Data on EHT
The Essences for the Home Temple
The Impact of the Essences on Heart-Brain-Body Entrainment and the Human Aura

Data On EHT and Dolphin Energy Healing

Data that's relevant not only to Essences for the Home Temple but Blue Dolphin Essences

The Blue Dolphin Essences and the Essences for the Home Temple are an Effective Dolphin Energy Healing Tool

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This page provides date collected by Kathryn Jensen since 1999. 

  • Informal observations
  • Aura Analysis results
  • Effects of the essences on heart-brain-body entrainment


I have been collecting subjective, anecdotal feedback on the effects of the essences and the use of the rays in healing for years.  Most of this information has been collected through one-on-one sessions with clients.  

Clients have given me feedback on desirable changes that have taken place in their lives as a result of healing sessions with me and the reinforcing follow-up work they have done with themselves.  

So I've had happy clients.  That's good! However, I began searching for ways to use technology to measure the state of a client before and after a session.  I'll provide you with some of that data. 

First however I'll share some interesting but very informal observations made by myself and others regarding the use of spraying the essence of Grace in a room where one or more people are present. Grace is one of the Essences for the Home Temple

I chose Grace do formal and informal field testing on because it's one essence that clearly reduces stress out of the context of more formal healing.  

Informal observations and feedback
Data On EHT

*What's that smell?

*The post office clerk
I sprayed Grace around the clerk in the post office one day.  Why?  I was having a bottle weighed to assess shipping costs.  She wanted to know what it was so I sprayed the room with the essence. 

She said "My that smells good"  I said huh?  It's just water.  

The Group
I was doing a group healing session and Grace was the essence I used as a healing tool.  At the end of the session I sprayed the room with Grace.  Three people said they smelled something very pleasant.  

The Friend 
I sprayed Grace in the room after a group mediation.  I told the group about the peculiar feedback about the pleasant smell.  A friend said she smelled flowers when I sprayed Grace in the room.  

Does Grace attract angels?  Have people been smelling the floral scent of angels?

The "Ahh.... I feel so relaxed" response

*An energy-sensitive massage therapist felt cradled and soothed when she sprayed Grace in her office.

*Another massage therapist sprayed Grace  in the room when a client was talking too much.  The client quieted down.  This happened a few times.  

*I've sprayed Grace the room perhaps four times for a healing group and a meditation group.  Each time participants visibly relax.

*I, Kathy Jensen, sent my mother a 32 oz. bottle of Grace for Christmas.  It was meant to be a refill bottle for a 4 oz. bottle she was given previously.  We found that my 86 year old father, who has a tendency to be depressed and anxious calms down, when the room he is in, is sprayed with Grace.  

The bottle arrived broken and the box was saturated with Grace. My mother opened the box.  My father, who was very upset for other reasons, calmed down immediately.  

My mother appreciates the effects Grace has on my father.  

Data on EHT and Blue Dolphin Essences
Data collection using technology

Aura Analysis:

Click Here to view the Picture of the Aura Scan

I hired a technician to scan my aura before using Grace, after using Grace, and  before and after using the Essence of Unconditional Love from the Blue Dolphin Essence Kit.  I was given Aurastar Readings. Aurastar  is the brand name of an expensive piece of equipment that reads your field via sensors attached to your hand.  A computer creates a visual image of your aura and measures the balance of the seven major chakras.  

Before  use of Grace:
I had a great deal of yellow surrounding my head.  The technician said that indicated powerful left brain analytical thinking abilities.  I'd been on the computer all day being very left brain and analytical.  As a result I felt very much in mental mode and a bit uptight.  

After use of Grace:
I applied a drop of Grace to my heart.  I felt myself relax and give a sigh of relief. I had another scan.  This time much of the yellow surrounding my head was replaced by green.  The use of the essence brought me out of my head into my heart.  The green in my aura represented the frequency of the heart.  

Purple areas of color appeared on both sides of my head.  The technician said they indicated the presence of angels. 

Click here to view The picture of the aura scan

Data On EHT and Blue Dolphin Essences

The third scan after using The Blue Dolphin Essence Called Unconditional Love:

All of my chakras balanced.  

I have pages of changes that took place after the applications of the two essences.  The changes mentioned were the most dramatic changes that took place. 

I'm impressed with the precision of this aura scanning instrument.  It picked up on physical problems that later surfaced as a rather serious infection.  It certainly reflected, very clearly my major personality traits and how and where they show up in my field.

 Measuring Entrainment with the use of the Freeze Framer-now called Em Wave-an instrument developed by the Institute of Heart Math.  

The Freeze Framer is an instrument that can be downloaded on any home computer.  It's an instrument that's used in corporations to train employees in the art of managing stress. 

I began measuring my entrainment level and that of clients and friends before and after the use of essences and or healing using the the Rays of Christ Consciousness.  

Here are the usual steps:
* I train people to use a breathing-focus on the heart process that helps them relax. This is the process Heart Math recommends and instruction is given in the manual that accompanies purchase of Freeze Framer. 
* I measure entrainment.
* I give clients 60 to 90 minute sessions using the rays and the essences
* I do a post healing entrainment measurement. 

More Data On EMT and Blue Dolphin Essences

Read the following information about entrainment before reading the data I've collected:


Our bodies contain numerous biological oscillatory systems which generate rhythmic patterns of activity, The cells that underlie the timing of these systems are often called pacemaker cells. The heart, the brain, our respiratory and digestive systems and the autonomic nervous system all have pacemaker cells that underlie their rhythmic activity. When two or more oscillating systems lock in at the same frequency, they operate with increased efficiency; this is known as entrainment...............

In the human system, the heart, as the body’s most powerful oscillator, is the central "pendulum" which can set the stage for entrainment of other physiological systems. the Institute of Heart Math experiments have demonstrated that when people experience feelings of sincere appreciation, the heart adopts a more coherent mode of function in its rhythmic beating patterns and can pull other biological oscillators into entrainment with it. In this state, in which there is harmonious balance between the two branches of the autonomic nervous system, our physiological systems operate with increased efficiency."

We know that you only have to measure the heart rhythms to know if you are in the entrained state or not.

With practice, individuals can also achieve what is called head-heart entrainment. We believe that this entrainment of the brain’s electrical activity with the coherent HRV waveform helps explain the heightened mental function, expanded awareness and perceptual shifts that people often experience using Freeze-Frame ."

Data EHT and Blue Dolphin Essences


My overall observations are that use of the essences and the ray energies both in and out of the context of formal healing enhance entrainment.  

I suspect any type of effective healing increases an person's entrainment level.  When one is entrained one feels calm, focused, centered, emotionally stable and mentally calm.  

Here are the results of two formal sessions with clients

C. Age 15.

25% medium entrainment  75% high entrainment.  

8% medium entrainment  92% high entrainment

He was in great shape to at the beginning of our session.  I used the Ray healing techniques, a color healing process using the energies of the essences, with him.   He didn't use an essence.  He resisted during the session and said it was dumb, his usual feedback to anything we do. 

He was clearly impressed with the results and said he will use the ray techniques etc. before he takes test.  Yea!! 

I had never used the ray techniques with him before.  The use of a pre and post check was a great way to impress him with the effectiveness of this new healing process.  

J. Age 56

41% low entrainment  35% medium entrainment  24% high entrainment

11% low entrainment  58% medium entrainment  32% high entrainment.  

She was upset when she walked in the door as reflected in her pre-check.  She felt much better at the end of the session and her entrainment level was higher.  She uses the Ray energies on a regular basis and feels they help her heal and maintain balance.  

More Data on EHT

Informal feedback on Freeze Framer use

I've done pre-checks on the Freeze Framer. 
Next I've used an essence with no accompanying healing process and several times I've seen significant jumps in my entrainment score.  

A few times I've done a pre-check, used an essence and had a lower score. Why?  The use of the essence surfaced fear based patterns so I could examine them, shed light on them and release them.  

When that happened I balanced and healed myself using the essences and the ray healing techniques. I kept checking my entrainment level and using the essences and healing processes until I reached 100% entrainment.  

The process of observation and measurement of the effectiveness of the essences and the ray energies for healing will continue.  I'll continuously post new results on this site.  

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