Blue Dolphin Handbooks
for Peace TM
Inspiring Transmissions and Healing Activations from the Dolphins and Whales Who Are Here to Assist You in Your Evolution

Blue Dolphin Handbooks for Peace TM

Life Changing, Healing Support Directly from Avatar
Dolphins and Whales! 

The Blue Dolphin Handbooks are a gift to all passionate spiritual seekers.

 Attention readers of Ashram of the Sea! 

The Blue Dolphin Handbooks supplement your experience by serving you with a deeper connection and more in-depth healing from the avatars of the Ashram of the sea.


Blue Dolphin Handbook for peace Volume One is Presented on this page as is and introduction to all of the Blue Dolphin Handbooks 

Blue Dolphin Handbook for Peace Volume Two
is now available!

 Blue Dolphin Handbook for Peace
Volume One

is the first in a series!

*Included are 5 transcripts from the Spring 2012 Hawaii Cetacean Healing Circle


* Five Recorded Healing Activations 

This handbook takes you very deeply into the heart-minds of cetacean avatars who are here to help you evolve into compassionate, heart-centered, loving, kind people, who know and live your purpose.


For samples of the kind of work published in the Blue Dolphin Handbooks explore Beyond 2012 


 * For those of you who have read Ashram of the Sea, received and translated by Kathryn Jensen  or have the book in your hands, page references are given before each of the five activations in this handbook. Reading the pages in Ashram of the Sea will deepen your understanding of the cetaceans and their part in activating your hearts with the Twenty Rays of Christ Consciousness. The frequencies of the rays are held in the Essences for the Home Temple.

*For an introduction to the type of transmissions in this Blue Dolphin Handbook explore the page on this site: Beyond 2012

 *If you’re meeting these cetacean avatars for the first time, as you read the transmissions and experience the activations in this book, fill up with their presence. Invite them into your hearts. The dolphins and whales intend to hold you within their hearts as you read and experience this heart-centered guide to loving yourself as you love another.

 *You can create your personal experience with these materials by reading the transmission and guiding yourself through the five activations.

 *You are encouraged to enjoy this experience with a group and create your own Cetacean Healing Circle. Group energy amplifies the cause and effect in a very special way.


Kathryn Jensen



 Blue Dolphin Handbook Volume One

14  Pages downloaded to your computer as a PDF

*5 transmissions from avatar dolphins and whales

*5 Related healing activations/MP3s 


*Lana, A Blue Whale Speaks On the Ray of Christ Consciousness Called Child

*Puja, A Bottlenose Dolphin Speaks on the Ray of Service

*Savina, a Hawaii Spinner Dolphin, Speaks on the Ray of Polarity

*Dege, A Harbor Porpoise Speaks on the Ray of Christ Consciousness Called Vivation

*Butu, a Long Finned Pilot Whale, Speaks on the Ray of Receiving


Blue Dolphin Handbook for Peace
Volume One


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