Aura Scans Before Using the Essence for the Home Temple Called Grace and After Using Grace
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  Before Application of Grace

  • Notice the Yellow in the Head area. This reflects the intense left brain processing the person was engaged in on that day.
  • Notice the red in the arm-head area. This reflects the emotional conflict and stress the person was feeling for two days prior to the aura screening.

After Application of Grace

  • Notice the yellow in the head area decreased and was replaced by green.
  • The green indicates that the person became more heart centered versus intellectually centered. 
  • The increase of blue indicates a deepening of intuition. 
  • The violet in the head area indicates the presence of angels.
  • Notice the red dissipated from the head and arm area. This indicates stress relief. 
  • The increase of grey in the torso indicates stress because the person hadn’t had enough to eat or drink. The person became more grounded and  aware of what her body needed after using Grace.

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