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Love-Light will be emailed to you by the author

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*After you click the Donation Button You’ll see a box that says “Purpose.” Please fill that box in. Please say you are ordering Splash! and if you are ordering more than one coppy, state how many.


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Complimentary Review Copies from Publish America

PublishAmerica provides complimentary review copies to legitimate media reviewers who submit their request in writing. As per contract, this is done at our discretion. Please have any potential reviewer e-mail support@publishamerica.com or fax 301-631-9073 with his or her request. If you have any e-mail correspondence with a reviewer, you may also forward that to the above e-mail address.

Bookstores PublishAmerica is unable to provide review copies to retailers at this time, as they are able to attain copies through numerous wholesalers, distributors, and directly from PublishAmerica at generous retailer discounts.

Please inform any retailers interested in purchasing copies that they may do so by calling us at 301-695-1707.

A PDF File of Splash! from the author

I offer a PDF file of the book to people who are excellent networkers and skilled at spreading the word about books like Splash! If you don't qualify as a legitimate media reviewer by the publisher but know you can help spread the word write to me: Contact Kathryn Jensen.

Let me know how you think you can help.

To learn more return to the Splash! page and take a “glimpse within Splash!” and read “Questions and Answers about Splash!”

Splash! was written for special children like Hanna and Lucy.


Hanna’s Message


Learning from Lucy

The information provided should be sufficient data to help you decide if the book is one you want to review and publicize.

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