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I was blessed to be able to attend Kathryn Jensen’s class, “A Coat of Many Colors” this past year. I was amazed at how intense and revealing her modality is.

If you want a course that is genuinely “heart centered” as well as being stimulating, colorful and fun I would highly recommend her classes.

The energy she channels from dolphins, as well as divine masters is inspiring!

Pamela Weng
pianist and composer


The Souls of the Sea (the dolphins and whales), the Archangels and the Ascended Masters have all collaborated on creating energy healing methods that they’ve asked me, Kathryn Jensen, to develop into user friendly course materials and books that are now available to the public.

We've collaborated on developing  that teach the essence of "Dolphin Energy healing."

Coat of Many Colors
Coat of Many Colors is a dolphin-whale inspired, self-help course that supports personal growth, spiritual evolution and ultimately light body development. 

This is a course that takes students deeply into competently healing fear based patterns, that become trapped within the mind body spirit. These are usually patterns within the subconscious mind that students are trained to identify, heal and release. This course is discussed, in-depth, below.


Coat of Many Colors 
One-On-One Tutoring/Coaching/Mentoring Option.

  • As of May, 2017 this THE way to be trained in Coat of Many Colors vs. seminars for groups that will be taught in the near future. 


Related Sessions are conducted via phone, Skype or in Kathryn Jensen's Hawaii  Healing Center on the Big Island or in her Colorado Healing Center near Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Coat of Many Colors Levels One, Two and Three and Four:

  • Will be taught to groups in the future on The Big Island of Hawaii and in Colorado.
  • As of May, 2017 Level One is being revised. Levels Two, Three and Four are currently being developed.


Enjoy these excerpts from the course introduction

Those of you who have enrolled in this course are consciously seeking ways to communicate with your souls.  This is a course in enhancing communication with your soul for the purpose of personal transformation.  Those of you who feel a deep desire to become very confident of your own personal power and your own skill to participate in your own healing will find this course material supports those desires……

 Excerpt from a transmission from an avatar dolphin named Bly… 

You have a highly trained group of light bearers among you who lead others in becoming conscious of their own golden light within.  We feel the healing you create with one another.  We feel the healing you create with the cetaceans who consume themselves with your well being.  We have a life of our own to lead.  We consume ourselves with our own well being but we communicate with all of you will listen about the co-operative effort we are asking you to participate in…..

  …The light workers who have a capacity to commune with dolphins are sometimes assisted by dolphins in creating life giving ways to help people heal.  Dolphins have varied healing practices they use with fellow pod members.  This course you have enrolled in has been developed as a model of how we use light to heal one another.  We heal our own bodies with the same light we use to heal others.

  This light, for the purposes of this course, has been subdivided into twenty categories of light.  We use these categories of light for purposes that are very complex to express in terms that are useful to you…..

 …Light workers have communed with us since the beginning of time.  This mutual communion between humans and dolphins began at the dawn of human existence.  Our overt contact has ebbed and flowed throughout the ages.  Now we have a very direct concern about contacting as many light workers as we can because of our commitment to co-creating world peace and healing of the environment….

Read the entire, powerful introduction to Coat of Many Colors: Introduction to Coat of Many Colors

 Read the comprehensive, flyer from a previous course.
As of 2013, the course is being expanded and re-developed. The description in the flyer describes Level One. The course includes two days of swimming with wild dolphins.

Course Flyer


 Inspirational Books

Four books are now published and available for you to read. Each book provides you with a unique perspective on Dolphin/Whale Energy Healing. 

*Lightwork, Dolphins and Your Purpose by Kathryn Jensen -This is a must read if you are new to the consciousness you're exposed to on this site as well as the products and services!

The book provides an overview of the role the dolphins play in human evolution, support in discovering your purpose and an overview of healing on all levels. The products and services offered by Kathryn Jensen and summarized.- Learn More

*Splash! by Kathryn Jensen is a fiction novel for kids 10 yrs. to 100 yrs+. Yes many of my most enthusiatic readers are adults! - Learn More

*Ashram of the Sea received and translated by kathryn Jensen is for passionate spiritual seekers who will delight in learning about cetacean energy healing from the perspective of the dolphins and the whales themselves Learn More

* A Blue Dolphin Handbook for Peace by Kathryn Jensen is a companion book to Ashram of the Sea. It's also a great introduction to the work presented on this website.This is first in a series. Learn More

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