A Message From
Ascended Master
Torkum Sarydarian

Blue Dolphin Essences
Essences for the Home Temple

The following message from Ascended Master Torkum Sarydarian is one of several that were originally written for those interested in the course called The Blue Dolphin Essences, A Course in Loving Yourself as You Love Another  If you are interested in The Essences for the Home Temple these lectures should still be meaningful to you. All these dolphin-whale activated essences are inspired by the same avatars,masters,archangels, dolphins and whales.

These messages were volunteered by several loving, divine beings who are involved in the development of this spiritual growth program. You will resonate with and learn from some information more than others.

Information is repeated.  Why? So You'll get it!  True knowledge of this program comes however, not through the mind, but through the heart  as you experience the use of the essences and their accompanying activations.  


A Message from Torkum Sarydarian

Sarydarian previously had a light work center in Sedona Arizona. He sponsored many spiritual firsts as far as most Americans were concerned. He presented a great deal of esoteric instruction in his literature. Torkum emphasizes the mental body and putting it into alignment with the love of higher consciousness. 

Destiny launched Sarydarian on a journey of publishing many books about how to lift the mental body into learning about Christ Consciousness. Formal meditation known as seed thought meditation was introduced by Sarydarian and it was praised as a method that gave people clarity of thought and an ability to clear their minds of fearful thought patterns. 

Just because a people learn quickly with their force of intelligence doesn't  mean they achieve a high level of comprehension of the divine. Comprehension of the divine takes mental clarity and an ability to perceive a real but abstract intelligence known as universal intelligence.This intelligence comes into the brain of those who have cleaned their forms of former stuckness. 

These forms of former stuckness usually originate from traumatic experiences that impress themselves on a humans defense mechanisms. People learn to defend themselves against surprisingly insignificant interferences. 

Defining this is difficult because the pattern varies from one person to the next. All humans have their own unique pattern for defending themselves against perceived insults to their tender existence. Impressions drive people to behaving as if they were about to be hurt and if they do become hurt it sets them up to defend themselves even more. 

Jesus and Sai Baba have spiritually focused themselves on providing the human race with far more opportunities for healing fear than ever before. The millennium is a pivotal era for human beings. They are asked to be far better equipped to push themselves on their evolutionary paths.  Now is the time for humans to take charge of their own spiritual development. 

Fables have been written about dolphins co-existing with humans since the beginning of time. Examine earth's history. Welcome the concept that dolphins came to Earth to teach humans about love. Love has become the concept of that helps and will continue to help all people everywhere become fully realized.  

Dolphins are at the center of developing this future.  Dolphins are positioning themselves to accelerate higher impressions of love, juxtaposing these higher impressions with the process of human evolution.

Dolphins have pulled humans into being aware of their primal fear of asking for love from God.  Dolphins have an effect on the human field and just by being present with humans dolphins are teaching people about unconditional love. 

The saying goes, Love yourself as you love another.  This is a typical statement from Sirius. 

The force of love brought to the human heart by dolphins is the sustaining kind of love that allows humans to heal their developmental divorce from what is reality. 

The realistic focus for humans is to focus on what is promised by their creator.The creator intends for people to perceive love as being the force behind everything worth living for. 

The soul of every human is equipped to perceive love in this way. Doubt is lurking in the human psyche because of past programming. This programming has provoked people into forgetting that the dharma of every single human on the face of the earth is to live with the love of heaven saturating every kind of human activity. 

The Blue Dolphin Essence program is one of Sarydarian's favorite programs for illuminating the human soul.The program takes people right to the heart and provides them with just as much support as heaven can provide for maintaining that heart space and believing in the force of love as all that matters.  

Contemplate on this Blue Dolphin Essence Course as one that might bring you into alignment with you heritage. Do find a way too  prove to yourself that love is all there is. Just be with the material on this web site and sense whether or not it is a program you can relate to. Do proceed on your journey to hastening your spiritual recovery. You deserve to appreciate love as your mentor and your support in every aspect of your life experience.


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More Messages from Ascended Masters on the Blue Dolphin Essences and the Essences for the Home Temple