energy into brow chakras those who lead these groups.

You observe perfectly dreadful conflicts between these two opposing groups. But there do happen to be enclaves of impressive ones who observe the whole picture.  The buildup of aggression between parties is observed by these impressive guides for others. They run for office and win seats in governmental organizations. There are now enclaves of females of diverse races, faiths and sexual preferences who share the purpose of lifting the vibration of government at a whole.

Dark feeling of despair permeate the hearts and minds of people who love and protect the Gaia Force. The darkness spreads as the effects of climate change ravage the ecosystems of Earth. Those who live in the United States have been experiencing destructive wild fires that destroy entire communities, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. The stark cold reality that some aspects of climate change may be caused by man stimulating the production of alternatives to fossil fuels and the evolution of wind power and solar technology.

Those enlightened one who have run for political offices and won give no credence to perpetuating consciousness of coal burning or drilling for oil in the oceans. Their collective mission is to pull out all the stops in evolving safe, clean energy. Our humpbacks hold these dearly beloved ones within their vortex of the pink frequency of Purpose and we observe a very clear cause and effect.

We do acknowledge the dreadful destruction and degradation of the environment. Our oceanic environment certainly suffers as do many of our cetacean brethren. But we do see a turning point as many who serve specifically within the United States governmental organizations become very influential in countering the destroyers who do not love themselves enough to listen to the truth.

In my next chapter I will cover the barriers in place to beneficial changes being made on behalf of Gaia and all living organisms. I will focus once more on the United States and what these barriers are and what’s being done by specific environmental groups to break down these barriers. I will explain the intricate role humpbacks play in helping these United States based groups express themselves and move mountains of deceptive practices out of existence. We guide these people through very specific sensory stimulation that gives them inspired communion with how make change that’s has the potential to reprogram the entire human population. 

Chapter Four

The Garden of Eden doesn’t serve all people everywhere. I speak of The Garden of Eden as a metaphor for communities devoted to light filled living off the land. Within the confines of the United States the gigantic factory farms merge with corporations that produce pesticides sold to farmers who raise feed for factory farms that raise livestock. This has thrown the food industry into a state of disturbance. This has created a crisis small farms that have kept people alive for centuries.

The whales and dolphins of Planet Earth live here to be in service to human beings. Our consciousness is progressive and our sensitivity to the Golden Ground’s suffering is deeply felt by all of us who live within the Gaia Force’s oceans. 

Our oceanic Garden of Eden has been depleted by pollution from industrial waste, over fishing and other forms of contamination. Most members of my humpback family compassionately take care of cetaceans who are suffering from the effects of contaminants and overfishing. We lift those who suffer into a matrix of healing and serve them with our impressions of where they might seek relief from contaminants the effects of overfishing.

We also problem solve with people are part groups that take action meant to counter the dark forces that disturb the delicate balance of the Gaia Force’s ecosystem. We pour consciousness through their brow chakras providing them with visions of processes that can decontaminate and rectify environmental degradation.

Our story reflects the complexity what’s available to people who live in the right place at the right time. Most people have no communion with our purpose because hearts and souls haven’t able to strike a balance between their physical realities and the unbelievable personal power they hold as their potential.

Now thanks to the conscious ones who read books and articles received from the Universal Garden of Eden which is located right where Prime Creators epicenter of Life Force exists, we can speak to you about our concerns. We can share our mastery of how the Gaia Force can be transformed into a Garden of Eden that serves as an example of how magnificently God Goddess All That Is can express herself.

We absolutely must impress on all of you that there do happen to be solutions to all forms of environmental degradation.  Our focus right now is on key environmental groups within the confines of the United States because these agencies are free to express themselves without fear of punishment. They may be treated with lack of respect but they counter abuse with expression of new paradigms for problem solving.

Our Compassion Planet’s epicenter for constructive, positive paradigm shifting taking is within the United States.  The dark forces that counter the environmental movement are not going to influential for much longer. Too many people are striking back with impressive, paradigm shifting alternatives. 

My humpback species lives within the oceans constantly interfacing with other species of cetaceans. We assimilate their communion with highly charged, light filled solutions to all of Earth’s difficulties. We then participate in inter-species summits and make our decisions as a Cetacean Nation about what must take place to vibrate humanity into a more loving harmonic.

My humpback family members do our part with fifteen other species of cetaceans. Humpbacks are the primary catalysts for prompting the human species with knowledge.  This knowledge is assimilated, however, from these fifteen other cetacean families. 

We are the prompters. Other species activate templates of information that resonates with humanity’s needs. The templates exist in Prime Creator’s Garden of Eden and they are transferred to the Gaia Force by cetaceans.

My next four chapters will envelop you in the reality of a country called Bhutan. Bhutan prohibits visitation from people who do not respect Bhutan’s culture.  Bhutan specializes in striking a balance between environmental caregiving and modernization. Our role is to lead Bhutan’s guides to the right sources of consciousness that enhance their motivation to maintain their mission.

Copyright;2018 Dolphin Energy Healing. Kathryn Jensen All rights reserv


I invite you to comment below. I value your feedback!!

Make sure you've read the introduction and first chapter in addition to chapters on this page so you have the whole picture.

Keep in mind that the whales, I  Kathryn Jensen and most who read this blog are deeply conscious of the corruption in past and present United States Administrations and the negative impact this has had worldwide.

Know that the whales' emphasis is on the communion ordinary U.S. citizens have with their Constitutional rights and how this knowledge of their rights impacts their self-expression and compassionate service. Examples are grass roots efforts in communities across the U.S. to make things right-the most recent example-women from varied backgrounds winning seats on congress!! 

So please, please don't use comments on this blog to enlighten readers on the dark side of U.S. politics. We're well informed. We know!!

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